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a ab abs: (prep + abl) numbers - counting from.

a ab abs: (prep + abl) separation - out of (one out of many).

a ab abs: (prep + abl) in connection with, with regard to.

a ab abs: (prep + abl) with passive verbs - by, because.

a ab abs: (prep + abl) space- from, away from.

a ab abs: (prep + abl) time - from, since, after.

abalienato: transfer of property, alienation.

abavus: great-great-grandfather.

abbas abbatis: father /abbot.

abbatia: abbey, monastery.

abdico: to renounce, reject / abdicate / disapprove of.

abdo: put away, remove / hide, conceal.

abdomen: belly / gluttony.

abduco: to lead, or take away/ detach, withdraw.

abeo: to pass, to have been.

abeo: to digress / change / vanish, disappear.

abeo: + in: to be changed.

abeo: to go away, retire /depart from life, die.

aberro: to wander, deviate, escape.

abhinc: ago, back from now, henceforth, hereafter.

abhorreo: to shudder.

abicio: to throw down, dispense with, get rid of /dishearten, weaken.

abico: to humble, cast aside.

abiego: to send away, send off.

abigo: to drive off, drive away, rustle cattle, steal.

abiungo: to unharnass/ separate, detach.

abiuro: to deny by oath.

abluo: to wash, clean, cleanse.

abnego: to deny, refuse.

abnepos: great-great-grandson.

abnocto: to spend the night out, to stay away all night.

abnuo: to deny.

aboleo: to destroy, abolish, annul, do away with, obliterate, efface.

abolesco: to die, perish, vanish.

abominor: to abhor, hate, detest, abominate.

aborior: to set (as in "the sun sets").

abortio: miscarriage.

abortivus: one prematurely born.

abrogo: to repeal, annul, remove, take away.

abrumpo: to break off, sever, remove, dissociate, separate.

abruptio: separation, divorce.

abscedo: to go away, depart, leave.

abscido: to cut off, to separate, take away.

absconditus: hidden, concealed.

abscondo: to hide, conceal, secrete.

absens, absentis: (adj.) absent, missing, away, gone.

absisto: to go away, desist.

absit: "god forbid, "let it be far from the hearts of the faithful".

absorbeo: to swallow, gulp down, carry away, engross.

absque: (+ ablative) without, except.

abstergo: to wipe off, clean away.

abstulo: to take away, withdraw.

absum: to be absent, be away, be missing, be gone.

abundans: abundant, overflowing, abounding in.

abundantia: abundance, bounty, plenty.

abunde: in great profusion, profusely, abundantly.

abutor: to make full use of, to abuse.

abutor: to use abusive language / use a word incorrectly.

abyssus: hell, abyss, chasm.

ac: =atque and.

accedo: to approach, come near /(things) to be added.

accelero: to quicken, hasten, speed /accelerate.

accendo: to kindle, illuminate, inflame.

accendo: to rouse up, arouse, excite, incite.

acceptius: suitable for receiving.

acceptus: welcome, pleasant, agreeable.

accersitus: summoned, called.

accido: to fall down /to happen, occur / to hack, hew /to ruin.

accido: destroy.

accipio: cepi, ceptum, to receive, accept, take.

accipio: to consider oneself indebted, receive, learn, take.

acclivius: well-disposed.

accommodo: to adjust, adapt, accommodate oneself.

accredo: to believe unconditionally, accept wholeheartedly.

accubo: to recline at table, dine.

accumulo: to add to a heap, accumulate, amass.

accusator: accusor, plaintiff.

accuso: to accuse, blame, find fault with.

acer: stinging, violent, bitter.

acer: sharp, keen, eager, severe, fierce.

acerbitas: harshness, bitterness, anguish.

acerbus: bitter, gloomy, dark.

acerbus: shrill, rigorous.

acervus: a heap, mass.

acidus: sharp, sour.

acies: keeness, edge, sharpness, battle-line, battlefield.

acies: army, wing of a formation.

acquiesco: to repose, assent to, agree.

acquiro: to acquire, gain, get, obtain.

acriter: * vehemently, forcefully.

acsi: as if, (Herimann p. 283, 293).

actio: to act.

actus: moving through.

adamans: steeled, unyielding, adamant, stubborn, intransigeant.

adamo: to fall in love with, find pleasure in.

adapto: adapt, adjust, make ready, or fit.

adaugeo: to make greater, add, increase, augment.

addo: to give, bring, place, / inspire, cause,/ add, join.

adduco: to lead, induce, persuade, bring.

ademptio: a taking away.

adeo: (adverb) so far, to that point, so much, so long, etc.

adeo: to such a point, such an extent, so far, so long.

adeo: to approach, visit, come to, undertake.

adeptio: attainment, obtaining, achievement.

adepto: to obtain, get, acquire.

adfectus affectus: (fr. adficio) influenced, worked upon.

adfero affero: to cause, bring about, contribute.

adfero affero: to bring news, report / apply, bring to bear.

adficio: to affect, afflict, weaken, sap, exhaust, drain.

adflicto affligo: to injure, weaken, discourage, damage, break.

adhaero: to hang to, stick to, adhere.

adhaero: to stick, cleave, secure, keep close to.

adhuc: till then, till now, still, even now, besides, also, yet.

adicio: to direct, address, apply / to throw to.

adimpleo: to fulfill, perform, carry out.

adinvenio: to devise.

adinventio: to invention.

adipiscor: to come up to, overtake, obtain.

adipiscor: to acquire, arrive at, reach.

aditus: entrance, ingress.

adiutorium: assistance, help, aid, assistance.

adiuvo: to help, aid, assist, succor.

adjicio: to add, to turn towards, move towards, suggest.

adjungo: to join connect.

adminiculum: assistance, aid.

administratio: giving of help, administration, government.

administro: to guide, serve (food).

admiratio: wonder, astonishment, surprise, admiration.

admiror: to wonder at, admire, marvel at, be astonished at.

admitto: to admit, receive.

admoneo: admonish, advise.

admoneo: to urge or incite to action.

admonitio: warning, reminder. (insult: Herimann, p. 282).

admoveo: to move to, bring up, apply.

adnihilo: to bring to nothing, annihilate, demolish.

adnuo: to nod assent.

adolescens: young man, coming to maturity,.

adopto: to wish for oneself, adopt, select, pick out.

adorno: to equip, furnish, embellish.

adpropinquo: * draw near, approach, near.

adservio: to aid, help, assist.

adsidue assidue: continuously, without remission.

adstringo: to draw together, tighten, compress, compact /.

adstringo: (persons) bind, oblige, (+ refl.) commit oneself to.

adsuesco assuesco: to grow accustomed to, used to, make familiar.

adsuetudo: custom, habit.

adsum: to to be at hand/ to come.

adsum: to assist, be present, be near, be in attendance,.

adsumo (assumo): to take to oneself, claim, appropriate, call.

aduentus: arrival.

adulatio: fawning, flattery, sycophancy, buttering up.

adulator: sycophant, adulator.

adulescens: young man, youth, lad.

adulescentia: youth.

adultus: (adj.) grown up, mature, adult, of age.

aduro (adustum): to set fire to, burn, singe, kindle, light.

adveho: to carry, come.

advena: foreigner.

advenio: to come, arrive, reach.

adventum: arrival, advent, a coming.

adversa: unfavorable.

adversarius: opponent.

adversitas: opposition/ adversity.

adversor: to oppose, resist, fight back.

adversum: adversity.

adversus: (prep. + acc.) toward, against, facing.

adversus: (adj.) facing, opposite, opposing. /unfortunate.

adverto: to turn towards, direct one's attention to, attract.

advoco: to summon, call / call in an advisor.

aedificium edificium: building, structure.

aeger: eger: sick.

aeger: diseased, sick, infected, ill.

aegre: egre: (adv.) hardly, scarcely, with difficulty, laboriously.

aegre: with displeasure.

aegresco: egresco: to fall ill, become troubled, grow worse.

aegretudo: egretudo: sickness, mental illness.

aegrotatio egrotatio: sickness, illness.

aegroto: to languish, grow more sick, fail.

aegrotus: ill, sick.

aegrus: ill, diseased, unwell.

aeneus: eneus: made of copper or bronze, brazen.

aequitas: equitas: justice, fairness, equity.

aequus: equus: level, even, calm, equal, favorable, just.

aer: aeris air, atmosphere, ether, weather.

aera: era: 4 or 5 years, years from 38 bc (Spain).

aerumna: toil, hardship, tribulation.

aerumnosus: wretched.

aestas estas: summer.

aestimo: to estimate, guess, reckon.

aestivus estivus: pertaining to summer.

aestuo: to burn with desire, blaze, vacillate [vikings], heave.

aestus: passionate fire.

aestus estus: heat, tide.

aestus maris: tides.

aetas: an age, stage, period of life, time, era.

aeternus eternus: eternal, everlasting, without end.

aether, aetherius: heaven, heavenly/celestial.

aevum: age, life.

affabilis: courteous.

affamen: import.

affatus: address, speech.

affectuosus: affectionate.

affectus: goodwill, emotion, disposition of mind.

affectus vocis: tone of voice.

affero: to carry.

affero: adfero: to bring, give, impart, turn over.

affinitas: relationship, neighborhood.

afflictio: reduced condition, state.

afflictus: distressed, cast down, prostrate, ruined, weakened.

affligo: to reduce, ruin, distress, cast down, strike against, weaken.

affluencia: abundance, affluence.

affluenter: copiously, affluently.

affluo: to come in haste.

affor: to speak to, address.

ager: land, countryside, fields.

ager (agri): farm, field, acre.

agger: bulwark, mound.

aggero: to make a mound, heap up, increase.

aggero: to pucker, pile up.

aggravo: to annoy, incommode.

aggredior: to go to, approach, address, attack.

aggredior: to go to, begin, attack.

agito: to put in motion, move, rouse.

agmen: host.

agna: ewe, lamb.

agnatus: a relation in the male line.

agnellus: small lamb, lambkin.

agnitio: recognition, knowledge.

agnosco: to recognize, understand, perceive.

agnosco: to know again, recognize, report, understand, admit.

agnosco: acknowledge.

agnus: sheep.

ago: egi: actum: to spend time, live / manage, drive, lead.

agon: agonia: combat, public contest.

agonotheta: champion.

agrarius: relating to the land, farming, or countryside.

agrestis: (adj) rustic, wild, unmannered, boorish, clodish.

agricola: (masc.) farmer, tiller of fields, cultivator.

agripeta: (masc.) someone who seizes land, squatter, land-grabber.

ait: he says.

aiunt: they say.

ala: wing/armpit/naval squadron /part of line of battle /sails, oars.

alacer: (-ris) quick, sharp, rapid, ready, keen.

alacritas: rapidity, quickness, animation, sharpness, eagerness.

alarius: relating to the wing of an army / allied troops.

alatus: winged, having wings.

alauda: the lark.

alba: alb.

albeo: to become white.

album: writing tablet / list.

albus: white.

alcedo: the kingfisher.

alcedonia: (neuter pl.) the kingfisher's time, calm, tranquility.

alces: the elk.

alcyon: the kingfisher.

alea: dice game / risk, chance, hazard.

aleator: dice-player / gambler / someone who takes chances.

ales: augury.

alesco: to grow, mature.

alga: sea-weed.

algeo: (-ere, alsi, algens) to be cold.

algesco: to bcome cold / to catch cold.

algidus: (-a, -um) cold.

algor: cold.

alias: at another time / otherwise.

alibi: elsewhere, in other respects.

alica: spelt.

alicubi: everywhere, somewhere.

alicunde: from somewhere, from anywhere.

aliena quadra vivere: to live from another's table.

alienari: (pass) to lose one's mind.

alienatio: alienation, transfer of ownership.

alienigena: foreign, strange, outlandish.

alienigenus: composite, made up of different substances, heterogenous.

alieno: to let go, transfer / estrange / forget.

alienus: somebody else's, foreign, alien, strange, different.

aliger: winged, having wings.

alii .. alii: some .. others.

alimentum: food, provender, victuals.

alimonia: nourishment.

alimonium: nourishment, essentials, provisions, food.

alio: to another place, person, end / for another purpose.

alioqui: (adv.) otherwise.

alioquin: (adv.) otherwise, in some respects /in general.

alipes: wing-footed.

aliqua: some.

aliquando: at any time, sometimes, occasionally, at last.

aliquanta: (adj.) moderate, or some size.

aliquanto: somewhat, considerably.

aliquantulus: little, small, diminutive / a little, a bit.

aliquantum: (noun) a good deal.

aliquantus: (adj.) of some size, moderate.

aliquatenus: to a certain extent.

aliqui: some.

aliquid: someone, somebody, something.

aliquis: someone, anyone, anything, (adv.) in any respect.

aliquo: (adv.) in some direction.

aliquot: some, several.

aliquotiens: some times.

aliquoties: [sic](adverb) several times.

aliter: otherwise, in another way, in a different fashion.

alius: +quam = other than.

alius: atque: other than.

alius: aliter: in different ways.

alius: alia: aliud: other, another, someone else, something else.

aliusmodi: in another way, somehow else, in a different fashion.

allatus (=adfero): having been brought.

allec: herrings, pickled fish.

allocutio: to address, encouragement.

alloquor: to address, encourage.

alma: a nourishing one.

almitas: bounty.

almus: kind, generous / nourishing.

almus: bountiful.

alnus: the alder tree.

alnus: alder.

alo: nourish, cherish, support, sustain, maintain, keep.

alodus: heritable estate.

alquod: some.

alter: (adv.) otherwise.

alter .. alter: the one .. the other.

alter altera alterum: the second, the other one.

altercatio: dispute, strife.

alternis: by turns.

alternis sermonibus: alternating speeches, dialogue.

alterno: to do one thing and then another.

altilis: domestic fattened bird.

altithronus: one enthroned on high, seated in heaven.

altivolus: soaring.

altor: foster-father, patron, advocate, protector, educator.

altus: matured / great / high / deep / noble / ancient, old / secret.

alumno: nurseling, student, disciple.

alumnus: nursling.

alveus: hollow, basket, bed (of a river).

amaritudo: bitterness.

ambages: double-talk, digression.

ambiguitas: uncertainty.

ambiguus: doubtful.

ambio + inf: to strive, solicit.

ambitio: desire for power.

ambitus: border, edge, extent /going around, circuit.

ambitus: circumference.

ambivium: double way.

ambulo: to walk.

amens: out of ones senses.

amicabiliter: amicably, pleasantly, sociably.

amicitia: friendship, alliance.

amictus: mantle.

amiculum: cloak, cape.

amicus: friend, comrade.

amissio: amissus: loss.

amita: father's sister, paternal aunt.

amita: paternal aunt.

amitto: to dismiss, send away, lose, let slip away.

amitto: let slip.

amnis: stream, torrent.

amoena: pleasant [of a place].

amoenitas: pleasantness [of a place].

amor: love, affection, infatuation, passion.

amotio: removal.

amoveo: to move away, remove, take out, shift.

amplector: to embrace, surround.

amplexus: an embracing, surrounding, loving embrace, [euphemism].

amplifico: to increase, enlarge.

amplio: to enlarge, increase, improve.

amplitudo: size, breadth, dignity, grandeur, greatness.

amplus: large, spacious, ample /great important, honorable.

an: (adv.) or "Are you going OR are you staying?".

anarchos: without beginning, without a leader.

ancilla: maidservant, also used by nuns to decribe themselves.

andron: corridor, aisle.

anethum: dill, anise.

anfractus: crooked, with tortuous bends.

angelus: angel.

Angli: Angles [from England].

ango: to trouble, draw together.

angulus: corner, niche.

angustata: circumscribed.

angustus: narrow, limited, strait, tight, constricted.

anhelo: to desire, want, strive for/ breathe, live.

anima: life, soul.

animadverto: to turn the mind to, take notice of, see, perceive.

animadverto: sometimes understand, realize.

animi: at heart.

animositas: spirit, wrath.

animosus: courageous, ardent, passionate, furious.

animosus: undaunted, wrathful.

animus: courage, vivacity, bravery, will, spirit, soul.

animus: character, intellect, memory, consciousness, often = mind.

animus: soul, spirit, intellect.

annecto: to connect.

annona: yearly produce, grain crop / price of grain / cost of living.

annullo: to obliterate, destroy, annihilate.

annuo: to nod, consent, give assent to /approve, favor.

annuo: to allow, grant, promise /designate.

annuo: to give assent, approve.

annus: year.

ansa: a handle.

anser: goose.

ante: (prep. + acc.) before/ in front of/ (adv.) before, previously.

antea: (adv.) before, previously, formerly.

antecedo: to precede.

antecessor: predecessor.

antepono: (+ dat.) put before, prefer, favor, promote.

antequam: before (in time).

anticipo: to surpass, excel.

antiquitas: the ancients.

antiquus: ancient, old, hoary,.

antistes: bishop.

antrum: grotto.

anxia: uneasy.

anxio: to make uneasy, to anguish.

aper: wild boar.

aperio: to uncover, lay bare, reveal, make clear.

aperito: F, an opening.

aperte: openly, frankly.

apertio: f, an opening.

apex: summit.

apices: writing.

apostolus: (legal) notice sent to a higher tribunal / ecc. Apostle.

apparatus: equipment, gear, machinery/ splendor, magnificence.

apparatus: exertion, effort.

appareo: to become visible, appear, manifest.

appello: to call, name, summon.

appello: to land.

appello: to drive, move towards/ [passive] to land.

appenditia: appurtenance.

applico: to land, steer, attach.

appono: to place near, put to, serve, put on the table.

appono: to appoint a person, to add something.

appositus: placed near, approaching, appropriate, appositively.

approbo: to approve.

appropinquo: (+ dat.) to near, drawn near, come close, approach.

appropinquo: to approach.

apto: to fit, approve, be suitable, proper, fit.

aptus: fitted, connected, fastened /prepared, fitted out.

aptus: suitable, appropriate, fitting.

apud: (prep. + acc.) among, in the presence of, at, at the house of.

aqua: water.

aquila: eagle.

aquilo: the north wind.

aquilo: north wind.

aquilus: dark colored, swarthy.

ara: altar /refuge, protection.

aranea: spider's web.

arator: plowman, cultivator.

aratrum: plow.

arbitrium: judgment.

arbitro: arbitror: to witness, bear witness / judge, arbitrate.

arbor: tree.

arbustum: a vineyard planted with trees.

arbustus: planted with trees.

arca archa: chest, box, money box, coffin, cell.

arcanum: sacred secret.

arceo: to shut up, enclose.

arcesso, accerso: to bring, fetch, summon, call for.

archidictus: extremely eloquent.

archipater: great ancestor.

archos: ruler.

arcus: bow (BOW and arrows), arch, bend, arc.

ardens: burning.

ardor: ardor, impatience.

arduum: steep place, the steep.

arduus: difficult, proudly elevated.

argentum: silver, money.

argumentatio: argumentation.

argumentosus: proven, rich in material.

argumentum: proof, evidence.

arguo: to blame, accuse /prove, expose, convict /declare.

arguo: to show, make clear, attempt to show /censure, reprove.

argutus: acute.

arista: the point of the ear, the beard on an ear of wheat.

arma: arms, weapons, armaments.

armarium: cupboard, chest, safe (for food, clothing, money).

armentum: herd.

armiger: armed.

armilla: armlets.

armis: by force of arms.

armo: to provide arms, arm, equip, fit out.

aro: to plow.

arripio: to lay hold of.

arrogans: presuming, haughty.

arrogantia: presumption.

ars: (artis) skill method, technique, conduct, character.

ars: strategem/ science, art, skill/ craft.

articulus: (of time) a moment, crisis.

artifex: author, artist, artisan, maker.

artificialiter: artfully.

artificiose: skillfuly.

artificiosus: skillful, accomplished, skillfuly made.

arto: to press together, reduce, abrdiged.

artus: limbs.

arx: arcis: citadel, stronghold, fortress, keep, donjon.

arx, arces: town.

ascendo: to climb.

ascia: carpenter's axe, mason's trowel.

ascio: to take up, adopt as one's own.

ascisco: to receive, admit/ adopt / take up, approve.

aspectus: countenance.

asper: rough, harsh, severe.

asper: violent, fierce, rough.

aspergo: to sprinkle, cover.

asperitas: roughness, severity/ harshness, fierceness.

aspernatio: contempt.

aspernor: to spurn.

aspersus: instructed.

aspicio: to look at, behold, gaze at, see.

aspirator: inciter.

asporto: to carry off, take away.

assensus: approval.

assentator: flatterer, sycophant, yes-man.

asser: a stake, pole.

assero: to claim, defend.

assiduus: unremitting.

assilio: to leap upon.

assimilares: adj, similar.

assimulo: simulate, immatate, represent.

assuesco: (-sueui, -suetum) to accustom, to accustom oneself.

assus: dried, roasted, grilled.

astrum: star, constellation.

astus: m, cunning.

at: (conj.) but. (more emphatic and emotional than sed).

atavus: great-great-great grandfather, ancestor.

ater: gloomy, malicious.

atqui: (conj.) and yet, still.

atrer: atra: atrum: dark, gloomy.

atrocitas: hashness, cruelty, frightfulness, barbarity, horror.

atrociter: cruelly, violently.

atrox: terrible, cruel, horrible, harsh.

attentus: attentive, careful of one's property.

attero: destroy, waste, weaken, impair.

attero: to weaken, ruin, rub against, rub away, erode.

attero: attritus: to weaken[en], wear away, wear down.

attinet: [+ inf.] is of importance.

attollo: to exalt.

attollo: to raise, lifet up, elevate/ excite, exalt.

attonbitus: frantic, inspired, thunder-struck, stunned.

attonitus: stunned, thunderstruck.

attrecto: to touch.

attributa: assigned, associated.

auarca: leather sandal worn by pyrenean peasants.

auctor: author, originator.

auctorita: authority, power.

auctoritas: authority.

auctorizo: to confirm, approve, authenticate.

auctus: growth, enlargement, increase.

audacia: temerity.

audacter, audaciter: boldly, proudly, fearlessly.

audax: bold, rash, foolhardy.

audentia: boldness, courage.

audeo: to dare. (part. ausus ).

audio: to hear, hearken, listen to.

auditor: hearer, listener.

aufero: to carry away, remove /steal, carry off, make away with.

aufero: to take away by force.

augeo: increase, enlarge, enrich.

augeo: to increase, strengthen.

augmento: to increase.

augmentum: increase, growth.

aula: court, hall.

aura: heaven, breeze.

aureus: golden.

auris: ear.

aurum: gold.

austerus: strict, rigid, stern.

ausus: risk, hazard, gamble, dare.

aut: .aut: either..or.

autem: but, on the other hand, however, moreover, also.

autumo: to assert, believe, affirm.

autus: increase, enlargement, growth.

auxilium: aid, help, assistance, support.

avara: avaricious.

avaritia: avarice, greed.

avarus: greedy, avaricious.

aveho: to carry away, remove (avexi avectum ).

avello: to tear away, tear off.

aversor: to repulse.

averto: to turn away, avert, avoid. turn back.

avoco: to call away, divert.

avunculus: maternal uncle.

avus: grandfather.

bacca: berry, pearl.

baccatus: set with pearls, pearl encrusted, ornamented with pearls.

bacchatus: enraged.

bacifer: berry-bearing.

bacillum: rod, a small staff.

baculum: baculus: cane, walking stick, staff.

baiulo: to carry a burden, have a responsibility.

baiulus: porter, pall-bearer, carrier of a burden /steward.

bajulo: to to carry.

balaena: whale.

balanus: acorn, chestnut, date.

balatro: fool, buffoon, jester.

balatus: bleating of sheep, baaing.

balbus: stammering, stuttering, fumbling.

balbutio: to stutter, stammer /speak obscurely.

balena: whale.

balineum: balneum: bath, bathhouse, bathing-place.

ballista: a siege engine, catapult, stone thrower.

balnearius: pertaining to the bathhouse /bathhouse.

balneator: keeper of a bathhouse.

balo: to bleat.

balsamam: balsam tree /balsam gum.

balteus: girdle.

barathrum: pit, abyss /the underworld.

barba: beard, whiskers.

barbare: barbarously, uncouthly, savagely/ in a foreign manner.

barbaria: a country other than Greece or Rome, savagery, rudeness.

barbaria: lack of culture, state of being uncivilized and/or uncouth.

barbaricus: a foreigner/ not Greek or Roman/ outlander.

barbarus: barbarian/ foreigner/ rude, uncouth, rough, savage.

barbarus: barbarian.

barbatus: bearded, having a beard.

bardus: stupid, slow, dull.

baritus: barritus: German war cry.

baro: dolt, simpleton, fool, blockhead.

barrus: elephant.

bascauda: a basket.

basiatio: the act of kissing, giving a kiss, being kissed, a kiss.

basiator: one who kisses.

basilica: a public building for law cases, etc./ a church, cathedral.

basilice: royally, regally.

basilicus: regal, royal, princely.

basio: to kiss.

basis: a base/ foundation/ pedestal.

basium: a kiss.

battuo: to beat, strike, smack, knock, hit.

beatitas: happiness, felicity, blessedness.

beatus: blessed, fortunate, sometimes "saint".

bellaria: [pl.] dessert.

bellator: [adj] courageous, brave, warlike.

bellator: fighting man, warrior.

bellatorius: warlike, martial, pugnacious.

belle: prettily, handsomely, charmingly.

bellicosus: warlike.

bellicum: a signal to march, attack, advance, charge.

bellicus: martial, military, war-like.

belliger: at war, waging war, in a state of war, warlike.

belligero: to wage war, be at war, be in a state of war.

bello: to wage war.

bellor: to wage war.

bellua: a brute, beast, large animal.

bellum: war.

bellum: war, warfare.

bellus: beautiful, pretty, charming, handsome.

bene: well (melior: better / optime: best ).

beneficentia: kindness, benevolence, kindliness.

beneficium: benefit, favor, service, privilege, right.

beneficium: boon, reward, wages, bribe, gift, pious donation.

beneficus: kind, generous, obliging.

benevolens: well-wishing, helpfull, thoughtful, kindly.

benevolentia: benevolence, kindness, good will.

benigne: kindly, generously.

benignitas: kind, friendly, generous/ abundant, bounteous.

benignus: kind, generous, helpful.

beo: to bless.

bestia: animal, beast.

bibo: to drink, quaff.

bicallis: foot-path, path.

bidens: sheep, sacrificial animal.

bipennis: battle-axe.

bis: twice.

bivium: place where two ways meet.

blande: carefully, softly.

blandio: to flatter.

blandior: to flatter, caress, (+ dat.) coax.

blanditia: blandishments, attractions, allurement, charm.

blanditium: allurement, persuasion.

blandus: flattering, persuasive.

blasphematio: reviling.

blasphemo: to revile.

blasphemus: blasphemer, [adj.] reviling.

blatta: purple.

boatus: bellowing.

bona: good qualities, gifts, blessings as well as material properties.

bonae indolis: of great promise.

bonus: good (melior: better / optimus: best ).

boo: boare: to cry out, sing, praise, narrate.

bos (bovis ): cow, ox. bull.

bracteola: thin gold leaf.

bravium: reward.

brevis: short, small, brief.

brevitas: shortness, brevity.

breviter: briefly.

Britones: Bretons.

bucinum: trumpet-blast.

bulla: stud, boss, formal papal document.

caballus: steed.

cacumen: apex, peak.

cadaver: corpse.

cado: to fall, drop, plummet, topple.

caecus: blind, sightless.

caedes: carnage.

caedo: to fell, fall, be fruitless, kill.

caelebs: celibate.

caelestis: heavenly, celestial / noun, a god, dweller in heaven.

caeli: skies, heavens, vault of heauen.

caelitus: from heaven.

caelum: sky, heaven.

caetera: the rest, that remaining.

calamitas: calamity, misfortune, disaster, loss.

calamitosus: disastrous.

calamus: anything made or reed -- pen, arrow, pipe, etc.

calcar, -is: spur.

calceata: paved road.

calco: to tread, trample upon, tread under foot.

calculus: pebble, stone.

caleo: to be warmed, be inflamed.

caliga: darkness, gloom, mist.

caligo: to becloud, darken.

caligo: to make dizzy.

calix: a vessel for drinking.

callide: skilfully, cleverly / cunningly, slyly, subtly.

calliditas: cunning.

callidus: clever, dextrous, experienced, skilful / cunning, sly.

caltha: marigold.

calumnior: to accuse falsely.

calvities: baldness.

calvus: bald.

calx: the heel /stone, pebble /lime /goal, aim.

camena: poetry, poem, song.

camera: vault, vaulted room /small boat.

caminus: a forge, large hearth.

campana: bell.

campeador: champion of the field, victor.

campester: flat, even, level/ a plain.

campitor: charger, battle-horse, war horse.

campus: level place, field, plain.

camur: curved, bent, hooked.

canalis: channel, canal /pipe.

cancer: crab /the direction south /heat of summer /disease of cancer.

candela: taper, candle.

candelabrum: lamp-stand.

candeo: to shine, glow, grow brilliant, sparkle.

candide: openly, clearly, candidly.

candidus: bright, shining, white.

canis: dog.

canistrum: bee-hive.

canities: grey hair /old age.

canonicus: canonical, according to the canons, legal, lawful, right.

canonus: canon, member of a cathedral chapter or canonry, Augustinian.

canto: to sing.

capillus: hair.

capio: to rent, hire /seize, arrest.

capio: to take, choose /attack, injure/ comprehend.

capistro: to halter, put a halter on a horse.

capistrum: halter, harness, mazzle.

capitagium: poll tax.

capitale: cattle, possessions, chattels.

capitulus: chapter, chapter meeting, chapter house.

capra: she-goat.

capreolus: roebuck.

captio: imprisonment.

captivas: captivity.

captivo: to take captive.

captivus: captive.

capto: to seize, catch at / strive after, desire, seek.

capto: to grab, try to get, grab at.

captus: a catching, taking / power or manner of comprehension / idea.

captus: taken, captured, prisoner.

capulatio: decapitation.

capulum: hilt.

capulus: coffin / handle / hilt of a sword.

caput: capitis: head / top, summit /chief /capital /leader, captain.

caput ieiunius: Ash Wednesday.

carbasa: (-orum, n.) flax, flaxen, made of flax.

carbaseus: made of canvas.

carbasum: canvas sail.

carbasus: heteroclite.

carbo: carbonis: carbon, coal, charcoal /burning wood, burnt wood.

carbonarius: a charcoal burner.

carcer: prison, cell, jail, dungeon.

carceres: the starting-place of a race course.

carchesium: a goblet with handles /top of a mast /scuttle.

cardiacus: of the stomach.

cardo: -inis, m.) a hinge /pole or pivot.

cardo: [boundary] line, a line limiting a field by agrimensores.

cardo duplex: a cardinal point /main consideration.

cardo duplex: ends of the earth's axis.

carduus: thistle.

carectum: sedgy spot, place thick with rushes.

careo: (+ abl.) to absent oneself from.

careo: (+ abl. of sep.) be without, be deprived of, lack, want.

careo: to feel the want of.

carex: (-icia) rush, sedge.

caries: rottenness, corruption, decay.

carina: the keel of a ship /ship, vessel.

cariosus: rotten, decayed.

caris: (-idia f.) a kind of crab.

caritas: high price /high cost of living /dearness, affection.

caritas: charity.

carmen: song, poem /prediction, incantation /religious formula.

carnero: steer, cow.

carneus: made of flesh.

carnifex: executioner, hangman.

carnificina: the work of a hangman, execution /torture.

carnifico: behead, mangle, mutilate.

caro: (carnis f.) flesh, meat.

carpo: to pluck, seize, grab, lay hold of, hold on to.

carptor: one who carves food.

carruca: four-wheeled carriage.

carrus: four-wheeled baggage wagon.

caruncula: small piece of flesh.

carus: dear, beloved /costly, high-priced, expensive.

casa: hut, cottage, cabin.

caseus: cheese.

casia: a tree with an aromatic bark/ sweet-smelling mezereon.

casses: a net, trap, snare, spider's web.

cassida: a metal helmet.

cassis: a metal helmet.

casso: to bring to naught, destroy, annul, make void.

casso: in vain.

cassus: empty, hollow/ [+ abl.] deuoid of/ worthless useless, vain.

cassus: [+ abl.] to be devoid of whatever.

castanea: a chestnut or chestnut.

caste: purely, spotlessly, purely, uprightly, chastely.

castellani: garrison of a fortress.

castellanus: relating to a fortress, castellan.

castellatim: in single fortresses.

castellum: castle, fortress, fort, citadel/ shelter, refuge.

castigatio: [-onis] punishment, reproof.

castigator: one who punishes, reproves, corrects.

castigatus: restrained, orderly, neat.

castigo: reprove, chasten, punish, chastise/ check, restrain.

castimonia: purity, chastity, state of being unpolluted, morally clean.

castitas: chastity, pure, morally clean, unpolluted.

castor: beaver.

castra: [-orum] an encampment, temporary fortification, bivouac.

castra aestiva: summer camp, quarters, bivouac.

castra hiberna: winter camp, quarters, station

castrensis: pertaining to a camp, military/ disciplined, orderly.

castro: castrate, enervate, weaken, unman, emasculate.

castrum: castle, fort, fortress, fortified encampment, station.

castrum: fortress.

castus: clean pure, chaste/ pious.

casualis: accidental, fortuitous.

casula: chasuble, monk's cowl.

casus: a falling /occasion, opportunity /event.

casus: accident, violent death.

casus: downfall.

casus: accident, chance, fortune.

catena: chain, fetters.

caterva: crowd, troop, flock.

catervatim: in troops, in masses.

cattus: cat.

cauda: the tail of an animal.

causa: cause /reason, motive, pretext /interest.

causa: case at law, case, law-suit /situation, condition.

causa: (in the abl.) on account of, for the sake of.

causidicus: advocate, pleader.

caute: cautim: cautiously, with security.

cautela: caution, precaution, security.

cautio: caution, care, foresight.

cautor: one who is on his guard/ one who goes bond, suretor.

cautor: guarantor.

cautus: [property] made safe, secured/ fenced/ secured by law.

cautus: [persons] careful, cautious /[things] secure, made safe.

cautus: circumspect.

cavare: manorial task of cultivating, digging, ditching, etc.caveo:

cavea: hollow place, cavity/ cave/ pit.

caveo: +dat. of a person= take care of, provide for.

caveo: +acc.= be on guard against /+ut+subj.=take care that.

caveo: [cavi cautum] beware, avoid, look out for.

caveo: give security, mortgage.

caverna: hollow place, cavity, cave, cavern.

cavo: hollow out, excavate/ pierce/ dig, cultivate.

cavum: a hollow, hole, cavity, pit, excavation, depression.

cavus: [-a, -um] hollow, empty.

cavus: hole, pit.

cedo: cessi: cessum: to grant, yield/ withdraw.

cedo: (+ dat.) give ground to, submit to, be inferior to.

cedo: to go, proceed /turn out, happen/go away, withdraw.

celebratio: large crowd, audience, assembly.

celebrer: adj, renowned, well known, popular, famous.

celebris: celebrated.

celebritas: crowd, multitude /celebration /fame, renown.

celebrus: abounding in, rich in, much frequented, respected.

celer: quick, swift, rapid, speedy, fast.

celeritas: speed, swiftness, rapidity, quickness.

celeriter: rapidly, quickly, swiftly, speedily.

cella: room, store-room, garret.

cellarius: adj. relating to a store-room /n. cellarer.

celo: to hide, conceal, keep secret.

celox: -ocis fast, rapid, swift, fleet.

celsitudo: loftiness.

celsus: elevated, lofty /arrogant, proud, haughty.

cena: dinner, meal.

cenaculum: garret, attic.

ceno: to dine.

censeo: censui, censum/ estimate, assess, evaluate.

censeo: argue, suggest, advise.

censor: judge.

censura: opinion, judgment.

census: -us/ wealth, property /census.

census: gifts, tax, annual render.

centum: one hundred, 100 (undeclinable).

cerealis: sacred to Ceres.

cerno: to separate, sift, distinguish /decide, resolve, determine.

cerno: to perceive.

cernuus: faling headlong.

certamen: contest, contention, rivalry of any kind, conflict.

certamen: engagement, combat.

certe: certo: (adv) certainly, assuredly.

certo: to contend, settle, dispute, to settle by combat.

certo: to struggle , fight.

certus: undoubted, certain, sure, settled, resolved.

certus: decided /definite.

certus: determined.

cervix: neck, boldness.

cervus: stag, deer.

cesso: to leave off, cease /linger, delay.

cetera: for the rest, otherwise.

ceteri: the remaining, the rest, the others.

ceterum: (adv.) otherwise, moreover, but.

ceterus: the other, the rest.

chalybs: steel, iron, sickel, sword.

charisma: carisma: gift, present.

charitas: benevolence, offering.

charus: affectionate.

charybdis: whirlpool.

chirographum: autograph, person's own handwriting /written charter.

chorus: troop.

cibaria: victuals.

cibo: food for animals.

cibus: food for men and animals.

cicuta: hemlock.

ciminatio: accusation, calumny, charge.

ciminosus: reproachful, slanderous.

Cineres: Ash Wednesday.

cinis: cineris: ashes, embers.

circumsto: to beset.

circumvenio: to come around, surround, cheat, defraud.

circumvenio: to beset, assail.

citara: a harp.

citatio: summons, call.

citatus: summons, citation.

citatus: quick, speedy.

citius: speedily, quickly, rapidly.

citivolus: swiftly flying.

cito: to be moved, aroused.

cito: quickly, rapidly, speedily.

cito: to put into quick motion, quickened.

civilis: civil, civic.

civis: citizen, townsman, bourgeois, burgess.

civitas: state, citzenship, city-state, city.

clades: scourge.

clam: secretly, in secret, stealthily..

clamito: to bawl out for.

clamo: to call, shout, cry aloud, proclaim, declare.

clamor: a shout, cry, loud call, outcry.

clango: to sound.

clangor: sounding.

claritas: brightness.

claritudo: brightness.

claro: to make bright or clear, make clear in the mind.

clarus: clear, bright /renowned, famous, illustrious.

claudeo: to limp, halt, be lame, to hobble.

claudico: to limp.

claudo (clausus): to confine, shut up, close, blockade, besiege.

claudus: lame.

claustrum: bolt, bar, prison, den, pen, enclosure/ cloister.

clementer: compassionately, mercifully.

clementia: indulgence, forbearance, humanity, mercy, gentleness, etc.

clibanus: oven, furnace/ tray for bread making.

clima: clime, region.

clypeus: brazen shield.

coacervo: to collect in a mass.

coacto: to force, compel, coerce.

coactu: by force, under compulsion.

coactum: force, compulsion, coercion.

coactus: constrained.

coadunati: collected.

coadunatio: a gathering together, a summing up, a uniting.

coaduno: to collect.

coaegresco: to become sick at the same time.

coangusto: to confine.

coarto: to confine.

coepi: began, started, undertook, initiated (pres. incipio ).

coepio: to begin, undertake.

coepto: to begin, undertake,.

coeptum: undertaking.

coerceo: surround, enclose, restrain, confine/ regulate.

cogitatio: thorough consideration.

cogitatus: thought.

cogito: to think, ruminate, ponder, consider, plan.

cognatio: kindred.

cognatus: (adj.) related by blood (noun) a relative, kinsman.

cognomen: surname, family name, nick-name.

cognosco: to examine, inquire, learn.

cogo: to to force, compel, compress.

cogo: coegi, coactum: to bring together, drive, draw.

cogo: to compel, restrict, confine.

cohaereo: to cling to, correspond to.

cohaero: cohero: cohesi: cohesum: to adhere, stick together.

cohaero: to cleave to.

cohibeo: confine, restrain, hold back, repress.

cohors: a yard, enclosure /troop, 1/10 of a legion.

cohortor: to encourage, incite, exhort.

coitus: company.

collator: contributor.

collaudo: to praise very much, approve highly.

colligo: legi, lectum, to collect, gather together, assemble.

colligo: to bind.

colloco: to place, put, arrange.

colloco: to station.

colloquium: speech, conference.

colluctatio: wrestling.

colluctor: wrestle.

collum: neck.

colo: colui: cultum: cultivate, cherish.

colonus: tiller of the soil, inhabitant.

color: color, luster.

coloratus: colored /dark-complexioned.

coloro: to color.

coma: hair of the head, leaves, rays of light.

coma: stalk.

combibo: to drink up, suck in.

comburo: to burn up, to ruin, consume.

comedo: comedi: comesum: to eat up, consume /waste, squander.

comes: comitis: companion, friend, comrade /count.

cometes: comet.

cometissa: comitissa: countess.

comis: courteous, kind, friendly, obliging.

comitatus: accompanied.

comitatus: train, retinue, following /war band.

comiter: courteously, in a kindly, friendly manner.

comito: to accompany.

comitto: to entrust, commit.

commemoro: to remind, relate, mention/ to keep in mind.

commendo: to commit.

commeo: To go up and down, back and forth, in and out.

commercium: wares, [+ gen.] fellowship with.

commessatio, onis: eating together.

commilito: comrade, companion in war.

comminor: to threaten.

comminuo: to scatter, weaken, damage.

comminus: hand to hand, in close combat.

commisceo: to intermingle, join, mix.

commiscere: to mingle.

commissio: perpetration, execution, performance, action.

commissum: offence.

commissum: undertaking, that which is entrusted.

committo: to place, intrust, join.

commodo: to make fit, adapt, please, oblige, serve.

commodo: (+ acc.) to furnish, lend, give.

commodum: suitable time, opportunity, convenience, use.

commodum: convenience, advantage, opportunity, comfort.

commodum: profit, favorable condition, requirements.

commodus: proper, fit, commodious.

commodus: useful.

commoneo: to remind someone forcibly of somthing.

commoneo: to remember, recollect.

commoneo: to impress upon one. to remind.

commorantes: inhabitants.

commoro: in loco insidiarum: to lie in ambush.

commoror: remain, stay, abide, linger.

commoror: to sojourn, remain, inhabit.

commotio: agitation.

commotus: disordered, moved.

commoveo: to move violently, disturb, shake /excite, upset.

communico: to share.

communis: common, general, run of the mill.

compaciscor: agreed upon.

compacta: covenanted.

compactor: constructor.

compages: structure.

compar: companion.

comparo: to compare.

compater: the godfather of a man's child.

compatior: to suffer with one, feel pity, have compassion.

compello: to drive together, collect, force, compel.

compello: to to urge, address, speak to.

compendiose: briefly.

comperio: to disclose fully, find out with certainty, lay open.

comperio: to learn, find out, ascertain.

comperte: on good authority.

compes: fetters.

compesco: to restrain.

compescor: to suppress, repress, check, restrain.

compescor: to fasten together, hold in check, curb.

competentia: agreement.

competo: to be appropriate, suitable, fit.

compitum: cross-road.

complaceo: to be very pleasing to.

complacitus: favorable.

complector: compass.

complectus: embrace, grasp.

compleo: to fill up, man, bring up to strength, fulfil.

compleo: to finish, complete.

complex: confederate.

complexo: encompass, embrace.

complico: to fold together.

compono: to put together, compose.

compono: to adjust, [+ abl.] settle.

compositio: composition, agreement, pact/ arrangement.

compositus: orderly, matching, made up of pieces.

compotus: computus: calculation, reckoning.

comprehendo: to seize, arrest, take prisoner, catch red-handed.

comprehendo: to grasp, take together, unite /comprehend.

comprehendo: to embrace, take firmly, include, seize.

comprehendo: to to gather together, apprehend.

comprimo: to hold back, hinder, keep to oneself.

comprobo: to approve fully/ to confirm, prove, establish.

compromitto: to agree to refer to arbitration, or an arbitrator.

comprovincialis: born in the same province.

compte: elegantly, with ornament.

comptus: a head-dress, a hairband.

conamen: effort.

conatus: exertion, effort / undertaking / impulse, inclination.

concateno: to link together, bind together.

concavo: to hollow out.

concedo: to concede, yield, allow, grant, withdraw, give up.

concepta: measures, capacity.

concero: connect join, twine, join in conflict.

concido: to fall down, sink, perish / (wind) subside.

concido: to be ruined, fail /cut up, cut down, destroy.

concieo: to bring together, assemble.

conciliator: mediator.

concilio: to assemble, bring togethe.

concilio: win over, reconcile, unite /cause.

concilio: to make friendly, procure the favor, bring together.

concilium: council.

concilium: conciliation.

concino: to sing together, celebrate.

concio: to stir up.

concipio: to take or lay hold of, receive, take in/ conceive.

concisus: cut up, broken, brief, concise.

concite: quickly.

concito: to move violently, stir up, excite, arouse.

conclamo: to bewail as lost.

concordia: concord, harmony, agreement.

concordis: harmonious, united.

concordo: to harmonize, unite.

concremo: to consume, burn up.

concresco: to take form, grow strong.

concretio: growing-together.

concubitus: copulation.

conculco: to tread under foot, despise, oppress, suppress.

conculco: to abuse, tread down, tread under foot.

concupiscentia: avarice, covetousness.

concupisco: to covet, aim at, desire eagerly.

concupisco: to covet.

concurro: to concur.

concursus: charge, assembly.

concussio: oppression, extortion.

concutio: to shake together, agitate, alarm, disturb, shatter.

concutio: to strike together, shake, terrorize.

condeco: to meet.

condico: to agree, fix, settle, make arrangements.

condita: laid up store, foundation, establishment, making.

conditor: creator.

condo: erect, establish, build.

condo: to store, place.

condoleo: to suffer greatly.

conduco: hire, employ for wages, among many other meanings.

conduco: to conduct, lead forth.

confero: to bring together, put together, collect/.

confero: discuss, debate, confer/ betake oneself, devote.

confestim: speedily, rapidly, immediately, without delay.

confestim: without delay.

confidenter: boldly, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

confido: have confidence in, be confident of, rely upon.

confido: to trust confidently, believe.

configo: to transfix.

confingo: to fabricate, make up.

confinio: neighborhood, limit.

confirmo: to confirm.

confiteor confessus: to confess, own up, admit, acknowledge.

conflictus: contest, impulse.

confortari: to be strong.

conforto: to strengthen much.

conforto: to strengthen much, soothe.

confraga: cracks.

confugio: to take refuge in, have recourse to.

confugo: to flee, have recourse to, take refuge.

confundo: to pour together, mix, blend /confound, confuse, trouble.

confundo: to bring into disorder, confounding, destroy.

confusim: in a confused way, fumbling.

confusio: mingling, mixture /confounding, confusion, disorder.

confusio: a combining, blemish, disorder.

confusus: confused, disorderly /embarassed, troubled, confounded.

confuto: to check, repress, stop, halt, turn back /silence.

confuto: supress, keep silent /convict.

confuto: to confute /restrain, check, repress.

congelo: to congeal, harden, freeze.

congeries: pile, mass.

congero: to collect, compile.

conglobo: to amass.

congratulor: to rejoice.

congredior: to accost.

congredior navigio: to sail.

congregatio: assembly, society, union.

congrego: to gather together, assemble, convene.

congrego: to assemble.

congressio: hostile attack, coming together.

congressus: a meeting, association.

congressus: encounter, assembly, meeting, congress.

congrue: adv, suitably.

congruens: appropriate, proportioned.

congruenter: harmoniously .

congruo: coincide, agree, conform.

congruus: appropriate, suitable.

congruus: agreeing, fit, suitable.

conicio: to hurl, throw /put together, conjecture.

coniecto: to throw together, infer, guess, conclude.

conitor: to press upon, to struggle to reach.

coniuratio: conspiracy, plot.

coniuratus: conspirator, plotter.

coniuro: to take an oath together, plot, conspire.

conjugium: wedlock.

conjugo: to unite.

conjungo: to unite.

conjuratio: confederacy.

conjuratus: sworn.

conjuro: to unite by an oath, conspire.

conjux: consort.

connecto: to join, bind.

connexio: bond.

connubialis: sexual.

connubium: sexual union.

conor: to undertake, try, venture, presume, attempt, presume.

conor: to try, endeavor.

conqueror: to complain loudly.

consanguinei: relations.

conscendo: to ascend, mount, go up.

conscendo navem: to embark.

conscientia: conscience, consciouness, knowledge.

conscindo: to tear in pieces.

conscius: conscious of, aware of.

conscius: privy to.

conseco: to dismember, cut into pieces, chop up.

consecro: to dedicate, consecrate, sanctify/ to curse/ deify.

consecro: to dedicate.

consectatio: striving, pursuit.

consenesco: to grow old, weak, feeble, infirm.

consensio: agreement, harmony, cooperation /plot, conspiracy.

consentaneus: suited to.

consentio: to agree, consent /plot, conspire.

consepio: to hedge in.

consequens: according to reason.

consequentia: f, consequential, relating.

conservo: to preserve, conserve, maintain, keep, hold to.

considero: to look at, regard carefully,.

considero: to contemplate, inspect.

consido: to set down, settle.

consiliarii: counsellors.

consilio: intentionally, on purpose, designedly.

consilium: advice, suggestion, wisdom, plan, purpose, judgment.

consilium: deliberation, consultation, assembly, council.

consilium: deliberation, resolution, measure as in plan, advice.

consimilis: adj, similar.

consisto: (+ in) to depend on, rely on.

consisto: to take one's stand, stand still, stop, be posted.

consisto: (+ abl. etc.) to be formed of, consist/ stop, stay.

consitor: sower, planter.

consobrinus: maternal first cousin.

consolatio: encouragement, amelioration, consolation.

consolido: to make firm.

consolo: to comfort.

consonum: adj, n, harmonious.

consors: companion, comradeship.

consortio: partnership, company .

conspergo: to sprinkle, bestrew.

conspicio: to catch sight of, perceive, behold, understand.

conspicio: to observe.

conspicuus: striking .

conspiratio: union.

constans: steady, firm, unchanging, constant, unwavering.

constans: constant.

constanter: steadily, firmly, dependably, steadily.

constantia: constancy, firmness, solidity.

constat: it is certain.

constipatus: surrounded.

constituo: to fix, station, place, cause to stand, set.

constituo: to set up, place, establish, post, station.

constituo: to arrange, decide, appoint, settle, found, set up.

constituo: to establish, appoint.

consto: to be established, stand firm, stop, endure.

constrictio: to bind together, draw together.

constringo: to fetter.

constringo constrixi constrictum: to bind, confine, restrain.

construo: construxi: constructum: to construct, build, arrange.

construo: to bring together.

constupator: ravisher, debaucher.

constupro: to ravish, corrupt.

consuasor: advisor, counselor.

consuefacio: to accustom, acclimate, become used to.

consuesco: to accustom, inure, habituate.

consueta: customary, usual.

consuetudo: custom, usage, habit /intimacy, familiar acquaintance.

consul: magistrate.

consulatio: deliberation, inquiry, full consideration.

consulo: to look to the interests of, come to a conclusion.

consulo: to reflect, consider, ponder, reflect.

consulo: (+ dat.) look to the interests of/consult, ask advice.

consulo: to take counsel.

consulo: + dat: take care of, for, advise.

consulto: to ask the advice of, consult.

consulto: to consider carefully, weigh, ponder.

consulto: to consult + acc.

consultum: decree.

consultum: advice.

consummatio: completion, summing up, adding up.

consummo: to add together, sum up, make perfect, complete.

consumo: to spend, employ, use up, finish, waste away, destroy.

consumo: to devour.

consuo consui consutum: to sew together, stitch.

consurgo: to stand up, rise up /to arise, break out.

contabesco: to waste slowly away, decline in health.

contactus: touching, contact /contagion.

contages: a touch, contact.

contagio: infection.

contagio contagium: contagion, infection /touching, contact.

contamino: to pollute, infect.

contamino: to defile.

contego: to cover, shield, protect, defend.

contego: to conceal.

contemno: to think meanly of, despise, condemn, hate.

contemno: to defy.

contemplatio: survey, contemplation.

contemplor: to mark out, regard, consider carefully, survey.

contemplor: to observe.

contemptim: contemptuously.

contemptio: scorn, disdain, contempt.

contemptus: despised, despicable, contemptible.

contendo: to compare, contrast /compete.

contendo: to assert, maintain /shoot (a missile), cast.

contendo: to contend, strive, struggle, hasten.

contente: eagerly, earnestly.

contentio: controversy, straining.

contentus: strained, stretched /eager, zealous.

contentus: contented, satisfied.

contero: to crush .

conticeo: to be silent.

conticinium: first part of the night, evening.

contigo: (with dat.), to happen, befall.

contineo: to touch, reach, grasp, affect, infect.

contineo: to keep in, surround, contain, confine, include.

contineo: to hold, to keep togethere, to contian.

contineo: hold together, keep together, connect, join.

contineo: to hold back, restrain.

contineo contigi, contectum: border on /befall (good luck).

contingo: to touch /(intransitive) to happen, befall, occur.

contingo: (contactum) to touch closely, happen to, befall.

contingo: to concern, meet with, attain.

continuo: forthwith, without delay.

continuo: to join (together), to be after.

continuo: (adv.) immediately, at once.

continuus: uninterrupted, next.

continuus: connected together, continuous, uninterrupted.

contorqueo: to twist.

contra: (+ acc.) against.

contradico: to speak against, oppose verbally, gainsay.

contradictio: contradiction, opposition.

contradictio: objection.

contradictio: a speaking against, contradiction.

contrado: to deliver together, or wholly.

contraho: to gather together, assemble, draw up, unite.

contraho: to conclude (an agreement)/ to reduce, contract, constrict.

contrarius: contrary, opposed.

contrecto: to touch, handle, feel.

contremisco: to tremble, shake, quake /be afraid of.

contremo: to tremble, shake.

contricio: crushing, contrition.

contristo: to make sad or gloomy.

contristo: to sadden, afflict, damage (of crops).

contubernium: band of armed retainers.

contumacia: arrogance.

contumax: insolent.

contumelia: blow.

contumeliose: insolently.

contundo: to pound.

conturbo: to confuse, scatter, throw into confusion, distress.

conturbo: to derange.

convalesco: to grow strong, gain strength.

convello: to shatter.

conveniens: agreeing, accordant.

convenienter: consistently.

convenio: to join together, come together.

conventio: covenant, assembly.

conventus: coming tohether, assembly, union, congress.

conventus: assembly.

conversatio: way, manner of life /monastic life.

conversatio: frequent abode in a place.

converso: to abide.

converto: to turn around, cause to turn /to adopt the monastic life.

converto: to transform.

converto: to convert.

convinco: to overcome, conquer.

convinco: to overcome, to demonstrate.

convoco: to call together, convene.

convulsus: shattered.

cooperio: covered wholly.

copia: abundant supply.

copia: abundamce, supply.

copia cornu: fruitful and abundant supply.

copiae copie: supplies, troops, forces.

copiose: fully, at length, copiously.

copiosus: wealthy, rich, abundantly provided, well-equipped.

copiosus: well supplied, plentiful,.

copula: bond.

copulo or copulor: to couple.

Corbeiam: Corbie.

corium: skin.

cornu: horn.

corollarium: flower-garland.

corona: crown, diadem.

corporeus: fleshly.

corpus: corporis: body, corpse.

correptio: reproof.

correptius: more shortly.

corrigia: rein.

corrigo: to correct.

corrigo: (correctum) to make correct, make right.

corripio: to seize, snatch up, steal, (of a disease) attack.

corroboro: to strengthen.

corrumpo: (documents) to falsify / (character) to corrupt.

corrumpo: to break up, destroy, annihilate /spoil, weaken.

corruo: to fall to the ground, sink down /be ruined, destroyed.

corruo: to tumble.

corruptio: downtumble, seduction, bribery.

Corturiacum: Courtrai.

corusco: to glitter, glittering.

coruscus: (a) flashing, twinkling, shaking, trembling.

cos: whetstone.

cotidie: daily, every day.

Courtacum: Courtrai.

coutor: to associate with, have dealings with.

crapula: wine-drinking, intoxication, drunkenness.

crapula: wine: intoxication, drunkenness.

cras: (adv.) tomorrow, on the morrow.

crastinus: of the morrow, the morrow.

creator: creator, founder.

creatura: creature, servant.

creber: thick, frequent, numerous.

crebra: frequent, repeated.

crebresco: to to become frequent.

crebro: repeatedly, often, one after the other, time after time.

credo: to believe /trust, commit / trust in, rely on/ think.

credo: to believe.

credulitas: easiness of belief, just belief.

credulus: full of confidence.

cremo: to consume by fire.

creo: to create, make.

creperum: darkness.

crepido: (-inis) foundation, base / pedestal / pier, quay / dam.

crepitaculum: a rattle.

crepito: (-are) to rattle, creak, rustle.

creptio: taking by force, seizure.

crepundia: a toy, rattle, plaything.

crepusculum: dusk, twilight.

cresco: (cretum) to grow, increase, expand / spring forth, arise.

creta: chalk, fuller's earth.

cretatus: chalked, in white.

cretosus: abounding in chalk.

cretus: descended from.

cribro: to sift.

cribrum: sieve.

crimen: an accusation, charge / fault, guilt, crim.

crimen: cause of a crime.

crimen: guilt.

criminatio: accusation, charge, calumny.

criminator: accuser.

criminor: to accuse / complain of.

criminose: reproachfully.

criminosus: slanderous, reproachful.

crines: hair, locks.

crinis: hair/ tail of comet, rays of sun.

crinis: hair.

crinitus: long haired.

crispans: wavy, curly.

crispo: (-are) to curl / move rapidly / brandish, wave.

crispus: curly-haired, curly / trembling, quivering, shaking.

crista: crest, plume / rooster's comb.

cristatus: crested, plumed.

croceus: yellow, golden, saffron-colored, of saffron.

crocinus: yellow, saffron-colored / saffron oil.

crocodilus: crocodile.

crocotula: saffron-colored robe.

crocus: crocus, saffron / yellow, saffron-colored.

crotalia: ear-rings.

cruciamentum: torture, torment.

cruciatus: torture, torment.

crucio: to be afflicted.

crucio: to torture, torment.

crudelis: cruel.

crudelitas: cruelty, inhumanity.

crudeliter: cruelly.

crudeliter: in a cruel manner.

crudesco: to become violent, become hard.

cruditas: an overly full stomach.

crudus: bleeding / raw, uncooked / unripe / unprepared food.

crudus: green, fresh, immature, untimely / undigested / harsh.

cruento: to make bloody, stain with blood.

cruentus: bloody, bloodthirsty, blood-red.

crumens: bag, purse / funds, store of cash.

cruor: blood, gore.

cruor: cruoris: bloodshed, murder, slaughter, gore.

crur, cruris: leg, shank, shin, also foot.

crus: shin.

crusta: crust.

crusta: rind, peel, bark, shell / inlay, embossing.

crustulum: pastery, cookie.

crustum: bread, cake.

crux crucis: cross.

crypta: vault, grotto, covered gallery.

crystallinus: of crystal.

crystalus: crystallus: a crystal, crystal drinking cup.

cubans: sloping.

cubicularis: pertaining to a bedroom.

cubicularius: bed-chamber servant, chamberlain.

cubiculum: bedroom, sleeping chamber.

cubile: bed, (marriage bed) / lair, den, nest / hive of bees / seat.

cubitalis: a cubit long.

cubito: to lie down often.

cubitum: the elbow /a cubit.

cubitum ire: to go to bed, retire.

cubitus: cubitus: a lying down, rest.

cubo: to lie down, recline / be ill in bed.

cuculla: cowl.

cui: (masc. sing. dat.) TO WHOM did you give it?.

cui: (fem. sing. dat.) IN WHICH (province) did you live?.

cui: (neut. sing. dat.) (the monster), TO WHOM the cattle belonged.

cuius: (masc. sing. gen.) (the saint) WHOSE virtues were many.

cuius: (fem. sing. gen.) (the queen), the vices OF WHOM were many.

cuius: (neut. sing. gen) (the building) the size OF WHICH was great.

cuiusmodi: of what kind.

culmen: summit, pillar.

culpa: fault.

culpa: fault, blame, (esp. aginst chastity).

culpo: to blam, censure, accuse.

cultellus: a little knife.

culter: cultri: plough-coulter.

cultor: cultivator, planter /with gen.= resident, inhabitant.

cultor: cultivator, worshipper.

cultura: cultivation.

cultus: worship, reverence/ splendor.

cum: (with indicative) when.

cum: (prep + abl.) with.

cum: (with subjunctive) when, as, while, since, although.

cumulatius: in rich abundance.

cumulo: to heap.

cumulus: surplus.

cunabula: cradle.

cunae: nest for young birds.

cunctatio: delay.

cunctator: delayer, procrastinator,.

cunctor: to delay, impede, hold up.

cunctus: all, all collectively, the whole.

cuneus: troops drawn up for battle in the shape of a wedge.

cupiditas: ambition, avarice, party spirit, eager desire.

cupiditas: greed.

cupido: passion, desire, wantining, yearning, longing.

cupidus: eager for.

cupio: to desire, wish, long for, desire.

cupio: to desire, long for/to.

cuppedia: delicacies, candies, sweetmeats.

cupressus: cypress, cyrpess wood, a cypress-wood casket.

cur: why, wherefore.

cura: management, administration, care, concern, charge.

cura: concern.

curatio: attention /medical attention, healing, curing.

curator: guardian, overseer.

curia: court.

curiositas: curiosity, inquisitiveness, nosiness.

curiosus: careful, attentive/ curious, inquisitive/ worn out by cares.

curis quris: a spear.

curo: to care for, trouble about, pay attention to.

curo: manage, administer /provide money.

curo: (+gerundive) to see to a thing being done / cure, rest.

curo: to [+ negative] care nothing for.

curriculum: a running, race, lap around the track, course.

currus: cart /a plow with wheels.

cursim: hastily, quickly, rapidly.

cursito: to run up and down.

curso: to run back and forth.

cursor: runner, carrier, messenger.

cursus: course.

cursus: a race, a running, race course, race track, course.

curto: to shorten, abbreviate.

Curtracus: Courtrai.

curtus: shortened /mutilated, defective /gelded.

curvo: to bend, arch, curve /influence.

curvo: to bow.

curvus: arched, bent, bowed, curved, crooked, wrong (morally crooked).

cuspis: point, the pointed end /spear, javelin /cooking spit.

cuspis: spear.

custodia: protection, custody.

custodia: guardianship.

custodiae custodie: guards, wardens.

custodio: watch over, observe.

custodio: to guard.

custos: (custodis) guardian, keeper, watchman, attendant,, guard /spy.

custos: guard.

cyclicus: circuitous.

Daci: Dacians.

dacigena: Dacian-born.

damnatio: condemnation.

damno: to condemn, damn.

damno: to condemn.

damnum: loss, damage.

damnum: loss, damage, injury /a fine:

dapes: fortune, wealth.

dapifer: senescal.

daps: banquet.

de: (prep. + abl.) down from, from, concerning, about.

dealbo: to purify, whitewash.

debello: cnquer, vanquish /end a war.

debello: to vanquish, finish a war, fight out.

debeo: to owe, to be morally bound to, to be bound by.

debilito: to weaken, ennervate, sap, exhaust.

debitum: debt.

debrio: to intoxicate.

decens: becoming, graceful.

decens, decenter: properly, fittingly, suitably.

decenter: becomingly, properly.

decentia: propriety, decency of behavior.

decerno: to decide, determine, settle / to decide to do something.

decerno: to judge, resolve on.

decerpo: to pluck off / to gather, take away.

decertatio: a contest, contention.

decerto: to contend, fight to the finish.

decessio: a retreat, withdrawal / departure, leavin.

decessio: decrease, diminution.

decessor: someone who retires / a predecessor.

decessus: retirement / withdrawal / departure / death.

decet: it is seemly, comely, suitable, proper.

decet: fitting.

decido: (-cisi -cisum) to cut down, cut off / arrange, settle.

decido: to fall down / fall dead, die / sink, fall.

decimus: tenth.

decipio: to ensnare, deceive.

decipio: (deceptus) ensnare, trap, beguile, deceive, cheat.

declamatio: loud or violent speech / declamatio.

declamatio: practice in oratory.

declamo: to declaim, orate / speak loudly.

declaratio: a clarification.

declaro: to prove.

declaro: to explain, explain, reveal.

declaro: to proclaim (a person as chosen).

declinatio: a turning aside / declining.

declinatio: avoiding / inflection, declension.

declino: to turn aside, deflect, turn away.

declino: avoid / deviate, swerve/ digress.

declino: to turn away.

declive: (-is) a slope, decline.

decoctor: a spendthrift, bankrupt, a fool parted from his money.

decollo: (-are) to behead.

decolo: (-are) to trickle away.

decolor: (adj.) pale, without color.

decoloratio: discoloration.

decoquo: (-ere, -coxi, -coctum) to waste / become bankrupt.

decoquo: to boil down, boil away /(metals) melt away.

decor: beauty, grace.

decoro: to grace.

decoro: beautify, embellish, adorn.

decorus: beautiful, graceful, charming, proper, fit, becoming.

decorus: decorated, elegant.

decrepitus: infirm, decrepit.

decresco: to decrease, grow smaller.

decresco: to wane.

decretum: decree, judgment, edict, order.

decretum: ordinance, principle.

decumbo: to fall, fall into, lie down.

decurro: to sail downstream.

decurro: to sing.

decurro: to run down / manoeuver / run in a race / take refuge.

decursio: (milit.) a charge, manoeuver.

decursus: a running down /charge, manoeuver, attack.

decursus: downward course.

decurto: to mutilate.

decus: honor, dignity, ornament.

dedecor: unseemly, shameful, disgraceful, dishonorable.

dedecus: shame, dishonor, disgrace, crime, dishonorable act.

dedecus: disgrace, blemish + gen.

dedico: to dedicate.

dedignor: to scorn.

dedo: to surrender, consign.

deduco: to lad out colonists, found a colony.

deduco: to escort, bring away.

defaeco: to cleanse, purify, purge.

defendo: to support.

defendo: to defend, ward off, protect, shelter.

defensabiliter: defensibly.

defenso: to defend diligently.

defensor: supporter, defender.

defero: to carry, to bear, to bring.

defero: to hand over, carry down, communicate, offer, refer.

defessus: weary, tired.

defetiscor (defessus): to grow tired, weary.,.

deficio: weaken, to be in want.

deficio: (defectum) to fail, to weaken, to be in want.

deficio: to to be wanting, to run out, fail, withdraw.

defigo: fasten down, secure, fix firmly/ concentrate, fix upon.

defigo: to fasten.

definxu obtutu: to one's gaze fixed and frozen.

defleo: to bewail, weep for.

defleo: to bewail.

defluo: to flow down, waste, disappear.

defluo: to flow away, disappear, be lost.

defuncta: deceased.

defungo: to discharge one's duties, quit, retire, die, finish.

defungor: to pass away.

degenero: to cause to degenerate, disgrace by degeneracy.

degenero: to be unlike one's kind, fall off, degenerate.

degero: to pass time, live.

degusto: to taste.

deinde: next, then, thereafter, from that place.

deinde: adv, afterwards.

delectabilis: delightful.

delectatio: delight, pleasure, enjoyment.

delectatio: delight.

delecto: to attract, delight/ (pass + abl) take delight in.

delecto: to delight in/ to love.

delego: to transfer, commit, assign, impute, attribute, ascribe.

deleo: blot out, erase /annihilate, destroy.

deleo: (deletum ) to destroy, wipe out, erase.

deleo: to obliterate, efface.

delibero: to consider, deliberate.

delibero: to determine, to be determined, resolve.

delibuo: to anoint.

delicate: luxuriously, delicately, slowly.

deliciae: allurements, charms, delights, fancies / sweetheart.

delictum: transgression.

delinquentes: transgressors.

delinquo: to fail, be wanting/ fail in duty, commit a crime.

delitesco: to hide away.

delubrum: shrine.

deludo: to mock, cheat.

deluo: to cleanse.

demens: (dementis ) insane, mad, out of one's mind, foolish.

demergo: to sink, plunge into, dip under, go into debt.

demergo: to plunge.

demitto: set dowwn, let fall (to offer payment to the church).

demitto: to let down, lower.

demo: to take away, subtract.

demo: to remove.

demonstro: to indicate, show, describe, explain.

demonstro: to prove.

demoror: to loiter, linger, tarry, belay.

demulceo: to stroke down, caress by stroking.

demulceo: to soften.

demum: at length at las, finally.

denego: to refuse, deny, reject.

denique: at last, finally, again, in short.

denominata: designated, designate specifically.

dens: (dentis ) tooth.

densitas: thickness.

denso: to grow thick.

denuncio: declare, give notice, announce.

denuntio: to announce officially, pronounce, declare.

denuntio: announce.

denuo: anew, again, a second time, afresh.

deorsum: downwards.

depascor: to feed upon.

depereo: to perish, be utterly ruined.

depono: to put down, lay aside.

depono: to set down, bring down.

depopulatio: pillaging, looting, sacking, plundering, robbing.

depopulo: depopulor: to lay waste, ravage, devastate.

depopulo: to pillage.

depopulor: to pillage.

deporto: to carry off, to take away.

deporto: to carry [off], fetch.

deposco: to earnestly request.

deposco depoposci: to demand.

depraedor depredor: to plunder, lay waste, pillage, ravage.

deprecatio: prayer.

deprecativus: deprecative.

deprecator: intercessor, one who pleads on behalf.

deprecor: to beg by entreaty, to excuse oneself / curse.

deprecor: to entreat for, beg for /intercede /curse.

deprecor: to deprecate, intercede?.

deprehendo: to understand, overtake.

deprehensio: detection.

deprimo (depressus): to press down, depress, low-lying.

depromo: to take down, produce, fetch out.

depulso: push aside, thrust away.

deputari: to be classed among, be condemned to.

deputo: to count, estimate/prune, cut off.

derelinquo: to forsake, desert, abandon.

derideo: to laugh at, mock, deride.

derigesco: to become stiff.

derigo: [-rexi, -rectum] to set straight, put in order.

deripio: to tear down, snatch away.

deruptus: broken off.

desaevio: to rave furiously.

describo: to describe, register, assign.

desero: to leave, abandon, foresake.

desero: to abandon, foresake.

desideratus: welcome.

desiderium: wish, longing /regret, grief /want, need.

desidero: to long for, wish for greatly, to miss.

desidiosus: lazy, unmotivated.

designo: to define, describe, designate.

designo: designate, define, describe, mark out.

designo: to represent.

desino: leave off, give over, cease, stop, end, desist.

desino: to to stop, leave off.

desino (desiit): to leave off, give over, cease, stop, desist.

desipio: to act foolishly, play the fool, make an ass of one's self.

desisto: to desist from.

desolo: to leave desolate, abandoned, to forsake.

desolo: to desert, foresake, leave.

desparatus: given up on / desparate.

despectivus: despicable.

despecto: overlook, dispise, look down upon.

desperata: irremediable.

despero: to have no hope, despair, give up.

despero: to be without hope, despair / despair of, give up.

despero: to despair.

despiciens: contemptuous.

despicio: to look down, regard from above, despise.

despicio: to disdain.

desposco: to demand.

destinatus: resolute, firm, determined, with one's mind made up.

destino: to fasten down, make fast, fix /determine settle /appoint.

destituo: to place /leave in the lurch, abandon,.

destituo: to abandon, defraud.

destitutus: destitue of.

destruo: to tear down .

desudo: to exert oneself.

desuesco: to to be unaccustomed.

desum: defui: deesse: to fail, err, fall short, be missing, absent.

desumo: to select, elect, choose, take out.

desuper: from above.

detego: detectum: to uncover, lay bare, disclose.

detego: to expose.

determino: to fix the limits of, set boundaries to, delimit.

determino: to settle, prescribe.

detestabilis: execrable.

detestor: to denounce.

detineo: hold off, hold back, detain.

detineo: to keep back, detain, hang onto.

detraho: to drag off.

detrimentum: damage, loss, detriment.

detrimentum: defeat, damage.

detrudo: to thrust down.

deus: god.

devasto: to lay waste, ravage.

devenio: to come to, arrive at, reach.

devia: out-of-the-way roads.

devia: lonely, unfrequented places.

devinco: to subdue.

devio: to turn from the straight road.

devito: to avoid.

devius: inconstan.

devoco: to call away, call down, call aside.

devoro: to devour.

devotio: (Christian) piety, devotion, zeal.

devotio: piety.

devoveo: to consecrate, sacrifice, devote /curse, execrate.

dexter: right, on the right.

dextera: the right hand.

diabolus: devil, Satan.

diadema: diadem, abbot's mitre .

diapason: whole octave.

diapente: fifth.

diaria: daily allowance of pay, food.

diatesseron: fourth.

dico: (dictum ) to say, tell, speak, name, call, pronounce.

dico: to say.

dico mandatum legationis: to relay a message.

dictata: things dictated, lessons, presents.

dictator: dictator.

dictito: to say often, reiterate.

dicto: to say often, dictate, get written down.

dictum: word, dictate.

dictus dictus: a saying, a speech.

didicerat: (?) Herimann, p. 281.

didico: to be told (Herimann cap. 39, 44).

dido dididi didtum: to separate, divide, distribute.

dies diei: day.

diffama: tus: spread around, made known.

diffamo: to proclaim.

differo: to delay, postpone / to differ, be different.

differo: to spread about, spread news / harrass, disturb.

differo: to spread news / delay, defer, postpone.

differo: to hesitate.

differtus: stuffed full, crammed, jammed.

difficilis: difficult, hard, troublesome.

difficultas: difficulty, need, trouble, distress.

diffidens: without self-confidence, distrusting.

diffidentia: disobedience.

diffido: to be distrustful, distrust, despair.

diffinio: to terminate.

diffundo: to spread, pour forth, scatter.

diffusus: outspread.

digero: to relate in order, dispose.

digestor: arranger, composer, one who makes a pattern.

digladio: to run through with swords.

dignanater: courteously.

dignitas: merit, worth, prestige, dignity.

dignitas: rank, dignity.

dignor: to deign.

dignosco dignosco: to distinguish, recognize as different.

dignus: (+ abl.) worthy, worthy of, meritorious.

dignus: worthy.

digredior digredi digressus: to depart, deviate, digress.

digressio: separation, departure, digression.

digressus: separation, departure, digression.

dilabor: to perish.

dilanio: to tear to pieces.

dilato: to spread out, extend, expand, increase.

dilectio: love, solicitude, esteem.

dilgenter: attentively, earnestly, carefully, diligently.

diligens: diligent, careful.

diligenter: diligently.

diligentia: diligence, industry, perseverance, persistence.

diligo: to choose out, esteem highly, prize, love.

diligo: to value highly.

dilitatio: dilatatio: enlarging.

diluculo: dawn, daybreak.

diluo: (of troubles) to remove, resolve.

dimico: to contend, struggle.

dimidium: half.

dimitto: to break up, dismiss, leave, abandon, leave behind.

dimitto: to leave, forgive, send away, abandon.

directus: plain, simple, direct, open, straightforward.

diremptio: separation.

dirigo: to arrange, "send out" a letter or ambassador.

diripio: to tear in pieces, lay waste, devastate, plunder.

diripio: to separate, tear apart /pillage, devastate, lay waste.

diripio: to plunder, tear to pieces.

diripio: to snatch away.

diriter: abominably.

dirumpo: to break to pieces.

dirunitas: long duration.

diruo: to destroy.

diruo: to demolish, destroy, ruin.

dirus: abominable.

dis: rich, possessing wealth or worth.

discedo: to depart from, deviate, leave.

discedo: (discessum ) to break up, depart, go away, pass away.

discedo: to go away.

discerpo: to dismember, disjoint, sever /divide, break up.

discerpo: to mangle.

discessio: f, management, ordering, direction.

discidium: separation, division, disagreement, tearing apart.

disciplina: teaching.

discipulus: disciple, student, learner, pupil.

disco: to learn, become acquainted with.

discordia: disagreement.

discrepo: to differ, to be diifferent, vary, disagree.

discretio: distinction.

discrimen: difference, hazard.

discrimino: to separate .

discurro: to run to and fro.

discutio: to dissipate.

disicio: to lay in ruins.

dispensatio: distribution, stewardship.

disperdo: to destroy.

dispergo: to scatter.

dispertio: to divide.

dispono: to arrange, put in order, draw up (troops).

dispono: to describe, dispose.

disputatio: debate, dispute, discussion.

disputo: discuss.

disrumpo: to smash.

dissemino: to spread abroad.

dissero: to examine, treat of, discuss.

dissero: to discuss, speak, declare, utter.

dissimilis: unlike, different, disparate, dissimilar, distinct.

dissimulo: to ignore, leave unnoticed.

dissimulo: to conceal, disguise, keep secret.

dissimulo: to disguise.

dissipo: to demolish.

dissolutus: lax, weak, wanting in energy, dissolute, profligate.

distinctus: separate, apart, different.

distinctus: a distinguishing, distinction, difference.

distinguo: separate, divide, part/ distinguish, discriminate.

distinguo: decorate, adorn, embellish/ punctuate.

distinguo: to divide.

distraho: distraxi: distractum: to pull apart, pull in pieces.

distraho: (persons) estrange, distract /(property) sell up, alienate.

distraho: (associations) to break up, dissolve.

distribuo: to distribute, divide.

distribuo: to apportion.

districtus (f. distringo): strict, severe /hesitating /busy.

distulo ; (past) to delay [MGHss 25: 268].

ditata: endowed, endow.

ditio: authority.

dito: to enrich, endow, make wealthy.

dito: to enrich, make wealthy.

ditus: rich.

diu: by day, for a long time, a long time ago.

diu: adv. a long while, long time, for a long time.

diurnitas: long duration.

diutinus: lasting a long time, enduring, long-lived.

diutius: longer, too long (a period of time).

diuturnus: lasting a long time, of long duration.

divello: to tear apart, away, untie.

diverbero: to cudgel soundly.

diversus: different, unlike, opposed, hostile.

diverticulum: by-way.

diverto: to turn aside.

dives: rich, opulent, wealthy.

divido: to divide, scatter.

divinatio: prediction, divination.

divinitus: divine influence, admirably, nobly, by inspiration.

divinitus: by divine communication, by divine influence .

divinus: divine, sacred.

divitiae divitie: riches, wealth.

divortium: division.

divulgamen: fame.

divulgatio: publishing, spreading abroad.

divum: sky.

do: to give, offer, convey, offer, donate, furnish.

do pacem: to grant peace.

doceo docui doctum: to instruct, teach, tutor.

doctiloquus: speaking learnedly.

doctor: teacher.

doctrina: doctrine, teaching, instruction, learning.

doctus: taught, instructed, learned, tutored.

dolens: painfully.

doleo: to suffer pain, to be pained, grieve.

dolor: pain, grief. misery, pain, suffering.

dolosa: deceitful.

dolose: slyly, deceitfuly.

dolositas: deceit.

dolosus: crafty, cunning, sly, deceitful.

dolus: fraud, deceit, guile, treachery, a trap.

dolus: [instrument of] deceit, trap, ambush.

domesticus: domestic, civil.

domigena: resident of a household, pl: household retinue.

domina domna: lady, mistress.

dominatio: dominium: lordship. dominion, domination.

dominatus: rule, mastery, tyranny, domination.

dominatus: mastery.

dominica: demesne.

dominor: to be mastered.

dominor: [+ gen] to be lord and master of, dominate.

dominus: lord, master.

dominus domno: master, lord.

domito: to tame, subdue, break in.

domus: house, home, residence.

domus: household, house, abode.

donarium: votive offering.

donativum: donation, offering.

donatus: given.

donec: up to the time when, until, as long as, while.

dono: to give.

donum: gift, present, donation.

donum: gift, votive offering.

dormio: to sleep, slumber, siesta, nap.

dormito: to be dreaming.

doxa: glory.

dubito: to doubt, hesitate.

dubium: doubt, hesitation, reservation.

ducamen: duchy, ducal dignity.

duco: to lead on the march, marry a wife, command.

duco: to calculate, count, reckon, esteem, considered.

duco: to draw, shape, construct/ (time) spend, delay.

duco: to charm, influence, mislead, draw in.

duco: to lead, draw, esteem, consider.

ductor: general, leader, commander, guide.

dudum: for a long while, a long while ago, some time ago.

dulcedo: sweetness, pleasantness, charm.

dulcidine: sweetly, pleasantly, charmingly.

dulcis: sweet, pleasant, agreeable.

dulcis: delightful.

dum: while, as long as, until.

dummodo: (conj. + subj.) provided.

dumtaxat: at least, not less than / at most, not more than.

duo: two.

duplicitas: multiplication by two, ambiguity, duplicity.

duro: to harden, last, endure.

durus: hard, harsh, tough, strong,enduring, / rough, rude, uncouth.

dux: duke.

dux ducis: leader, guide, commander, general, duke.

eatenus: so far, thus far, up to then.

ebullio: to boil up, bubble up, to appear, produce in abundance.

ecce: Lo! Behold! See!.

ecclesia: church.

econtra: the same as contra: against, opposite, etc.

ecquando: at any time? ever?.

edico: to announce, declare.

edictum: ordinance.

editio: the publishing of a book, an announcement.

editio: statement.

edo: put forth, give out.

edo edi essum: to eat, consume, devour, waste.

edoceo: to inform fully, instruct thoroughly.

edoceo: to instruct thoroughly.

edoctus: well versed, informed.

educator: tutor.

educo: to draw out, lead out, march out/bring up, rear/ issue.

educo: to foster, draw out.

edulis: edible.

eduro: to last endure, persist.

edurus: hard.

effector: effectrix: producer, someone who causes something.

effectus: doing, execution, performance, effect, result.

effectus: rendered.

effeminatus: womanish.

effercio: to cram, stuff, fill.

effero: extuli: elatum: to carry out, bury, lift up, exalt.

effero: to bring forth.

effertus: stuffed, jammed, crammed.

efferus: savage, wild, untamed, undomesticated.

efferus: fierce.

effervo: to boil up, swarm out (like bees).

efficaciter: effectively, efficiently.

efficax: effective, efficient.

efficax: efficacious.

efficens: efficient, effective.

efficenter: efficiently, effectively, powerfully.

efficio: to do, produce, effect, make/ bring about, cause /prove.

efficio: to bring to pass.

effigies: effigia: effigy, idol, likeness /ghost, appartition /ideal.

effingo: to form, fashion, make /duplicate, copy.

efflagito: to plead urgently.

effligo: efflixi: efflectum: to wipe out, obliterate, destroy.

efflo: to breathe out, blow out.

effloresco: to blossom, bloom, break out.

effluo: to vanish /be forgotten /pour out, leak, seep /become known.

effluvium: an outlet /seepage.

effodio: to dig out, excavate /to gut.

effor: to speak, express /state /declare.

effor: to speak out.

effreno: to let go without reins.

effrenus: wild, unrestrained, unchecked, unbridled.

effringo: effregi: effractum: to break, break open.

effugio: effugi: effugiturus: flee from, escape, elude, run away.

effundo: to pour out, pour forth, shed, utter.

effundo: to pour out.

effusio: a pouring form, effusion.

effusio: exhilaration, upwelling of emotion.

effutio: to gab, chatter.

egelidus: thawed, lukewarm, tepid.

egens: to needy.

egenus: in want of, in need of, destitute.

egeo: to need, lack, want, be without.

egestas: to extreme poverty.

ego: I, self.

egredior: egressus: to go out, leave, depart, exit.

egredior: to come out.

egregius: illustrious, eminent, distinguished.

egressio: withdrawal, depart, withdraw.

eia: ho!.

eicio: eiectum: to throw out, eject, drive out.

ejulo: to wail.

elabor: to slip away, escape.

elatio: high wave, self-exaltation.

elatus: puff-up, proud of oneself, arrogant.

elatus: puffed up.

electrum: amber.

electus: chosen, select.

elegans: elegant, fine.

elementum: first principle, element, basic constituent.

elemosina: alms.

elemosinarius: almoner, person in charge of providing charity.

elido: to dash to pieces.

eligo: to pick out, select, choose.

eligo: to elect.

eloquens: eloquent, persuasive, fluent.

eloquentia: eloquence, readiness of speech, fluency, persuasiveness.

eloquor: to speak out, express oneself, declare, speak eloquently.

elucido: to light.

elucubro: to compose with great labor.

eluo: to wash out, rinse cleanse /squander, waste.

eluvies: a flowing over, flood, innundation.

eluvio: inundation.

emanio: to flow out, spread /arise, emanate, originate.

emendator: corrector, editor.

emendo: to amend, correct.

emendo: to free from faults, emend, edit.

emercor: to buy up.

emereor: to deserve.

emergo: emersi: emersum: to arise, come up, rise up, occur.

emerio: to obtain by service, earn completely, deserve well.

emico: to shine.

emineo: to stand out, project, be remarkable, conspicuous.

emineo: to be prominent, conspicuous .

eminor: to threaten, menace.

eminus: at a distance, from a distance.

emiolios: one and a half.

emiror: to wonder at exceedingly.

emitto: to send out.

emitto suspiria: to to sigh.

emo emi emptum: to buy, purchase.

emoveo: to move away, remove, take away.

emptio: a buying, a purchase.

emundo: to cleanse.

en: behold!.

enim: in fact, truly, indeed.

enim: for, in fact, truly (may often be omitted).

enimvero: indeed.

eniteo: to gleam.

enitor: to labour to bring forth, bear children.

ensis: sword.

enucleate: plainly.

enucleo: to make clear.

enumero: to count, count up, enumerate.

enutrio: to bring up.

eo: to advance, march on, go, leave.

eo ire itum: to go, advance, proceed, travel, move along, progress.

ephebus: youth.

episcopalis: episcopal.

episcopus: bishop.

epistola: letter, epistle, missive, message.

epistula: letter, epistle, missive, message.

epitaphium: funeral oration.

epithalamium: wedding song.

epitoma: abridgement, summary.

epitome: abridgement, summary.

epops: epopis: the hoopoe (a bird).

epos: epic poem.

epotus: drunk up, drained / swallowed up.

eptheca: an addition.

epulae: a banquet, feast / food / dishes, courses of a meal.

epulo: sumptuous food, banquet, feast.

epulor: to feast, banquet, dine.

epulor: to feast, feast on.

epulor: to dine.

epulum: a banquet, feast.

equa: a mare.

eques: equitis: horseman, cavalry man rider (classical).

eques: horseman.

equester: (-stris, stre) equestrian, relating to cavalry.

equidem: (adv) indeed, truly, for my part.

equinus: equine, relating to horses.

equipero: [+ dat.] to be the equal of.

equitatus: cavalry, horsemen (classical).

equito: (-are) to ride on horseback.

equito: to ride, ride through.

equus: horse, steed, mount.

era: mistress, lady.

eradico: to root out, destroy, obliterate, get rid of.

erado: erasi: erasum: (-ere) to scratch out, erase / destroy.

erectus: upright, standing / resolute.

erectus: proud / alert / anxious /cheerful.

erepo: to creep out, creep over, creep up.

ereptio: seizure, taking by force, confiscation.

ereptio: seizure.

ereptor: thief, robber.

erga: (+ acc.) toward, about.

ergastulum: a workhouse for slaves.

ergo: (gen. +) on account of, because of.

ergo: (adv.) accordingly, then, therefore.

ericius: (mil.) hedgehog, chevaux de frise.

erigo: to erect, raise, set up / arouse, encourage, incite.

erigo: to arouse, raise up.

erilis: relating to a master or mistress.

eripio: eripui: ereptum: to snatch away, take away / rescue, free.

eripio: to snatch.

erogatio: payment, expenditure.

erogo: to ask for / to pay out, expend, disburse.

erogo: to disburse.

errabundus: wandering.

erratio: a wandering, straying.

erratum: fault, error, mistake.

erratus: wandering, straying.

erro: to wander, stray, rove / be mistaken, err, go astray.

erro: to go astray, wander, err.

error: wandering, error, mistake, deception.

error: erroris: error, mistake, going astray.

error: uncertainty / deception.

erubesco: (+ inf.) to blush to, (+acc.) blush for, respect.

erubescundus: something to be ashamed of, worth blushing over.

eruca: a colewort (plant).

eructo: (-are) to vomit, throw up /to cast out, throw out.

eructo: eject / belch.

erudio: to polish, smooth / instruct, teach, educate.

erudio: to polish, instruct.

eruditio: instruction, teaching / knowledge, learning.

erumpo: to break out, burst forth / (milit.) attack.

erumpo: to break open, vent, discharge, erupt.

eruo: to dig up, pull out / raze, demolish.

eruo: to pluck, rescue.

eruptio: an eruption, bursting forth / sally, attack, assault.

erus: master, owner, lord.

ervum: a bitter weed, vetch.

esca: food / bait.

esca: food.

escendo: -scensi, scensum: to ascend, go up, climb, to go inland.

escensio: a movement inland / milit. marching inland.

esculentus: succulent, delicious, ripe.

esito: (-are) to continue eating.

esse: nature of being.

esse suae potestatis: to be one's own master.

essedarius: one who fight from a chariot.

esurio: to be hungry, to hunger / long for, desire, yearn.

esuritio: hunger.

et .. et: both .. and.

etenim: for indeed.

ethologus: a mimic.

etiam: as yet, still / even, also, besides.

etiam: (asking a question): actually? really? in truth?.

etiam: (answering a question) yes, certainly.

etiam: (+ comparative) still [etiam maior = still greater.

etiam: and furthermore.

etiam atque etiam: again and again.

etiamnun: etiamnunc: yet, still, until now.

etiamsi: even if, although.

etiamtum: etiamtunc: even then / until then.

etsi: (acsi) even if, although, nothwithstanding.

eu: euge: eugepae: good! well done! good job!.

eunuchus: eunuch.

evacuo: empty.

evado: to go out, set out / get off / escape / result.

evado: to escape.

evagor: to wander out, stray off.

evalesco: to grow strong / become fashionable / prevail / be able.

evaneo: to vanish.

evanesco: (evanui) to vanish, disappear / pass away.

evangelium: the gospel.

evanidus: vanishing, disappearing / passing away.

evasto: (-are) to lay waste, devastate.

eveho: (-vexi, vectum) to carry out (+ relexive) sail away, ride away.

evello: to tear out, pluck out / turn out, result.

evello: (-ere, velli, vulsum) to happen, occur, come about, befall.

evenio: to come to pass, happen, befall.

eventus: eventum: consequence, issue, result, occurrence, experience.

eventus: outcome, success, fate, event, occurrence.

everbero: to strike violently, to hit hard.

everriculum: a fishing net, seine / a clean sweep.

everro: (-verri, -versus) to sweep out, plunder, pillage.

eversio: an overturning, destruction, ruin.

eversor: a destroyer.

everto: to destroy, ruin, demolish, raise, overthrow.

everto: to turn out, throw out, eject / dislodge, overturn.

evestigatus: found out, discovered. tracked down.

evidens: clear, distinct, plain, visible, evident.

evidenter: clearly, distinctly, plainly.

evigilo: to awaken /be alert, be watchful /[trans.] work hard at.

evincio: [vinxi, victum] to tie up, bind.

evinco: to conquer, subjugate, enthrall, defeat.

eviscero: to disembowel.

evito: to shuun, avoid; also, to kill.

evoco: to draw out, draw on, produce, recall to the colors.

evolo: to flee, escape, fly away, rush out.

evolutio: unrolling and reading of a scroll, reading of a book.

evolvo: to untangle, extricate, detach, disclose, explain.

evomo: to vomit forth.

evulgo: to publish.

ex: (= e ) (prep. + abl.) out of, from within, from / on account of.

exacuo: to sharpen.

exaequo exequo: to be like, equal/ make level or even, relate.

exaestuo: to give forth, foam.

exaggeratio: accumulation.

exaggeratus: accumulated, abundantly supplied.

exaggero: to enlarge, accumulate.

exagito: to stir up.

exalto: to raise high.

exanimus: lifeless.

exardesco: to to be inflamed.

exaresco: to become dry, arid.

exarmo: to disarm.

exaro: to plow up, dig up /write on a wax tablet.

exaro: to write down, till.

exaspero: to irritate.

exaudio: to listen to, hear plainly, hear favorably.

exaudio: to hearken to, grant.

excedo: (trans.) to exceed, leave, pass beyond.

excellens: superior.

excellentia: excellence, merit, worth.

excello: to elevate, surpass.

excelsa: elevations.

excessum: departure, death, digression.

excipio: (excepi exceptum ) to take out, except /take, capture.

excipo: to receive, intercept.

excito: call forth, bring about, wake, raise up.

excito: to awaken, occasion, stir.

exclamo: to shout, cry aloud, exclaim, call someone by name.

excludo: to shut out, exclude.

excolo: to honor (a deity), polish, adorn, refine, serve.

excolo: to tend, cultivate.

excorio: to shave /scalp, flay /oppress /peel.

excorio: to skin.

excrucio: to torment, torture, cause great pain.

excusatio: excuse.

excuso: to exempt from blame, excuse, make excuses, plead.

executio: to seize, recover.

executor: adminstrator, executive officer.

exemplar: model, pattern, original, prototype, book to copy.

exemplum: pattern, model, example .

exempoator: m, model, example.

exeo: to withdraw, go forth.

exerceo: to train, cultivate, keep at work, exercise, practice.

exerceo: to administer.

exercitatio: adminstration, [+ in] prosecute.

exercitatio: work at, busy oneself in.

exercito: to practise diligently.

exercitus: army.

exertus: tested, tried, approved, experienced.

exesto: extra esto.

exhaurio: to exhaust, make out.

exhaustus: drained.

exheredo: to disinherit.

exheres: disinherited.

exhibeo: to sustain, deliver.

exhibeo exibeo: to produce, show, display, offer, allow, cause.

exhibitio: producing.

exhilaro: to make cheerful.

exhilaro: to delight.

exhorresco: to be horrified, to shake, shudder /dread, tremble at.

exhorto: to encourage.

exigo: drive out, force out, exact, demand, sell.

exigo: complete, finish, determine, decide, settle.

exigo: to exact.

exilis: thin, slender, meager.

eximietate: uncommonness, excellence.

eximius: extraordinary, excellent, fine, superb.

eximius: uncommon, extraordinary, exceptional.

eximo: to free, release, take out, remove, waste.

exinde: thence, next/ thereupon, after that, then/accordingly.

exinde: thence, furthermore.

existo: to become.

exitiabilis exitialis exitosus: fatal deadly, destructive, lethal.

exitialiter: perniciously.

exitium: destruction, ruin.

exitium: ruin.

exitus: going out, going forth, exit, end, finish.

exitus: withdrawing, outlet.

exorbatus: stripped.

exordior: to begin.

exordium: the beginning (especially of a speech).

exordium: commencement.

exorior: to rise, spring up, issue, appear, come forward.

exorior: to appear, come forth.

exorno: to furnish, provide, supply.

exorno: to equip, adorn.

exoro: to prevail upon a person, entreat successfully.

exoro: prevail upon, beg.

exorsus: begun.

exortus: appearance.

exosus: loathing, fiercely hating, despising.

exosus: hated exceedingly.

expalpo: to lure out, coax out.

expando: to spread out.

expedio: to release, set free, clear /explain, clarify, set straight.

expedio: to free from a snare, disentangle /ready, settled, arranged.

expedite: freely, easily.

expedite: promptly.

expeditio: enterprise.

expeditione: military operation, military force, expedition.

expeditus: unimpeded, unchecked /(mil.) light-armed.

expello: to eject.

expello (expuli expulsum ): to drive out, expel, force out, banish.

expendo: to consider.

expergefacio: to awaken.

expergescor: to bestir.

experior: to test, put to the test, ascertain.

experior (experiri, expertus ): to try, test, experience, prove.

expers: wanting, destitute of, not sharing in.

expers: destitute of.

expertus: experienced, ascertained, knowing, proven .

expetens: desirous, eager.

expeto: to fall upon.

expeto: to demand, require / desire, strive after, make for.

expeto: to seek after, make for.

expilatio: plundering, taking booty.

expio: to purify.

expiscor: to fish out, find out, discover.

explano: to make clear.

expleo: to make losses good/ fulfil, discharge (duties).

expleo: to fulfill, finish.

expleo explevi expletum: to fill, fill up, complete, finish.

expletio: satifying.

expletio: to bring to completion, finish, end.

expletus: (part.) perfect, complete.

explicatus: explanation, exposition.

explico: to unfold, unroll, disentangle / explain, expound.

explico: to uncoil, undo.

explorator: scout.

expono: to expound, display.

expono (exposui expositum ): to set forth, explain, expose.

exporrigo: to spread out.

exposco: to entreat.

expositus: open, accessible, exposed.

expostulo: to demand earnestly / to make a claim.

exprimo: to represent.

expugno: to capture, overcome, subdue, take by storm, gain.

expugno: to take by assault.

expurgo: to purge.

exquisitus: sought after, exquisite,excellent, fine, delicate.

exsecrabile: detestable.

exsecror: to detest, curse.

exsequiae: relics.

exsequor: to maintain, keep up, carry out, fulfill, accomplish.

exsequor: to execute, avenge, punish /relate, describe, explain.

exsequor: to describe, carry out.

exsequor exequor: to follow to the grave, follow to the end.

exsertus exertus: project, thrust forward.

exsilio: to spring forth, bound forth.

exsilium: exile, banishment.

exsisto: to emerge, appear, exist, be.

exsisto: to emerge, be/ happen, take place.

exsisto existo: to stand forth, arise, appear.

exsors: deprived of.

exspectata: welcome.

exspecto: to look for, expect, await, wait for.

exspecto: to await.

exstasis: amazement.

exstinguo, exstingui, exstinctum: to extinguish, put out.

exsto: to stand out, be extant, appear, project, show itself.

exsul: exile.

exsulo: to live in exile.

exsulto: to revel, rejoice exceedingly, exult.

exsupero: to excell.

extemplo: to at once.

extendo: to stretch out.

exter, externus: foreign.

exterminata: banished.

extermino: exussum, burn down, burn, set on fire.

externus: outer, foreign, outside, external.

exterritus: terrified.

extimus: outermost.

extollo: to praise exaggerate /decorate, adorn.

extollo: to lift up, raise up, erect /elevate, exalt.

extollo: to exalt.

extorqueo: to twist, wrench, dislocate /extort by force.

extra: (prep. + acc.) beyond, outside.

extraho: prolong, protract/ bring forward.

extraho: to draw forth.

extraho extraxi extractum: drag out, extract, remove/.

extraneus: outside, exraneous/ foreign, strange.

extraneus: a foreigner, stranger.

extrarius: outward, external/ strange, unrelated, foreign.

extremitas: end, farthest part.

extremitas: end.

extremus: outermost, last, extreme.

extrico: disentangle, free, extricate, clear up, unravel.

extrinsecus: outwardly, externally, from the outside.

extrudo: to drive out.

extundo: drive away, repel violently, extort.

extundo: to form by beating with a hammer, invent, devise.

exturbo: to drive away, thrust out.

exuberans: superfluous.

exubero: to grow thickly, abound.

exubero: to abound in.

exulcero: to aggravate, exacerbate, irritate, make worse, embitter.

exulto: to exult, be joyful.

exululo: to howl loudly.

exundo: to overflow, abound,.

exuo: to lay aside, put away, store/strip, deprive.

exuo: to divest, strip off.

exuro, exussum: burn down, burn, set on fire.

exustio: burning up, conflagration.

exuviae: (anything taken off) dress, clothing.

exuviae: spoils, booty/ hides pelt.

faba: broad bean,.

faber: skilled, ingenious.

faber: craftsman, artisan.

fabre: skillfully, ingeniously.

fabrica: manufacture /craft, trade, art /trick, device.

fabrico: to construct.

fabrilis: workmanlike.

fabula: fable, story, tale, play.

fabula: fable.

facesso: to work zealously, do, accomplish.

facies: face, visage, countenance.

facies: aspect, appearance, look, condition.

facile: easily, without difficulty.

facile: easily.

facilis: easy, agreeable, affable, pleasant.

facillimus: easiest, most agreeable, pleasantest.

facina -oris: bad deed, crime, villainy/ deed, action.

facinarose: viciously, scandalously.

facinus: villainy.

facio: to give permission/ to experience, suffer (troubles).

facio: to sacrifice, suit, help, be of service.

facio: (trans.) to make, do, act, perform, cause, bring about.

facio + inf.: to bring to pass, to order, to have done.

facio servitium: to be in one's service.

facis: a bundle, packet.

facticius: artificial, man-made.

factum: deed, accomplishment, work, act, achievement.

factum: action.

facultas: power, means, opportunity, capacity, ability, stock.

facultas: feasibility, opportunity, resources.\, abundance.

facultas: ability, store, wealth.

facunda: eloquent.

facunde: eloquently, fluently.

facundia: fertile, productive, profitable.

facunditas: fertility, qickness or readiness of speech.

facundus: eloquent, fluent, ready of speech.

faeneror: to hunt, loan, join.

faenum: fenum: hay.

faex: impurities.

fallo: to deceive, dupe.

falsidicus: lying.

falsus: false, deceptive.

falx: scythe.

fama: talk, report, rumor, gossip, tradition.

fama: report, common talk, fame.

famen: word, utterance, articulation.

fames: famine, hunger.

familia: family, household.

familiaris: belonging to a household / friendly, intimate.

familiaritas: confidential friendship, intimacy.

famosus: much spoken of, renowned /notorious, infamous /libellous.

famulatus: servitude, slavery, service /an extablishment of slaves.

famulatus: obeisance, attention, obedience, allegiance, vassalage,.

famulo: to attend.

famulor: to be a servant, to serve, attend, obey.

famulus: serving, servile /a servant, slave.

fanaticus: enthusiastic, inspired, frenzied.

fanum: a temple or church with the land around it, a holy place.

far farris: spelt, grain, meal.

farci, farci, fartum: to fill up, stuff.

farcio: to stuff.

farina: meal or flour.

farrago: mixed fodder for cattle, mash /mishmash, medley, mixture.

farratus: provided with grain.

fartim: stuffing, filling.

fartor: one who fattens fowls.

fas: divine law or command/ fate, destiny/ lawful, allowed.

fas est: : it is right, it is fitting, it is lawful.

fascia: bandage, band, girdle, girth.

fascino: to bewitch, envy.

fascis: bundle, burden.

fastidio: to dislike, have an aversion to, loathe.

fastidiosus: squeamish, dainty, fastidious.

fastidium: aversion, loathing.

fastidium: disgust, dislike, sqeamishness.

fastidium: scorn, disdain, haughtiness.

fastigate: slantingly.

fastigatus: pointed down, sloping down.

fastosus: pride, haughtiness.

fastus: haughtiness.

fatalis: deadly, fated.

fateor: to confess, admit, allow, reveal, make known.

fatigatus: wearied.

fatigo: worry, fatigue, vex, harass, tease.

fatigo: to harass, torment.

fatua: foolish.

fatum: fate, destiny, doom, lot, weird.

fatuo: to render vain, cause to fail.

fautor: favorer, promoter, patron, partisan, supporter.

fautor: promoter.

faveo: (+ dat.) be favorable to, aid, support, help.

faveo: (+ inf.) To be inclined to do.

faveo: to favor, befriend, delight in approval.

favillesco: to reduce to ashes.

feculentia: dregs, lees, impurities, filth.

fecunda: plentifully furnished, fertile.

fecundo: fertilize, make fruitful.

fefello: to be failed by, disappointed by something.

felicitas: happiness.

feliciter: happily.

felix: happy, fortunate.

felix felicis: lucky, fortunate, happy.

femina: woman.

fenestra: window.

fera: wild animal.

fere: almost, near;y, not quite, generally.

fere: well-nigh.

feretrum: bier, litter.

feretrum: bier.

ferinus: brutal.

feritas: wildness, savageness.

feriter: fiercely.

ferito: to fight, strike, deal blows, lash out.

ferme, fere: almost, about.

fero tuli latum: to carry, bring, tell, relate, and much else.

ferocia: high spirit, courage /arrogance, ferocity.

ferocitas: courage, untamed spirit /arogance.

ferocitas: savageness.

ferociter: with spirit, courageously /arrogantly, forciously.

ferox: spirited, courageous, warlike /wild, arrogant, unbridled.

ferox: headstrong.

ferramenta: tools made of iron, or shod with iron.

ferramentum: iron implement.

ferrarius: of iron /a blacksmith /iron mines.

ferrati: cuirassiers.

ferratilis: in chains (slaves and prisoners).

ferratus: a soldier in armor /in chains /furnished with iron.

ferratus: iron-clad.

ferreus: made of iron /hard, unfeeliing, cruel, unbending.

ferrugineus: rust colored, dusky.

ferrugo: the color of rust.

ferrum: iron, sword.

ferrum: sword, arms, iron, horseshoe.

fertilis: fruitful, fertile, productive.

fertilitas: fertility, fruitfulness.

fertilitas: abundance.

ferula: the herb fennel /a rad to beat children with.

ferus: fierce, wild, savage, untamed.

ferus: fierce.

fervefacio: to heat, boil, melt.

fervens: glowing, hot, heated /(character) heated, fiery.

ferventer: hotly, warmly.

ferveo: to be boiling hot, boil, seethe, glow.

ferveo: be excited by passion, rage.

ferveo: to boil, foam, glow.

fervesco: to become hot, begin to glow or boil.

fervidus: boiling, seething, foaming /fiery, passionate, excited.

fervidus: fiery.

fessus: wearied.

festinanter: hastily.

festinatio: speed, haste.

festino: to hasten, hurry, speed.

festino: to make haste.

festinus: hastening, hasty.

festivus: festive.

feteo: to have a bad odor, stink.

fictus: feigned.

ficus: fig tree.

fidelis: untranslated.

fidelis: faithful, loyal, true.

fidelitas: fidelity, loyalty, homage.

fidens: confident, without fear, courageous.

fides: lyre, string.

fides: promise, assurance, word of honor, engagement.

fides: promise, trust, faith, belief, truth.

fides: trustworthiness, protection.

fides: trust, confidence, reliance, belief, faith.

fiducia: confidence, trust, assurance.

fiducia: trustworthiness, confidence, reliance.

fiducialiter: confidently.

fidus: trusty.

fiendo: f.p.p, same as faciendo, the making, it will be made.

filia: daughter.

filiolus: godson.

filius: son.

fimus: dung, dirt, filth, manure.

fines: territory, limits, borders.

fines finium: boundaries, limits, /territory.

fingo: finxi: fictum: to touch, conceive, contrive.

finio: to cease.

finis: end, limit, boundary, purpose.

finitimus: adjoining.

finitimus finitumus: neighboring, adjacent, related to, similar.

fio, fieri, factus: be made, be done, become.

firmamentum: strengthening, prop, the main point, support.

firmiter: enduringly.

firmitudo: durability.

firmo: to make lasting, secure, affirm.

firmo: to assert, maintain/ strengthen, make firm / encourage.

firmus: firm, strong, reliable, solid.

firmus: steadfast, constant, durable.

flagello: whip, scourge.

flagitiosa: infamous.

flagitium: disgraceful act.

flagro: to blaze.

flamen: breeze, holy spirit, wind .

flamma: flame, fire.

flandrensis: Fleming, of or from Flanders.

flatus: blowing, blast, breathing, arrogance, haughtiness.

flax, falcis: sickle, bill-hook, pruning hook.

flebilis: lamentable, doleful.

flecto: to overcome, bend.

fleo: to weep.

fleo: to weep, cry, shed tears, sob.

flere: to cry, shed tears.

fletus: weeping, tears.

flexilis: pliant.

floccipendo: account of slight value, take lightly.

floreo: to [+ abl.] be distinguished for.

floresco: to begin to blossom.

flos: crown, move to and fro, wander.

fluctivagus: "wave-driven".

fluctus: flood, billow.

fluctus: billow, wave.

fluidus: moist.

flumen: river.

fluo: to flow, pour, stream.

fodio: to prick, sting, jab.

foede: fouly, in a filty manner.

foedero: to ally, make a treaty, make a pact, federate.

foedis-e: foul, fithly.

foedo: to pollute.

foedus: alliance, agreement.

foedus: foederis: compact, covenant, agreement / law.

foeteo: to smell bad.

foetidus: smelly, stinking.

foetor: a bad smell, a stink.

foetus: young, progeny.

foliatus: leafy.

folium: leaf.

folliculus: small bag, small purse, little sack.

follis: a leather bag, purse, bellows, puffed-out cheeks.

fomentum: poultice / alleviation.

fomentum: nourishment.

fomes: stimulus, incentive, motive.

fomes: fomitis: tinder.

fomeus: smoky, smoke-filled.

fons: fontis: fountain, spring / fresh water / source, origin.

fonticulus: small spring, little fountain.

for: say, sing in verse, speak.

for: fari: fatus: (deponent) say, speak, talk about.

forabilis: penetrable.

foramen: foraminis: hole, opening, aperture.

foras: outside, without, out of doors / + dare = to publish.

forca: pitfall, snare, trap.

forceps: pincers, tongs.

forda: a cow with calf.

fore, forem: future infinitive of sum.

forensis: public.

forensis: relating to the forum / relating to legal business.

forensis, e: legal.

forfex: scissors, shears.

foris: a door, opening, entrance.

foris: out of doors, outside, abroad / from abroad, from outside.

forix: fornicis: arch, vault / arcade / an arched sallyport.

forma: appearance, model.

forma: forma, shape, beauty.

formalis: having a set or standard form, / formal.

formamentum: conformation.

formator: a former, fashioner, maker.

formatura: forming, fashioning, shaping.

formica: ant.

formidilose: dreadfully, teribly.

formidilosus: causing dread, fear, terror.

formido: formidonis: dread, terror / dreadfulness / scarecrow.

formido: fear, dread.

formido: to be terrified, frightened, afraid.

formidolosus: fearful.

formo: to fashion.

formo: to shape, form, fashion.

formose: beautifully.

formositas: beauty.

formosus: beautiful, well-shaped.

formosus: finely formed.

formula: physical beauty / formula / rule, principle.

fornacalis: relating to an oven.

fornacula: a small oven.

fornax: fornacis: oven, furnace, kiln.

fornicatus: arched, vaulted.

foro: to bore, pierce, make a hole, penetrate.

fors fortis: chance, luck, fortune.

fors-itis: chance, luck.

forsit forsan forsitan: perhaps, probably.

fortasse: perhaps.

forte: perchance.

forte: by chance, by luck, accidentally.

fortis: strong, brave, powerful, robust, steadfast, courageous.

fortis: valiant.

fortiter: strongly, bravely.

fortiter: valiantly.

fortitudo: physical strength, courage, moral bravery.

fortitudo: courage.

fortuito: (used as adverb) accidentally, by chance.

fortuitus: accidental, by chance, fortuitous.

fortuitus: accidentally, by luck, casual.

fortuna: condition.

fortuna: fortune, luck, fate, chance.

fortunate: fortunately, happily.

fortunatus: fortunate, lucky, happy.

fortunatus: fortunate, lucky /wealthy, rich.

fortuno: to make happy, to bless, to prosper.

foruli: book-case.

forum: market place, town square.

forus: gangway of a ship.

fossa: ditch, trench, channel, moat.

fossio: fossionis: an excavation.

fossor: a digger, ditcher, sapper / fool, boor, clown.

fossura: digging, delving, sapping, ditching.

fovea: a pit, trap for game, pitfall.

foveo: to cherish, encourage, enfold.

foveo: fovi: fotum: to foster, support, encourage.

foveo: fovi fotum: to cherish / to warm, keep warm, caress.

fraga: fragorum: strawberries.

fragilis: fragile, easily broken / fleeting, transitory.

fragilis: weak, feeble.

fragilitas: frailty.

fragilitas: frailness, weakness, fragility, frailty.

fragmen: fragminis: a breaking / fragments, remains, ruins.

fragor: crashing.

fragor: a crash, crack.

fragosus: roaring, crashing, rough /broken.

fragro: to smell, be odiferous, redolent.

Franci: Franks.

Francigeni: Frankish people.

Francisca: Frankish.

frango: to break down.

frango: fracta: to break in pieces, shatter.

frater: brother.

fraudatio: fraud, deceit, trickery.

fraudulentus: deceitful.

fraus: fraud.

frendo: to gnash one's teeth, bruise, crush, grind.

frendo: gnash the teeth, crush, bruise, grind.

freno: curb, restrain, hold back, restrain.

frenum: bridle.

frenum: reins, bridle, bit /restraint.

frequentatio: frequency, crowding.

frequenter: frequently.

frequentia: crowd.

frequentia: a large concourse, population, numerous assembly.

frequento: to crowd, visit.

frequento: to crowd, collect in large number, visit.

fretus: + abl. relying upon, depending on, banking on.

frigidus: feeble.

frigus: cold, coolness, cold of winter /dullness, indolence.

frivolus: trifling.

frons: forehead, brow, front.

fructuarius: fruitful, fertile.

fructus fructus: fruit, profit, enjoyment, produce.

frugalitas: frugality, economy, pinching pennies.

frumentum: grain.

fruor: to have the benefit of, to enjoy.

fruor: to enjoy, delight in, use.

frusto: to break to pieces.

frustra: in vain, mistakenly, wantonly, without reason.

frustra esse: to be deceived, to be mistaken.

frustro: to defraud, deprive.

frustro: frustror: to deceive, dupe, trick, disappoint.

frutex: shrub, bush.

frux: fruits of the earth, success.

frux, frugi: fruits of the earth.

fuga: flight, escape,.

fugio: to flee, escape, runa aaway /avoid, shun.

fugitivus: fugitive: deserter, runaway slave.

fugo: to put to flight, chase away, drive into exile, pursue.

fugo: to put to flight, chase.

fulcio: to support, strengthen, uphold/ to besiege, oppress.

fulcio: to strengthen.

fulgens: flashing, illustrious.

fulgeo (fulsi ): to flash, shine, beam.

fulgidus: glittering.

fulgur: to flash.

fultus: supporter.

fumidus: smoky, smoke-filled.

fumo: to smoke, steam, reek.

fundatio-onis: f, foundation.

fundator: m, founder.

funditus: totally.

funditus: utterly.

fundo: (milit.) to rout, scatter, defeat, put to flight.

fundo: to cast to the ground, pour forth.

fundo: to found, establish.

fundo: to pour, pour out (like molten metal), melt, cast.

fundus: estate.

funestus: causing calamity, deadly.

fungor: to [+ abl.] discharge, administer.

fungor, fungi, functus: to occupy oneself, perform, do, execute.

funiculus: a thin rope, cord, string.

funis: rope, cord, line.

funis -is: rope, cord, line.

furax: inclined to steal,.

furca: a fork, pitchfork /narrow pass.

furcifer: rascal.

furcillo: to act as a support.

furiae: madness.

furibundus: inspired, raging, furious.

furiosus: mad.

furo: to rage.

furor: madness, rage, frenzy.

furor: fury.

furs: thief.

furtificus: thievish.

furtim: by stealth.

furtim: by stealth, stealthily.

furtum: theft, robbery/ furta: stolen property /trick, deceit.

fusus: (from fundo) spread out, extended, wide, copious.

futurus: -a, -um, absurd.

galactinus: the Milky Way.

galbinus: a greenish-yellow color.

galea: helmet.

galea: [leather] helmet.

gallina: hen.

gallo: cock.

Gandavum: Ghent.

ganea ganeum: brothel.

garrio: to prate, chatter.

garrio: to chatter, babble.

garrulitas: prating, chattering, talkativeness.

garrulus: chattering, talkative, garrulous.

garrulus: noising, talkative.

garum: a fermented fish sauce.

gaudeo: (gavisus) to rejoice, take delight.

gaudeo: to rejoice, be joyful, take pleasure in.

gaudeo: (+ abl. of specification) to take delight in.

gaudium: joy, delight, happiness.

gaudium: * joy.

gauisus: (< gaudeo) rejoicing, joyous, glad, happy.

gaza: treasure.

gelamen: assembly, gathering.

gelide: coldly, weakly, feebly.

gelidus: cold, frosty, icy, freezing.

gelidus: icy.

gelo: to freeze.

gelu: frost, chill, cold.

gelus: icy coldness.

Gemblacensis: Gembloux.

gemino: to double.

geminus: twinned /double /paired /half and half.

gemitus: groan, moan.

gemma: gem.

gemo: to sigh, groan, wail.

generasco: to be produced, to be born.

generatim: by kinds, according to classes /generally, in general.

genero: to beget, engender, produce, create.

genero: to engender, beget.

generose: nobly.

generositas: * noble breed.

generosus: of noble birth, aristocratic, well-bred.

genetrix: mother.

genialis: lust-producing.

genitalis: fruitful.

genitor: sire, genitor.

genitus: sired, begotten, scion.

gens: nation, "people".

gens: clan, race, nation, people, tribe.

gentilitas: heathenism.

genus: kind, sort, class, category.

genus: class, high birth, child, description.

genus hominum: human race.

germen: offshoot, germ.

gero: to carry, bear, wear /bear, give birth to /to carry about.

gero: to have, bear.

gero: to transact.

gerulus: messenger.

gestio: to [+ inf] to long to.

gesto: to carry, bear about.

gestum (gero): carriage, bearing / having borne.

gestum (gero): carrying about, conduct (oneself).

gigno (genuit): to bring forth, bear, beget, father.

gingiber: ginger.

glacialis: icy, frozen, full of ice.

glacies: ice.

gladius: sword.

gleba: soil.

gloria: fame, renown, glory.

glorifico: to glorify, adorn, exalt.

glorificus: glorious, full of glory.

glorior: to pride oneself, boast, glory in.

glorior: to glory, brag, boast, pride oneself.

gluten: glue.

gluto: glutton.

gluttio: to swallow, gulp down.

gnare: expertly, wisely.

gnaritas: knowledge.

gnarus: knowing, acquainted with, expert.

gnarus: skilful, wise, knowing.

gradior: to conduct one's self, walk, live.

gramen: grass.

grandaevus: old, aged.

grandis: great.

grano, onis: hailstorm.

grassor: go about, go ahead, proceed, attack.

grassor: to rage.

gratanter: with joy.

grate: freely, willingly, happily.

gratia: gratitude, favor.

gratia: (in the abl.) on account of.

gratia: in order to, for the sake of, to.

gratia: grace, esteem, obligation, thanks.

gratia agere: (+ dat.) to thank.

grator: to manifest joy, congratulate.

gratuita: gracious.

gratulatio: to [+ gen] give thanks for.

gratulor: to wish a person joy, congratulate (+dat.), give thanks.

gratulor: to rejoice.

gravatus: sick, oppressed, ill.

gravida: pregnant.

gravis: heavy, weighty, serious, important /severe, grievous.

gravis: burdensome, unwholesome.

gravitas: weight, seriousness, dignity, importance.

graviter: heavily, seriously.

gravo: to oppress, burden, make suffer.

gregatim: in troops, or crowds.

gregatim: adv., in flocks, herds, troops, crowds.

gressus: pace, the ability to walk.

grex: crowd, herd, flock.

gubernaculum: helm.

gubernatio: direction, command, leadership.

gubernatio-ionis: f, direction, government.

gurges: whirlpool.

gusto: to taste.

gutter: neck, throat, gullet.

habenae: government, reins.

habeo habui habitum: to have, hold, possess /consider, regard.

habilis: suitable, fit.

habito: to have frequently /dwell, reside /take possession.

habito: to dwell, abide.

habitudo: condition.

habitus: disposed, in a certain condition.

hac: this side, this way, here.

hac: (fem. sing. abl.) He who lives BY THIS (the sword)..

hactenus: hitherto, up to this point, so far.

hae he: (fem. plur. nom) THESE (speeches) were very fine.

haec hec: (fem. sing. nom.) THIS (sword) is more expensive.

haereticum: n, heretical.

haero: to be brought to a standstill, keep at, hesitate.

hanc: (fem. sing. acc.) She wasted THIS (her youth).

harum: (fem. plur. gen.) The city wall had four OF THESE (gates).

has: (fem. plur. acc.) They gave THESE (their lives) for the Faith.

Hasnonium: Hasnon.

hasta: spear.

haud: no, not at all, by no means.

haurio: to devour.

hebes: sluggish.

hebeto: to blunt.

Helcim: Helchin on the left bank of the Scheldt.

Helnonensis: Elnon. Herimann, p. 279.

Heniis Harniis: Hames.

Herebus: Lower World.

hereditas: inheritance, often simply "property.".

hesito (haesito): to be unsure, uncertain, wavering.

heu: alas!.

heus: hark!.

hi: (masc. plur. nom.) THESE (men) are loyal to the king.

hic: (masc. nom. sing.) THIS (house) is filthy.

hic: (adv.) here.

hic haec (hec ) hoc: this, the latter /he, she, it.

hilaris: cheerful, merry, gay.

hinc: from this place, hence.

hinc: after this.

hinc hinc: on every side.

hinc inde: from different directions.

hio: to gape wide.

Hirenses, Irenses: Irish.

his: (neut. plur. dat.) Listen TO THESE (orders).

his: (neut. his: (masc. plur. dat.) Tell it TO THESE (policemen).

his: (fem. plur. abl) A life is enriched BY THESE (friendships).

his: (masc. plur. abl.) They passed BY THESE (roads).

his: (fem. plur. dat.) She gave her property TO THESE (churches).

hoc: (neut. sing. acc.) Break THIS! (fetter).

hoc: (neut. sing. nom.) THIS (monastery) is well-built.

hoc: (neut. sing. abl.) Do not hesistate BECAUSE OF THIS! (doubt).

hoc: (masc. sing. abl.) He gave plenty FOR THIS (field).

hodie: today.

hodiernus: of today.

Hoienses: huy, belgium, between liege and namur.

holocaustum: offering.

homo hominis: human being, man.

honestas: respectful treatment, respectability.

honeste: respectfully, properly, suitably, appropriately.

honesto: to embellish.

honestus: honorable, respectable /fine, beautiful /proper.

honestus: respectable, distinguished.

honor: honor, esteem, public office.

honor: official dignity or office, ornaments, esteem.

honorabilis: respectful.

honorifice: honorably, respectfully, with deference, duly.

honoro: to honor.

hora: hour, time.

hordeum, ordeum: barley.

horrendus: horrible, dreadful.

horrendus: dreadful.

horreo: to [+ ne] shudder at, be horrified at.

horresco: to begin to shake.

horror: horror.

hortor: exhort, incite, encourage.

hortor: to instigate.

hortus ortus: garden / pl. grounds, park.

horum: (masc. plur. gen.) The horses OF THESE (soldiers) are spent.

horum: (neut. plur. gen) The cattle OF THESE (monsters) were fat.

hos: (masc. plur. acc.) They burned THESE (houses) to the ground.

hospes: guest, host, stranger.

hospitium: hospitality /guest chambers, inn.

hospito: to welcome.

hostes hostium: the enemy.

hostilis: hostile or enemy, armed.

hostilitas: enmity.

hostiliter: by force of arms.

hostis: an enemy of the state.

huic: (neut sing. dat.) i'd give my right arm FOR THIS (cookie).

huic: (masc. sing. dat.) He sent FOR THIS (doctor).

huic: (fem sing. dat.) There is a statue IN THIS (abbey).

huius: (masc. fem. neut. gen. sing.) Go ahead, eat some OF THIS.

huius: (fem. sing. gen.) They are fond OF THIS (change).

huius: (neut.).

humanitas: kindness, culture, refinement.

humanitas: gentleness.

humanus: pertaining to man, humane, humane, cultured, refined.

humilio: to abase.

humilis: lowly, humble.

humilis: humble.

humilitas: humility.

humo: cover with earth, bury,.

humo: to inter.

humus: ground, earth, soil /land, country.

humus: region, earth, soil, dirt, sod.

hunc: (masc. sing. acc.) He ate THIS (fruit).

Hunnam: Bunna.

hypocrita: hypocrite.

iaceo: to lie, lie prostrate, lie dead.

iacio: to throw, cast, hurl, lay, scatter, diffuse.

iactantia: bragging, boasting.

iaculator: a thrower, javelin man, spear thrower.

iaculum: dart, javelin, short spear.

iam: moreover, henceforth, indeed, just, further.

iam: now, by now, already/ presently, immediately, soon.

iam pridem: now for a long time.

iam tandem: in the end.

iamdiu: now for a long time.

iamdudum: now for a long time.

ianitor: -oris doorkeeper, porter.

ianua: door.

ianus: arcade, covered passage.

ibi: there.

ibidem: in the same place, at the moment, in that matter.

Ico: to strike, hit, wound /strike a bargain, make a deal.

ictus: blow, wound, stabbing, thrust.

ictus: blow, bite, stroke, bolt, thrust.

ictus: stroke.

idcirco: on that account, for that reason, for that purpose.

idem eadem idem: the same.

identidem: again and again, repeatedly.

ideo: for that reason, on that account, therefore.

idoneus: proper, worthy, fitting, deserving, capable.

iecur: the liver.

ieiunitas: hunger, emptiness /meagerness, poverty.

ieiunium: fast, abstinence, hunger /leanness, thinness.

ientaculum: breakfast.

iento: to eat breakfast.

igitur: therefore, consequently, for this reason.

igitur: adv, therefore.

ignarus: ignorant, not knowing.

ignarus: unacquainted with.

ignavus: lazy, listless, inert, sluggish cowardly, a coward.

igneus: fiery, ardent, burning,.

ignis: fire.

ignominia: dishonor.

ignoro: to be ignorant of, not know /rarely: neglect, overlook.

ignoro: to be ignorant, disregard, not be recognized.

ignosco: to pardon.

ignotus: unknown, obscure, ignorant, ignoble.

ile: guts, intestines.

ilicet: it is finished /right away, immediately.

ilico: illico: on the spot, in that very place /immediately.

ilico: on the spot, immediately.

illa: (neut. plur. acc.) Deborah always won THESE (wars).

illa: (neut. plur. nom.) THOSE (arms) belong to the victor.

illa: (fem. sing. abl.) He who lives BY THAT (the sword)..

illa: (fem. sing. nom.) THAT (sword) is more expensive.

illac: over there /along that path, in that direction.

illae ille: (sing. gen.) She paid half OF THIS (the cost).

illae ille: (fem. plur. nom.) THOSE (women) must die!.

illaesus: unharmed.

illarum: (fem. plur. gen.) The city wall had four OF THOSE (gates).

illas: (fem. plur. acc.) They gave THOSE (their lives) for the Faith.

illata: from infero to cause, occasion, etc.

illaturos: from infero "they would cause.".

ille: (masc. nom. sing.) THAT (house) is filthy.

ille illa illud: that, the former, the famous /he, she, it.

illecebra: allurement.

illectus: allured.

illi: (neut sing. dat.) i'd give my right arm FOR THOSE (cookies).

illi: (masc. sing. dat.) He sent FOR THAT (doctor).

illi: (masc. plur. nom.) THOSE (men) are loyal to the king.

illi: (fem sing. dat.) There is a statue IN THAT (abbey).

illiam: (fem. sing. acc.) She wasted THAT (her youth).

illic: there, at that place, therein, in that matter.

illicitus: unlawful.

illico: immediately.

illis: (plur. abl.) She earned it BY THESE (her deeds).

illis: (neut. plur. abl.) She earned it BY THESE (her deeds).

illis: (neut. plur. dat.) Listen TO THESE (orders).

illis: (masc. plur. dat.) Tell it TO THOSE (Marines).

illis: (fem. plur. abl) A life is enriched BY THESE (friendships).

illis: (masc. plur. abl.) They passed BY THOSE (roads).

illis: (fem. plur. dat.) She gave her property TO THOSE (churches).

illius: (neut. sing. gen.) She paid half OF THAT (the cost).

illius: (masc. fem. neut. gen. sing.) Go ahead, eat some OF THAT.

illius: (fem. sing. gen.) They are fond OF THAT (change).

illo: (masc. sing. abl.) He gave plenty FOR THAT (field).

illo: (neut. sing. abl.) Do not hesitate BECAUSE OF THAT! (doubt).

illorum: (neut. plur. gen) The cattle OF THESE (monsters) were fat.

illorum: (masc. plur. gen.) The horses OF THOSE (soldiers) are spent.

illos: (masc. plur. acc.) They burned THOSE (houses) to the ground.

illuc: thither, to that place, to that matter, to that person.

illud: (neut. sing. acc.) Break THOSE (fetters)!.

illud: (neut. sing. nom.) THAT (monastery) is well-built.

illudo illusi illusum: to mock, make fun of, ridicule.

illudo-si-sum: 3, to mock, to scorn.

illum: (masc. sing. acc.) He ate THAT (fruit).

illustrator: enlightener.

illustratus: renowned.

illustris: famous.

illustro: to light up, illuminate.

imago: image, likeness.

imbecillitas: indisposition.

imbellis: unwarlike.

imber: ymber: rain shower, rain storm, pelting rain.

imbibo: imbibe, drink in /think up, conceive.

imbrium: of rain.

imbuo: to soak, steep, saturate /to stain, dye /to become used to.

imbuo: to imbue.

imcomposite: adv from incompositus; also incompositione.

imitabilis: that which can be imitated,.

imitabilis: imitable.

imitor: to imitate, substitute.

immanis: monstrous.

immanitas: heinousness, savagery, frightfulness.

immaniter: dreadfully, savagely.

immarcescibilis: unfading.

immensus: vast.

immerito: adv. undeservingly, without merit, unjustifiably.

immineo: to hang over, be imminent, threaten.

immitis: rude.

immo: nay, should I say, on the contrary.

immo: by all means, by no means, on the contrary.

immodicus: immoderate, excessive, beyond measure.

immortalis: immortal.

immotus: unmoved.

immunda: unclean, impure, dirty, foul.

immundus: foul, impure.

immunis: exempt, free.

impedimentum: hindrance, impediment, obstacle, difficulty.

impedio: entangle, ensnare, obstruct, surround, hinder, prevent.

impedio: to entangle, hold fast.

impeditio: hindrance.

impeditus: entagles, hindered /embarassed, prevented, obstructed,.

impedo: to entangle, ensnare, hinder, prevent, obstruct.

impello: to drive against, strike upon.

impello: to stimulate.

impello impuli impulsum: to set in mortion, impel, urge on.

impendeo: to hang over, threaten, menace, be imminent.

impendo: to lay out, expend, weigh out.

impendo: to expend.

impenetrabiilis: impenetrable.

impensa: expense, outlay.

imperator: commander in chief, general, emperor.

imperceptus: unperceived /unknown,.

imperiosus: imperious, dominering, powerful.

imperito: to govern.

imperium: power to command, authority, command, rule, control.

imperium: sovereignty, realm, command.

impero: to give orders, command /to rule, hold sway.

impero: to command.

imperterritus: undaunted.

impertior: to bestow.

impervius: unpassable.

impeto: to attack, head for.

impetro: to get, accomplish, effect, obtain (by asking).

impetro: to procure.

impetus: attack, onset, rapid motion/ impulse, passion, force.

impetus: attack, rush, assault /impulse, sudden passion.

impetus: vehemence.

impiger: diligent, active.

impiger: indefatigable.

impigre: diligently, actively.

impingo: to hurl against, strike.

impirius: fiery.

impius: without respect, irreverent, unpatriotic /wicked.

impius: ungodly.

implacabilis: unappeasable.

impleo: to fill up, content, satisfy.

impleo: to fill in (or up), satisfy, content, fulfil, perform.

impleo: to fill up.

impono: to place, set, stow /embark /cheat, deceive.

impono: to lay in.

importunitas: insolence, incivility.

importunus: unsuitable, unfavorable, troublesome/ inconsiderate.

importunus: unsuitable.

impraesentiarum: for the present, in present cirumstances.

imprecor: to curse.

imprimis: especially, particularly, specifically.

improbitas: depravity.

improbus: inferior, bad, wicked, persistent, perverse, bold.

improbus: outrageous, self-willed, impudent.

improvidus: improvident, negligent, thoughtless, feckless.

improviso: unexpected/ (ex improviso) suddenly.

impudens: impudent, shameless, insolent, presumptuous.

impudenter: impudently, insolently, presumptuously.

impugnatio: -ionis: attack.

impugno: to attack, assault.

impunitus: unpunished, unrestrained, safe.

imputo: to lay to a charge, enter in an account, impute to.

in: (+ acc.) into, toward, against.

in: (+ abl.) in.

in excelsis: in the highest.

in praesentia: for the present.

inaestimabilis: inestimable.

inaestimandus: invaluable.

inaestimatus: unexpected.

inanis: empty, vain, inane.

inanis: useless.

inasnum: n, foolish, insane.

incalesco: glow, kindle.

incassum: in vain.

incassum: to no purpose.

incauta: reckless.

incedo: to awake, march, go, enter into.

incedo: to move forward.

incendia: fire.

incendo: to set fire to.

incentivus: provocative.

inceptor: beginner.

inceptum: beginning, attempt, enterprise.

incertus: uncertain, doubtful, unsure, hesitant.

incessanter: incessantly.

incessus: pace, gait.

incestus: lewd.

inchoatus: unfinished, only begun.

incido: to fall in or on, fall in with /happen, occur.

incido in mentionem: to happen to mention.

incipio: to take in hand, begin, commence.

incito: to excite, spur, inspire, increase /hasten, urge on.

incito: to spur on.

inclino: to bend, incline, turn, change / fall back, waver.

inclino: to bend.

inclitus: illustrious.

includo: to shut in, enclose, establish a siege, surround.

inclutus inclitus: celebrated, famous, renowned.

incogitania: thoughtlessness.

incogitatus: thoughtless, inconsiderate / spontaneous.

incogito: to plan, arrange, contrive, think out.

incognitus: unknown, unexamined / unrecognized / unclaimed.

incoho: incohare: to begin, start upon, turn to, start.

incol: ae: resident, inhabitant of a place / foreign resident.

incola: resident.

incola, ae: resident, inhabitant of a place / foreign resident.

incolo: incolere: to inhabit, reside somewhere, dwell (in).

incolo: to reside or cultivate or inhabit.

incolumis: uninjured, safe, scatheless, unharmed.

incolumitas: safety.

incomitatus: alone, unaccompanied, without followers.

incommendatus: without a protector, without a lord.

incommode: inconveniently.

incommoditas: inconvenience, uncomfortable / disadvantage.

incommodo: (-are) to be troublesome, unpleasant, annoying.

incommodus: inconvenient, troublesome, irksome.

incommodus: disagreeable, unpleasant.

incommutabilis: unchangeable.

incomparabilis: without compare, peerless, incomparable.

incompertus: unknown.

incomposite: irregularly, in a disorderly manner.

incompositus: disorder, lack of regularity.

incomprehensibilis: impossible to catch, incomprehensible.

incomptus: unkempt, untrimmed / rude, rough.

inconcessus: forbidden, prohibited, not allowed.

inconcinnus: awkward, clumsy / without elegance / absurd, laughable.

inconcussus: firm, unshaken, stable.

inconditus: disorderly, not arranged, unplanned, confused.

incongruens: not agreeing, inconsistent, out of place.

incongruus: unsuitable.

inconsiderate: thoughtlessly, without consideration.

inconsideratus: without thought, inconsiderate/ reckless, unadvised.

inconsolabilis: inconsolable / uncurable.

inconstans: inconsistent, changeable, fickle, unreliable / faithless.

inconstanter: inconstantly, changeably, inconsistently.

inconstantia: changeability, inconsistency / faithlessness.

inconsulte: indiscreetly.

inconsultus: without asking advise, precipately / imprudent, rash.

inconsultus: inconsiderate, without advice.

inconsumptus: unconsumed, undiminished, not depleted.

incontaminatus: pure, unadulterated, unpolluted.

incontentus: unstretched, not extended, unstrained / untuned.

incontinencia: lack of restraint, incontinence.

incontinens: incontinent.

inconveniens: not suiting / dissimilar.

inconvulsus: unshattered, undestroyed.

incoquo: incoxo: incoctum: (-ere) to dye.

incorrectus: unimproved, uncorrected, not emended.

incorruptus: uncorrupted, genuine, pure, untainted.

increbresco: (-ere) to grow strong, prevail, increase, wax.

incredibilis: incredible, unbelievable.

incredulus: incredulous.

incrementabiliter: increasingly.

incrementum: growth, increase / offspring.

incrementum: augmentation,increment.

increpito: (-are) to call out to, to rebuke.

increpo: (of persons) to chide, rebuke.

increpo: to rebuke.

incresco: (-ere) to grow in, or upon.

incruentatus: incruentus: bloodless.

incruente: without bloodshed.

incubo: to hang over, lie heavily upon / dwell in / watch over.

incubo: to brood over, lie in a place, attach oneself to.

inculco: to crowd in, press in, trample in / impress upon.

inculpatus: innocent, without blame, guiltless.

inculta: waste, desert.

incultus: untilled, uncultivated / unpolished, rude, rough.

incultus: untidy, neglected.

incultus: neglect, lack of cultivation.

incultus: untilled, uncultivated.

incumbo: to lie or lean upon, lean over, overhang.

incumbo: to apply oneself, concentrate / favor, further, promote.

incumbo: to depend on/ devote oneself to.

incunabula: swddling clothes / infancy, birthplace / source, origin.

incunctanter: unhesitatingly.

incuratus: unhealed, uncured, untended.

incuria: carelessness, neglect.

incuriose: negligently, carelessly.

incuriosus: neglect, careless, negligent.

incurro: to run into, assail, attack, raid into, come upon.

incurro: to [+ acc] incur.

incursio: clash, collision / attack, raid, foray, invasion.

incursio: attack, assault.

incurso: to collide with, strike against / attack.

incursus: an attack, assault / efforts, impulses.

incursus: an attack, assault.

incurvo: (-are) to bend, curve, make crooked.

incutio: to strike into.

indagatio: investigation.

inde: thence, from there, for that reason, thereafter, then.

indebitus: not owed, not due.

indemnis: innocent.

indicibilis: indescribable, inexpressible.

indicium: data, information, evidence, indication, pointer.

indicium: sign.

indico: to proclaim, make publicly known, announce, disclose.

indico: to disclose.

indico: to enjoin.

indifferens: neither good nor bad.

indifferente: indifferently.

indifferenter: indiscriminately.

indigentia: indigence, poverty, destitution.

indigeo: to require, need, stand in need of.

indignatio: indignation.

indignatio: displeasure.

indignatus: indignant.

indignus: unworthy, lacking in merit, unfit.

indignus: unbecoming.

indigus, indiguus: desirous, needful of.

indissolubilis: indestructible.

indo (past indidi): to establish, cause, occasion.

indoles: genius, disposition, talent, tendency, metier.

indomitus: untamed, wild.

indubitanter: without doubts, confident, without hesitation.

induco: to bring, lead, conduct.

induco: cover, put on clothing, erase writing, revoke, anull.

induco: bring in, introduce, induce, persuade / decide.

induco indux inductum: to lead in, introduce, induce, influence.

induco-are: to lead.

indulgens: indulgent.

indulgeo: to pardon, forgive, excuse.

industria: diligence.

industrius: industrious, diligent, assiduous, hard-working.

indutiae: truce, armistice, suspension of hostilities.

indutus: enveloped, decked out, dressed.

indutus: attired, clad.

induviae: clothes, clothing, garb.

inedicabilis: unexplainable, inexplicable.

inedicibilis: inexpressible.

ineffabilis: unutterable.

inefficaciter: ineffectually, vainly, in vain,.

inefficax: ineffectual, unproductive, profitless /weak.

inennarabilis: indescribable.

ineo: to enter, go in /begin, commence, undertake, start.

ineo: to begin.

ineptio: to play the fool, to trifle.

inermis: defenseless, harmless, impotent, without strength.

iners: unskilled.

inexperta: untried.

inexpugnabilis: impregnable, unconquerable, not to be taken by force.

infamo: to put to shame, disgrace.

infandum: oh woe unutterable!.

infantia: infancy, babyhood.

infector: dyer.

infectum reddere: to revoke, render impossible, make voil, annull.

infectus: unworked /not done, unfinished, incomplete.

infectus: discolored, darkened, corrupted.

infecunditas: barrenness, sterility.

infecundus: barren, sterile.

infelicitas: bad luck, misfortune,.

infeliciter: unhappily.

infelix: unfruitful, barren, unproductive, infertile.

infelix: arbor infelix: the gallows.

infenso: to attack, avenge.

infensus: hostile, agressive /(arms) aimed, ready /(spirit) dangerous.

inferi: those down below, the dead.

inferne: on the lower side, below.

infero: to carry in, put or place on.

infero: (in logic) to infer, conclude.

infero: (abstract things): bring on, occasion, cause.

infero: to otherwise bring upon, enter, be troublesome.

infero: to say or put forth, bring forth, bring out.

inferus: below, under, southern.

infervesco: to come to a boil, become hot.

infeste: in a hostile manner, belligerently.

infesto: to attack, disquiet.

infesto: to molest.

infestus: aggressive, hostile, dangerous.

inficio: to discolor.

inficio infeci infectum: to tinge, dye, stain, imbue.

inficio infeci infectum: to poison, taint, corrupt.

infideles: faithless [ones].

infidelis: unfaithful, disloyal, untrue.

infidelitas: faithlessnes, disloyalty.

infideliter: faithlessly, disloyally.

infidus: untru, disloyal.

infigo: to fix, fasten /to imprint, impress.

infindo infidi infissum: to cut into.

infinitas infinitio: eternity, infinity, endlessnes.

infinitus: unlimited, infinite, without bounds, boundless, limitless.

infirmatio: weakening /refusing /invalidating.

infirme: weakly, faintly.

infirmitas: weakness, feebkeness /instability, fickleness.

infirmitas: infirmity.

infirmo: to weaken /shake /invalidate, annull/disprove.

infirmus: not strong, weak, feeble /(sometimes) sick, ill.

infit: he, she, or it begins, begins to speak.

infitialis: negative, containing a no, rejection.

infitias ire: to deny.

infitior: to deny /deny a debt, refuse to return something.

inflammatio: setting afire /(people) inflaming /(souls) inspiring.

inflammo: to set on fire, inflame, to torch, kindle.

inflatio: inflation, flatulence.

inflatius: too pompous /on a grander scale.

inflatus: pompous, swollen, puffed up, inflated.

inflatus: blowing into, blast, inspiration.

inflecto: to warp /change, sway, affect.

inflecto inflexi inflectum: to bend, bow, curve.

infletus: unwept, unmourned, unlamented.

inflexibilis: unbending.

inflexio: a bending, swaying.

inflexus: bending, curving.

infligo inflixi inflictum: to strike, hit, knock /cause damage.

inflo: to blow.

inflo: to inflate, swell.

influo influi influxum: to flow in /to rush in, steal in.

infodio infodi infossum: to dig in, bury.

informatio: concept, idea.

informis: formless, shapeless /deformed, hideous.

informo: to instruct.

infortunatus: unfortunate, unhappy, unlucky.

infortunium: misfortune, bad luck /punishment.

infra: (adv.) below, underneath /to the south, in the underworld.

infra: (+ acc.) below, under /(time) later than.

infra inferius infimus: low down.

infractio: a breaking /infractio aninimi dejection.

infractus: broken, weakened, impaired.

infragilis: unbreakable, strong.

infremo: to growl.

infrenatus: without a bridle.

infrendeo: to gnash the teetch.

infrenis: infrenus: unbridled.

infrenis: unbridled.

infreno: to bridle, check, restrain, break in.

infrequens: scanty, thin, uncrowded /infrequent /thinly populated.

infrequentia: scantiness, emptiness, loneliness.

infringo: infregi: infractum: to beak, weaken, impari, discourage.

infructuosus: unproduction, infertile, unfruitful.

infrunitus: silly.

infucatus: colored.

infula: headband (worn by a priest), insignia.

infula: insignia of office, headband, fillet.

infulatus: crowned with an episcopal mitre.

infundo infudi infusum: to pour in or over /(+ dat.) administer.

infusco: to make dark, blacken.

infusio: wetting, dousing, drenching.

ingemino: to redouble, repeat /be redoubled, increase.

ingemisco: to groan, sigh over.

ingemisco: to groan.

ingemo: (+ dat.) to groan, sigh over.

ingenero: to plant, implant, generate.

ingeniose: cleverly.

ingeniosus: able, talented /neturally fit, adapted.

ingenium: innate character, talent, nature.

ingens: of immoderate size, vast, huge, monstrous, remarkable.

ingens: prodigious.

ingenuitas: free birth, noble-mindedness, frankness, openness.

ingenuus: free-born, noble-minded, upright, honorable.

ingero: to go off to, betake oneself to, pour forth, inflict.

inglorius: without fame, unddistinguished, inglorious.

ingluvies: (of an animal) crop, maw.

ingrate ingratiis ingratis: unwillingly, ungratefully.

ingratus: ungrateful, unpleasant, disagreeable.

ingravesco: to become: heavy, a burden, weary, pregnant.

ingravo: to weight down, aggravate, afflict.

ingredior: to enter upon, begin on /(with inf.) to begin to.

ingredior ingredi ingressus: to step in, enter, go in, walk.

ingredior vi ventorum: to proceed on the winds.

ingressio: an entering /beginning.

ingressus: entering, going in /inroad, movement/assault.

ingruenter: violently.

ingruo: to fall upon, assail, attack, assault.

ingruo: to fall violently upon, assail, assault.

inguen: the groin.

ingurgito: to glut oneself, gorge.

ingustatus: untasted.

inhabilis: unmanageable, ill-fit, poorly adapted, unsuiited.

inhabitabilis: uninhabitable, unfit for man or beast.

inhabito: to inhabit.

inhaeresco inheresco: to adhere to, begin to cling to.

inhaero: to adhere.

inhaero inhero: to stick in, cling to, cleave to.

inhalo: to breathe upon.

inhibeo: to hold in, check, restrian /back water /practice.

inhibeo: use, employ.

inhio: to gape /yearn for, desire, want, covet.

inhio: to [+ dat] attend closely to/ [+ ad, pro] desire.

inhoneste: dishonorably.

inhonesto: to disgrace, dishonor.

inhonestus: degraded, dishonored /dishonorable, shameful /ugly.

inhonoratus: unrewarded, not honored.

inhonorus: dishonored.

inhorreo: to bristle.

inhorresco: to begin to bristle, shudder, quiver, shake.

inhospitalis: inhospitable.

inhospitalitas: lack of hospitality.

inhospitus: inhospitable.

inhumane: inhumanly.

inhumanitas: curelty, inhumanity/ incivility, discourtesy/ stinginess.

inhumaniter: discourteously.

inhumanus: cruel, savage, barbarous, inhuman, uncivil, uncivilized.

inhumatus: unburied.

inibi: therein, in that place /(time) near at hand.

inicio inieci iniectum: to throw on, put on, don /inspire.

inimicus: personal enemy, foe, opponent.

inique: unfairly.

iniquitas: injustice, iniquity, unfairness.

iniquus: unequal, unjust, unfair.

initium: beginning, start, commencement, origin.

iniuria: injury, damage, hurt /injustice, wrong.

iniustus: unjust, inequitable, unfair.

injurius: wrongful, acting unlawfully.

injustus: wrongful.

innocens: blameless.

innocuus: innocent.

innotesco: to become know, noted.

innotesco: to become known.

innumerus: countless.

innuo: to give a nod to, give a sign to.

innuo: innui: innutum: to hint at, suggest, mean.

inobedio-ire: disobident, disloyal.

inolesco: to grow in or on.

inopia: scarcity, poverty.

inopinatus: unexpected.

inopportunitas: inconvenience, unseemly event.

inopportunus: unfitting, inopportune.

inops: poor, helpless, in need, needy, wthout resources.

inops: destitute, impoverished, indigent, powerless.

inquam: I say.

inquinamentum: filth.

inquiro: to ask, examine, search for.

inquis: you say.

inquisitor: [med] juror, member of an inquest, trustee.

inquit: he, she, it says.

inreto: irreto: ensnared, entrapped, entangled.

inrideo: to laugh at, mock, ridicule.

inritus irritus: void, invalid, in vain, useless, ineffectual.

inruo: irruo: to rush in, fling in.

insania: insanity, irrationality, madness, folly.

insanio: rage.

insanum: foolish.

insciens: unknowing, unaware, ignorant.

inscribo: inscribe, entitle, enlist.

insensatus: irrational.

insequor: to follow, pursue, assail, reproach, rebuke, attack.

inservio: to be a slave, serve, be devoted to.

insideo: sit upon something, be firmly placed.

insidiae: (plural) treachery, ambushes, plots, conspiracies.

insidiae: snares.

insidiator: one who lies in wait.

insidior: to [+ dat] lie in wait for, plot against.

insigne: badge.

insignio: to put a mark upon, adorn, distinguish.

insignis: distinguished.

insigniter: to be built on/ distinction/distinguished,.

insigno: to engrave.

insinuo: to insinuate, work one's way in, intimate.

insisto: to enter upon [a journey] tread; (with d.) follow.

insisto: to [+ dat] persist in, urge.

insolesco: to grow haughty.

insolita: unaccustomed, unusual.

insolitus: unaccustomed /unusual, strange, uncommon.

insolubilis: indissoluble.

insons insontis: guiltless, innocent.

insperate: unexpectedly.

insperatus: unexpected, unlooked for, unanticipated.

inspicio: to consider, perceive.

inspiro: to inspire.

insquequo: until.

instabilitas: constant motion, restlessness.

instanter: urgently.

instar: a form, figure, after the fashion of, like.

instigatus: incited.

instigo: to goad, incite, stimulate, urge.

instituo: to establish, found, institute.

instituo-ui-utum: 3, put in place, begin.

instituta apostolica: canon law.

institutio: custom, institution, tradition.

insto: to pursue eagerly, devote oneself to.

insto: to be earnestly engaged in, draw nigh.

instructus: trained, taught.

instructus: versed in.

instructus (from instruo): equipped, trained, supplied.

instruo: to built in, set up, construct, furnish /train.

instruo: prepare, provide /draw up an order of battle.

instruo: to draw up.

insuadibilis: adamant, immovable, not to be persuaded.

insudo: (with ablative) exert oneself in, busy oneself with.

Insula: Lille.

insula: island.

insulto: to leap at or on /revile, insult, deride, heap scorn upon.

insultus: attack, assault.

insum: [inesse, infuit] to be in or on, contained in, within.

insumo: get one's wish, obtain one's desire.

insumptuosus: inexpensive, cheap, economical.

insuper: as mentioned above.

insurgo: to rise up/ [+ remis] ply one's oars.

insurgo insurgi insurrectum: to rise up, rebel, revolt.

integer: whole, untouched, unhurt, undamaged /complete, entire.

integer: irreproachable, chaste.

integritas: integrity.

intellectus: meaning, understanding.

intellego intellexi intellectum: to understand, comprehend, see.

intempestivus: intelligendo: f.p.p., understanding, being understood.

intemporaliter: eternally, without end.

intemptesta nox: dead of night.

intendo: to stretch, strain, try to prove.

intendo: to extend, aim, direct, direct one's course, aim at.

intenta: earnestness, seriousness.

intentio: effort, exertion, attention, intent / attack, accusation.

intentio: intention, plan, aim, design, purpose.

intentor: informant.

intentus: thorough, tense, anxious, strict.

inter: approximately, about, around, roughly.

inter: (+ acc.) between, among.

inter canem et lupum: at twilight.

intercapedo: interval, space.

intercipio intercepi interceptum: to intercept.

interdico: to place an interdict.

interdico: to forbid, prohibit, outlaw, gain an injunction.

interdico: to forbid.

interdum: sometimes, now and then, at times.

intereo: to perish, die.

intereo: to perish, die, go to ruin, decay.

intereo: to to be undone, take part in.

interfectio-onis: f, a killing.

interficio interfeci interfectum: to kill, murder, slay.

interfixus: paved, made firm.

interimo: to slay, kill, slaughter.

interitus: ruin, destruction.

internecio: destruction.

internuntius: go-between.

internus: deep, inward.

interpellatio: to appeal, suit.

interpolatio: interval.

interpono: to place between, interpose /intervene.

interpretor: to explain.

interrogatio: interrogation, inquiry.

interrogo: to inquire.

intertio: arrest, seize, take into custody.

interventus: mediation.

intervigilium: a nap, a doze, forty winks.

intestinus: internal, inner.

intextus: embroidered.

intimo: to announce.

intolerabiliter: unsupportably.

intoneo: to resound.

intorqueo: twist, distort.

intrepidus: eager, hot-blooded.

intrepidus: unshaken, undaunted.

intrico: to entangle.

intro: to walk into, enter, make one's way into.

introduco: to lead in, introduce.

intueor: to look at attentively, gaze at, consider.

intueor: to admire, contemplate, observe, look upon.

intuitus: contemplation.

intumesco: to swell up, increase, swell with anger.

intumesco: to swell, puff up.

intus: within.

inultus: unavenged, unpunished.

inundantia: flood, overflowing, inundation.

invado: to assail, usurp, seize, attack, fall upon.

invado: to undertake, go in, enter, get in.

invado: to attack, usurp.

invalesco: to gather strength, become stronger.

invectio: invective, scolding.

invective: scoldingly.

invenio: to come upon, find, discover.

inventor: contriver, inventor, discoverer.

investigo: to track down, investigate.

inveteratus: hardened by age, of long-standing.

invetero: to give duration, to render old.

invicem: one after the other, by turns, mutually, each other.

invicem: reciprocally.

invictus: unconquer, unconquerable, undefeated.

invideo: to envy, be jealous of, look upon with envy.

invideo: to envy, refuse.

invidia: envy, jealousy, hatred /censure.

invidus: envious.

inviso: to go to see, visit, inspect, look at.

invisus: hated, hateful.

invito: to invite, summon.

invitus: unwilling, against one's will.

invocatio: invocation, an invoking.

involvo: to wrap.

ioco iocor: to joke, jest, make merry.

iocus: joke, jest, jape, gag.

ipse ipsa ipsum: himself, herself, itself.

ipsemet: his own very self.

ira: anger, wrath.

irascor: iratus: to be angry, to be wrathful.

iratus: angry, wrathful.

ironice: ironically.

irradio: to beam forth.

irrepo: to insinuate oneself, steal in.

irretitus: caught in a net, trapped.

irreverens: disrespectful.

irrisorie: ironically, with a smile.

irrito: to irritate, exasperate, excite.

irritum: nothingness, worthlessness, vanity.

irritus: vain, useless, ineffectual, of not effect.

irritus: undecided, void, unfixed, of no effect.

irrumpo: to burst upon.

irruo: to rush into, rush upon, attack.

irruo: inruo: to rush upon, make an attack upon.

is ea id: this, that /he, she, it.

iste ista istud: that /sometimes pejorative.

ita: so, thus.

ita: (in narration) and so; (with adj. or adv.) so, so very.

ita ut: (with subj.) in such a way that,.

itaque: (adv.) and, so, therefore.

item: adv, likewise, moreover.

iter itineris: road, route, journey.

itero: to repeat, say again, iterate.

iterum: again, a second time, once more.

iubeo: to order, bid.

iubeo iussi iussum: to order, command /tell someone to do.

iucunditas: pleasure, charm.

iucundus: agreeable, pleasant, gratifying.

iudex: judge, juror.

iudicium: judgment, decision, opinion, trial.

iudico: to judge, consider.

iugis iuge: perpetual, continuous.

iugo: to bind together, connect, couple.

iugosus: mountainous.

iugulum iugulus: the throat.

iugum: yoke /a team of oxen, a pair /bond, union /slavery.

iugum: crossbar, beam of scales /crest, ridge.

iuguolo: to cut the throat, butcher, kill, destroy.

iumentum: beast of burden.

iunceus: made of rushes.

iunctio: connection, joining.

iunctura: a joining, joint /rekationship, combination.

iunctus: -a,-um united, connected, joined together.

iuncus: the rush.

iungo iunxi iunctum: to join, unite, cinnect /yoke, harness /to mate.

iuniperus: the juniper tree.

iuratus: under oath.

iureiuro: to swear an oath.

iurgium: quarrel, altercation, brawl.

iurisdictio: administration of justice, extent of competence.

iuro: to swear, to make an oath.

ius iurandum iuris iurandi etc.: oath.

ius iuris: justice, law, right /broth, soup.

iussu: (abl.) at the command of, by order of.

iusta: due forms /funereal rites.

iuste: fairly, justly, rightly.

iustitia: justice, fairness, equity.

iustum: what is right.

iustus: just, right, equitable, fair, lawful, proper.

iuvenalis iuvenilis: youthful.

iuvenesco: to reach the prime of life.

iuventus: youth (between 20 and 45).

iuvo: to help, aid, assist /to please, delight, gratify.

iuxta: just short of.

iuxta: close by, near/ in like manner, equally.

iuxta: (+ acc.) close to, near to/ (time) just before.

iuxtim: equally.

ivi: past tense of eo.

jaceo-ere-ui: to stand (that which is stated).

jacio: to cast.

jactantia: ostentation, bragging.

jactito: boast.

jaculum: dart, javelin.

jaculum: dart.

jubilo: to shout.

jubilus: shout of joy.

jucundus: pleasant, delightful .

judicium: trial, legal investigation, judgement, decision.

judico: to condemn, judge, try.

judico: to pass judgment.

juge: always.

jugis: continual, ceaseless, perennial, constant.

jugis: continual, perpetual.

jugiter: continually, perpetually, constantly / instantly.

jugiter: perpetually, continually.

jugulo: to slaughter.

jugum: ridge, rising.

jumentum: draft animal.

juramentum: oath, act of oath-taking.

jurgium: strife, contention/ to cause strife, brawl.

jus: right, law.

jussio: order.

justicia: equity, justice.

justifico: to forgive.

justus: equitable.

juvenis: young man, youth.

juventus: the age of youth (20-40 years).

juxta: adv, in a like manner, likewise.

labasco: to give way, totter.

labecula: a slight stain, minor disgrace.

labefacio labefeci labefactum: to shake, loesen /impair.

labefacto: to weaken, disturb /shake violently.

labellum: a little lip /a small washing vessel.

labes labis: stain, blemish, disgrace, infamy /misfortune.

labia labium: lip (labiae: lips).

labilis: transient, fleeting, slippery.

labiosus: having large lips.

labo: to totter, sink, begin to fall.

labo: to totter.

labor: hardip, fatigue, distress.

labor: hardship, exertion.

labor: to sink, slip away.

labor laboris: labor, work, toil.

labor lapsus: to slip, glide, slide.

labores solis: eclipse of the sun.

laboriose: laboriously, with great effort.

laboriosus: toilsome, laborious /(persons) industrious, toiling.

laboro: (intrans.) to work, toil, suffer, be afflicted, be troubled.

labrum: lip, edge, rim /bathing tub.

labrusca: wild grape vine.

labruscum: the wild grape.

lac lactis: milk.

lacer: torn, mangled, cut to pieces.

lacer: mangled.

laceratio: a tearing, mangling.

laceratus: torn to pieces, mutilated.

lacero: to tear to pieces, mangle /squander money /slander someone.

lacerta: lizard.

lacertosus: muscular, powerful.

lacertus: the upper arm /strength.

lacesso: to harass, attack.

lacesso: lacesco: to challenge, shake.

lacrima: tears /exudations from some plants.

lacrima Heliandum: amber.

lacrimabilis: lamentable, deplorable, woeful.

lacrimo: to weep, shed tears /exude, drip.

lacrimosus: tearful, mournful, shedding tears,.

lactans: giving milk.

lactatio: enticement, come-on.

lacteus: milky, of milk, milk-white.

lacto: to allure, entice, wheedle.

lactuca: lettuce.

lacuna: missing letters, words, or phrases in a manuscript.

lacuna: a hole, empty space /pond, pool /deficiency, loss.

lacunar: panelled ceiling.

lacus: a hollow /lake, pool, pond, troough, tank, tub.

laedo ledo: strike, hit, hurt, damage, offend, annoy, violate.

laesio lesio: rhetorical attack /wounding.

laetabilis letabilis: joyous, glad.

laetans: rejoicing, joyous.

laetatio: letatio: rejoicing, joy.

laetifico: letifico: to fertilize /cheer, gladden, delight.

laetifico: to rejoice.

laetificus: letificus: gladdening, joyous, spreading happiness.

laetitia: joy, gladness, delight.

laetitia letitia leticia: fertility /richness, grace /joy, delight.

laeto leto: to cheer, gladden, make joyful.

laetor: to be delighted.

laetor letor: to rejoice, be joyful.

laetus: glad delighted.

laeve leve: left-handedly, awkwardly.

laevus levus: foolish, silly /unlucky, unpropitious.

laevus levus: the left hand, left side, left-handed.

laganum: a cake.

lama: bog, slough.

lambo: to lick /(of rivers) to wash.

lambo: to lap.

lamenta (neut. pl): weeping, wailing.

lamentabilis: lamentable, mournful.

lamentatio: weeping, wailing, lamenting.

lamentor: to weep, wail, lament /(trans.) to bewail.

lamia: witch, vampire.

lamnia lammina lamna: sheet of metal, coin, knife blade, nutshell.

lampas: torch.

lancea: lances.

laneus: woolen.

laniatus: a tearing, ripping, mangling, mutilating.

lanio: to mangle.

lanx: scale.

lanx: dish, platter, plate.

lapsus: fall, fault, error, sliding, gradual movement.

laqueum: noose, halter, snare, trap.

laqueus: snare, trap, noose.

largiflue: bountifully.

largifluus: bountiful.

largior: to give bountifully, shower (with gifts).

largior: to lavish, bestow, grant, give abundantly.

largissimum: bounty.

largitas: bounty, liberality.

largitio: bounty.

largus: bountiful.

lascivio: to run riot, play, be wanton.

lasesco: to become tired, grow weary.

late: broadly, widely, extensively.

latebra: covert, hidden recess .

latenter: secretly, in a concealed manner.

later: brick.

latere: to lurk, lie hidden.

latet: to be unknown.

latex: liquid.

latibulum: lurking-hole.

latito: to lie hidden, be concealed.

latito: to keep out of the way, be concealed.

latitudo: breadth.

latrator: a barker (such as a dog).

latratus: barking.

latro: bandit.

latro: (-are) to bark, bay / rant /runble, roar.

latro: (-onis) hunter.

latro: (-onis) hired servant / mercenary soldier.

latro: robber, bandit, brigand.

latrocinium: mercenary service / highway robbery.

latrocinium: villainy / a gang of.

latrocinor: (dep) serve as a mercenary / to rob, steal.

latrocinor: to rob on the highway.

latrunculus: highwayman, robber, brigand, bandit / mercenary soldier.

latus: broad.

latus: broad, wide, extensive.

latus -eris: sides, flank / lungs /.

laudabilis: praiseworthy, laudable.

laudabiliter: (adv) in a laudable fashion.

laudatio: praise, commendation.

laudator: praiser.

laudo: to praise, extoll, commend /name, mention, cite, quote.

Laudunum: Laon.

laureatus: crowned with laurel, laureate.

laureola: a laurel branch, crown of laurel.

laureola: victory, triumph, success.

laurifer: carrying laurel, crowned with laurel.

laurifer: triumphant, victorious.

laurus: the laurel, bay tree / triumph, victory, success.

laus: praise, glory, fame.

lautitia: splendor, elegance.

lautumiae: lautomiae: (-arum) stone quarry.

lautus: washed, bathed, cleaned / fine, elegant, refined.

lauvabrum: a bath.

lavacrum: bath.

lavatio: washing, bathing.

lavo: to wash, bathe/ moisten, get wet / wash away.

lavo: to bathe.

laxamentum: a widening, expansion / rest, respite.

laxe: widely.

laxe: widely, loosely / unrestrained.

laxitas: wideness, expansiveness, roominess.

laxo: to relieve / release, set free, liberate / yield up.

laxo: sell formally, give up, loosen.

laxo: widen, extend, enlarge / undo, relax.

laxus: wide, spacious /later, postponed / lax, loose, relaxed.

lea: leana: lioness.

lebes: copper kettle, basin, cauldron.

lectica: litter, bier.

lectio: selection, picking out / reading, perusal.

lector: reader.

lectulus: a small bed, cot.

lectus: bed, couch.

legatarius: legatee.

legatio: embassy.

legatio: office of legate / office of ambassador, embassy commander.

legatus: ambassador, messenger.

legatus: deputy, ambassador, envoy / commander of a legion.

legens: (-entis) a reader.

legifer: lawgiving.

legio: a selection / chosen body / legion.

legio: legion.

legitiums: lawful, licit, right, proper, legitimate.

lego: to gather, choose, collect, pass through, read.

lego: appoint, select.

lego vela: to furl sails.

legumen: a bean, pea, legume.

lemiscus: a ribbon.

lemma: theme, title, epigram.

lemures: (pl. only) ghosts, phantoms.

lenimentus: alleviation, impreovement, mitigation.

lenio: to mitigate, relieve, make better.

lenis: smooth /gentle, kind, mild.

lenis: gentle.

lenitas: mildness.

lenitas lenitudo: smoothness, gentleness, mildness.

leniter: gently.

leno: procurer, go-between.

lenocinium: enticement, allurement.

lenocinor: to pander, flatter, make up to /to promote, advance.

lens: lentis: lentil.

lente: slowly, calmly, cooly, deliberately.

lentesco: to become soft, flexible, sticky /to weaken, slacken.

lentitudo: slowness, sluggishness / apathy.

lento: to bend.

lentulus: rather slow, a little slow.

lentus: lethargic, inactive /slow, lingering.

lentus: tough, resistant, tenacious /supple, pliant /.

leo: lion.

Leodie: Liege.

Leodium: Liege.

lepide: charminly, wittily, elegantly, pleasantly.

lepidus: charming, witty, pleasant, elegant.

lepor: to charm.

lepor lepos: charm, wit, elegance.

lepus: hare, rabbit.

Lesciense, monastery of: Liessies.

letalis: mortal, deadly, fatal.

letaliter: mortally, fatally.

letanie: litany.

lethargus: drowsiness, apathy, sleepiness, coma.

letifer: deadly, mortal.

letifer: death-dealing.

leto: to kill, slay.

letum: death, ruin, annihilation.

levamen: alleviation, mitigation, solace, refreshment.

levamentum: comfort, easing, alleviation, consolation.

levatio: alleviation, mitigation, solace.

leviculus: empty-headed, vain, silly.

levidensis: thin, slight, poor.

levis: [+ gen] unreliable.

levis: light, slight, trivial /beardless, bald /light-armed.

levis: rapid, swift /unimpotant /fickle, inconstant /unstable.

levitas: lightness, levity /fickleness, inconstancy /groundlesness.

leviter: lightly, softly, slightly.

levo: to raise, lift up /relieve, ease /diminish, weaken, impair.

levo: to smooth, polish.

lex: law.

lex legis: law, statute /covenant, agreement.

libatio: libation.

libellus: little book.

libens: with good will.

libenter: willingly, with pleasure.

liber: child, offspring.

liber libera, liberum: free, independent, unrestricted.

liber libri: book.

liberalis: courteous, generous, gentlemanly.

liberaliter: courteously, generously, honorably.

liberatio: release, liberation, aquittal, setting free.

libere: freely, openly, frankly.

libero: to lift (an obstacle), raise.

libero: to set free, deliver, liberate, release /exempt.

libertas: freedom, liberty, independence / frankness, candor.

libet: to be pleasing, agreeable.

libido: whim, caprice, violent desire, passionate longing.

libra: scales.

libramen: poise, balance.

libro: to launch, ponder.

licens: unimpeded, free, unrestrained, unchecked.

licentia: license, leave, authorization /freedom, liberty /licentiousness.

licentio: to authorize, permit, dismiss.

liceo: to be valued at, be for sale.

liceor: to offer a price, to offer to buy, bid, proffer, tender.

licet: granted that, although / it is allowed, one may or can.

licet: imper v., it is right, just.

licet: (as conj.) granted that, although.

licito: to sell.

licitus: permitted, allowed.

ligamen: string, thread.

ligatio: imprisonment, bondage, captivity, servitude.

lignarius: carpenter.

lignator: wood-cutter.

ligo: to bind, tie.

lima: file, polishing, revision.

limbus: band, girdle.

limen: limina: threshold.

limes: border, frontier.

limito: bound.

limus: mud.

lingua: language, tongue, speech.

linio: to besmear.

lino: to smear, befoul, dirty.

linquo: to forsake.

linteum: linnen, napkin.

liquidus: fluid, flowing, liquid / clear, evident, certain.

liquidus: limpid, liquid.

liquor: fluid.

litigatio: dispute.

litigiosus: contentious.

litigo: to [+ contra] dispute.

litigo: to quarrel, dispute.

litis: dispute, contention, fight, battle, fracas.

lito: to propitiate.

littera: letter (of the alphabet).

litterae: (pl.) letter, epistle, missive, note /literature.

livor: black and blue mark, malice, chastisement/punishment, bruises.

loci: (pl.) passages in literary works.

loco: to place, put, position.

loco: to assign, allot, grant, hire.

locuples: opulent.

locupletatus: enriched, endowed.

locupleto: to enrich, make wealthy.

locus: place, location, situation, spot. [monastery].

loginquitas: distance, remoteness, isolation.

longaminus: patient.

longe: far.

longe lateque: far and wide.

longinquus: remote, prolonged.

longitudo: length.

longus: long.

loquacitas: eloquence.

loquax: loquacis: talkative, loquacious, garrulous.

loquor: locutus: to say, speak, tell, declare.

lorica: hauberk [a coat of chain mail], a knight's service.

lorica: leather cuirass.

loricatus: wearing armor, armored.

lorum: thong.

lubricus: oily, slippery, slick.

lucerna: lamp.

lucidus: -a-um, shining, bright, clear.

lucinaria: lamp.

lucror: to gain, profit, win.

lucrosus: profitable, gainful.

lucrum: gain, profit.

luctisonus: sad-sounding, mournful, baleful.

luctuosa: feeling sorrowful.

luctus: lamentation, mourning, grief.

luculenta: splendid.

lucus: thicket.

ludicer: playful, means arbitrary, capricious.

ludicrum: game.

ludio: ludius: actor, player.

ludo: lusi l: usum: to play, sport /imitate, banter /delude, deceive.

ludus: game, sport, school.

lues: plague, pestilence, calamity.

lugeo: to mourn, be in mourning, grieve/(tans,) to lament, bewail.

lugo: mourn.

lugubris: mournful.

lumen: light, lamp, lantern /light of day.

lumen: the eye /clearness /understanding.

luminare: luminaris: window shutter.

luminarium: light, lamp.

luminosus: bright.

luna: moon.

lunatus: crescent-shaped.

luo: to undergo.

lupus: wolf.

lustro: to survey, encircle.

Lutosensis: Leuze.

lutosus: miry.

lux lucis: light.

luxuria: luxury, extravagance, opulence.

luxus: debauchery, extravagance.

macellarius: butcher, slaughter-house.

macer: thin, lean.

macero: to soften, weaken, reduce, torment.

macies: thiness, gauntness /poverty barrenness.

macilentus: lean, thin, skinny.

macresco: to become lean, skinny, thin.

mactabilis: deadly, lethal.

macto: to magnify, glorify, honor /slay, fight, punish, afflict.

macula: stain, mark, spot/ blemish, fault, flaw.

maculo: to stain, blemish, defile, pollute.

maculosus: spotted, speckled, poluted.

madesco: to get wet.

madide: drunkenly.

madidus: wet, moist, soaked, boiled, soft, drunk, dyed, steeped.

mador maero: to grieve, sorrow.

maeror meror: mourning, grief, sorrow.

magalia: little tents.

magis: more, to a greater extent, rather, for preference.

magister: master, canon / master of a school, professor.

magister: instructor, teacher, schoolmaster.

magnificabiliter: splendidly, greatly, terrifically.

magnificentia: magnificence, splendor, eminence, magnanimity.

magnifico: to extol.

magnificus: eminent, splendid, magnificent.

magnopere magnus opere: very, very much.

magnus maior maximus: large, great, important.

magus: magical.

maiestas: majesty, dignity, greatness.

maiores: (pl.) ancestors.

major domus: "Mayor of the Palace," chief steward.

majores: elders.

majores natu: elders.

mala: jaw.

Malbodiensis: Maubeuge.

male: peius: pessime: badly, ill, wrongly.

male: wickedly, with evil intent.

maledictio: curse, abuse.

maleficus: wicked, accursed, evil.

malefidus: faithless.

malens: preferring.

malevolens: malevolent, spiteful person.

malignitas: wickedness.

maligno: to contrive/do maliciously.

maligo: to do/contrive evil.

Malmundarium: Malmedy.

malo: to choose, prefer.

malo: mallui: malus: to choose, prefer.

malum: evil, misfortune, misdeed, crime, injury, damage.

malus peior pessimus: bad, wicked, evil.

mancipium: slave.

mancipo: to transfer, alienate, seize, catch, give up.

mancipo: mancepo: to sell formally, turn over, give into charge.

mandatum: order, decree, mandate, instruction.

mandatum: commission, charge, entrust.

mandatum: message, command.

mando: to commit, entrust, order, command.

mando: to send word, confide,.

mane: morning, early in the morning, early.

manentia: permanency.

maneo: to remain, stay, stay the night, last, endure, abide by.

manifesto: to make public.

manipulus: maniple.

mano: to flow.

mansuesco: to grow mild.

mansuetudo: mildness.

mansuetus: mild, soft, gentle.

mansurus: that which will endure, abide.

manus manus: hand, band, handwriting.

mara: marl [an earth rich in CaC, added to lime-deficient soils].

Marceniense: Marchiennes,.

Marcieniensis: Marchiennes.

mare maris: sea.

maritus: husband.

marmoreus: like marble.

maro: to apply marl to the soil.

martyr-yris: martyr.

martyrium: n, martyrdom.

mater matris: mother.

matera, mairia: ?vat, for the fermentation of beer.

materia: material, substance, matter.

matertera: maternal aunt.

matrimonium: marriage.

maxime: especially, particularly, principally.

maxime: greatly, exceedingly, to the highest degree, very.

me: (abl.) me /you'll do fine with ME, baby.

me: (acc.) me /that old black magic has ME in its spell.

medicor: to heal, cure.

medicus: doctor, physician.

medie: moderately.

mediocris: ordinary, average, fair, moderate, mediocre.

meditatio: practice, preparation, getting ready.

meditatio: consideration, pondering.

meditor: meditatus: to reflect upon, consider, ponder /practice.

medium: everyday life, the common good, the public eye.

medius: middle, the middle of, central, midst.

mei: my, mine /MY heart belongs to daddy. that old gang of MINE.

mel mellis: honey.

melior: better.

mellitus: honeyed, sweet as honey.

membrana: thin skin, film, parchment, membrane, prepared skin.

memini meminisse: to remember.

memor: mindful, remembering, grateful, thoughful, prudent.

memoratus: mentioned.

memoria: memory, remembrance, recall, recollection.

mendiosus: full of mistakes, shot with errors.

mendosus: faulty, full of faults.

mendum menda: fault, blemish, mistake, error.

mens mentis: mind, thought, intention, intellect.

mensa: table.

mensis mensis: month.

merces mercedis: pay, reward, recompense, compensation.

mereo: deserve, gain, obtain, serve as a soldier.

mereo mereor: deserve, earn, be entitled to, merit.

meretrix meretricis: prostitute, whore, harlot.

meridianus: midday, afternoon, south.

messis: the harvest, in-bringing, crop.

messor: reaper, harvester.

mestitia: misfortune?.

Metim: Metz.

metuo: to fear, dread, be frightened.

metus: fear, dread, anxiety.

meus: my.

mica: crumb, morsel, grain /small loaf.

micans: twinkling, sparkling, shining, gleaming, flashing, glowing.

michina: nostril.

mico: glitter, gleam, shine, sparkle, flash, be bright.

mico: to serve /quiver, shake, palpitate.

mihi: (dat.) me /give ME land, lots of land.

miles militis: soldier, warrior, knight.

milia: (pl.) thousands.

militaris -e: of a soldier, military, martial.

militus: ground, milled (of grain).

mille: a thousand.

millies milies: a thousand times.

minae: battlements, parapets /threats, menaces.

minagium: duty of the sale of grain.

miniatus: damaged, diminished, lessened, decreased.

minime: in the least degree, very little/not at all, by no means.

minimus: least, smallest, slightest.

ministro: to serve, wait upon, provide, supply.

ministro: to attend, wait upon, assist.

minor: smaller, less, slighter.

minuo: to draw blood, let blood, to bleed (someone).

minuo minui minutum: To less, diminish, decrease, grow smaller.

minutor: miner.

miracula: miraculum: a miracle play.

miraculose: miraculously.

mire: wonderfully, mervellously, uncommonly.

mirifice: wonderfuly, marvelously, extraordinarily.

miro: to wonder.

miror: to marvel at, admire, wonder.

mirus: wonderful, astonishing, extraordinary.

misceo miscui mixtum: to mix, mingle, blend.

misellus: miserable, pathetic, wretched,.

miser: wretched, unfortunate, miserable.

miserabile: sadly, mournfully, wretchedly.

miserabilis: sad, wretched, mournful, plaintive.

miseratio: a fine, charge, tax, amercement.

misere: wretchedly, miserably.

misereo, misereor: to pity.

misericordaliter: mercifully.

misericordia: pity, mercy.

misericorditer: miserably, wretchedly, cruelly.

miseror: (+dative) to pity.

misfacio: to do wrong to, injure, hurt, harm.

missa: holy mass.

mitesco: to grow mild, ameliorate.

mitigo: to make mild or ripe, make smooth, pacify, appease.

mitis: mild, gentle /ripe, mature.

mitto: misi: missum: to send, dispatch.

moderamen: management, direction.

moderor: to guide, manage, mitigate, measure.

moderor: take with moderation, temper.

moderor: to moderate, diminish, direct, govern.

moderor: conduct, play an instrument

modeste: discreetly.

modestia: moderation.

modestus: orderly, within bounds, moderate, restrained.

modestus: moderate.

modica: moderate, within bounds, limited, undistinguished.

modicus: ordinary, undistinguished, within bounds.

modicus: scanty, meager.

modio: a grain measure, a bushel basket.

modius: peck, bushel.

modo: now, just now, only.

modo..modo: at one time .. at another.

modus: measure, bound, limit /manner, method, mode, way.

moenia: walls, fortifications of a city /ramparts /castle, fortress.

moenia: walls, walled town, city, mansion, dwelling.

moere: bemoan, moan.

moeror: grief, sorrow.

moestifer: sorrowful.

moestitia: sorrow.

Moguntium: Mainz.

moles: huge bulk, massive building, might.

moleste: take annoyance/ moleste fero I take annoyance.

moleste fere: to be vexed.

molestia: annoyalce, troublesomeness /stiffness, affectation.

molestus: troublesome, disagreeable, annoying.

molimen: an attempt.

molior: to build, erect, construct, contrive, toil, struggle.

molior: to attempt [+ inf.], struggle alone, strive.

mollio: to soften, make pliant.

mollis: soft, pliant, flexible, easily moved, gentle.

molliter: gently.

monachicus: monastic, liturgical.

monachus: monk.

monarchia: monarchy.

Monasteriense: Mnster.

monasterium: monastery, abbey, convent.

monastica: religious.

moneo: to warn, admonish, remind, advise, instruct.

monitio: admonition, warning.

monitum: admonition.

mons: montis: mountain, mount.

monstro: to show, appoint, point out, ordain, appoint, nominate.

monstro: to ordain.

monstrum: portent, omen, monster.

monstrum: portent.

Montensem: Mons.

monumentum: memorial or token of remembrance, remembrance.

mora: delay.

moratlis: mortal.

morbus: sickness, disease, illness.

mores, morium: ways, conduct, character, morals.

morior: to die, wither away, decay.

moror: to stay, remain, reside, linger.

morosus: capricious.

mors mortis: death.

morsus: a biting, bite, also, sting, pain.

mortalitas: the state of being mortal/ death, a dying.

mortifer: deadly, death-bringing.

mortifera: deadly things.

mortuus: dead, deceased, passed away, gone West, departed.

morulo: to linger.

mos: moris/ will, inclination/ custom, wont, usage, rule.

mos: manners habit, customs.

motus-us: m, motion (earth quake).

moveo moti motum: to move, arouse, affect, influence.

mox: soon, presently, then, thereupon.

mucro: a sharp point, edge, dagger point.

mucro: sword's point, sword.

mugio: to groan, bellow, roar, low.

mugitus: bellowing.

mulceo: to soften up.

mulco: to damage.

muliebris: womanly.

mulier: woman.

multi: many, numerous /the common herd.

multicanus: harmonious.

multifariam: in many ways.

multifluus: copiously-flowing.

multigenus: varied, of many kinds.

multimodus: manifold.

multiplex: various, numerous.

multiplex: manifold, many-fold, many times / tortuous.

multiplicatus: multiplied.

multipliciter: in many ways, in various ways.

multis prosecutionibus: pursuing the matter many times.

multo: by much, by far, by a great deal, by a lot.

multo: torment, fine, distrain.

multum: much, greatly.

multus: ne multus: briefly, in brief.

multus: much, great.

multus plus plurimum: much, a lot.

mundo: to clean.

mundus: world, universe.

mundus: clean, neat, elegant.

munero/munerior: to give, present.

munia: tributes, gifts, payments.

munificator: bestower of gifts.

munifico: to present with something, "gratifier".

munificus: munificent, generous.

munimen: fortification.

munimentum: fortification, protection, defenses.

munio: to fortify, defend, protect /build a road.

munita: fortifications.

munitio: fortifying, defense works, bridging, fortification.

munitio: rampart.

munitus: fortified.

munus: muneris: service, office, function, duty /gift.

munus: gift, present, spectacle, function, tribute, service.

murmur: roaring, murmuring.

murus: barrier, defending wall.

mus: muris: mouse.

mussito: to grumble, mutter.

mutatio: change, alteration, transformation.

mutatus: altered, changed, become different.

muto: to change, alter /exchange.

muto: punish, fine, mulct.

mutuo: to borrow, procure.

mutuus: a loan. dare mutuum: to make a loan.

mutuus: interchanged, mutually, reciprocal / reciprocity.

mutuus: reciprocal, mutual.

naevus: fault.

nam: conj, for, for example, instance.

nam: but now, on the other hand /surely, for it is certain.

nam: namque: (conj.) for /for example, for instance.

nam: but now, certainly.

nam: for.

namque: for indeed.

Namucense: Namur.

narro: to make known, say, speak, narrate.

narro: to set forth.

nascor nasci natus: to be born, spring forth.

natalis natalis: birthday.

natio: nation, people.

natio nationis: nation, race, people, breed /pagan people.

nativitas: birth.

natu: (ab,sing.) by birth.

natura: nature.

nauta: sailor.

navale: ship's station, dockyard.

navigatio: voyage, navigation.

naviger: ship-bearing.

navigium: navigation.

navigo: to sail, navigate.

navis navis: ship, vessel, boat.

navitas: energy, get up and go.

ne: (conj.) that .. not, in order that .. not, in order not to.

ne .. quidem: not .. even.

nebulosus: misty, foggy.

nec: conj, and not.

nec .. nec: neither nor.

nec tamen: and yet .. not.

necdum (neque dum): and not yet.

necessarius: necessary, needed, essential, necessary.

necessarius: needful, things needed.

necesse: (adj.) necessary, unavoidable, indispensable.

necessitas: need, exigency, unavoidability.

necne: or not.

necnon: and also.

neco: to kill, slay, put to death.

neco: to slay.

necto: to tie up, bind, fasten.

necto: to fasten together.

nefandus: abominable.

nefarius: execrable, impious.

nefas: wrong, sin.

neglectum: slight.

neglego: to disregard.

negligentia: carelessness.

nego: to deny, refuse a request, deny something to someone.

negotium: employment, business, task, occupation, pains.

negotium: pains, labor, task, pursuit.

nemo: no one, nobody.

nemorosa: shady.

nemorosus: wooded, covered with trees, forested.

nemus: tree, sacred grove.

neo: to spin, interweave. (to spin thread and yarn).

nepos nepotis: grandson.

nequam: worthless, good for nothing, bad.

nequam: vile.

nequaquam: by no means, not at all.

nequaquam: in no wise.

neque .. neque: neither .. nor.

neque nec: and not, nor.

nequeo: not to be able, to be impossible.

nequeo: not to be able.

nequequam: by no means, not at all.

nequiquam: fruitlessly, to no purpose.

nequiter: wretchedly, vilely.

nequitia: vileness.

nequitia nequities: worthlessness, badness, wickedness.

nescio: to be ignorant, be unaware, not know, be unkowing.

nex: violent death, slaughter, death.

nexus: fastening.

nichilominus: nevertheless.

nidor: vapor, smell, reek, odor.

niger: black.

nihil: (undeclinable) nothing.

nihildom: nothing as yet.

nihilominus: nevertheless.

nihilominus nichilominus: nevertheless, notwithstanding.

nihilum: nothing.

nimirum: of course, undoubtedly, certainly (sometimes ironical).

nimis: adv. too much, overmuch, excessively.

nimis: (adv.) too much, overmuch, excessively.

nimium: (adv.) too much, overmuch, excessively.

nisi: if not, unless, except.

nisus: exertion, endeavor.

niteo: to shine, glitter, be bright, glow, be sleek, flourish.

nitesco: to begn to shine /to grow fat or sleek.

nitesco: to begin to shine, grow sleek.

nitida: glittering.

nitidus: bright, shining /fat, sleek /flowering.

nitor: splendor, glow, elegance, brilliance, brightness.

nitor: to strive, exert oneself, make an effort, persevere.

nitor: to rest, lean, support oneself / trust in, depend upon.

nitor: brillance, brightness, glow, elegance, splendor.

nitor: to endeavor.

Nivellensem: Nivelles, city and monastery.

niveus: white, snowy.

nixor: to lean against /strive, strain, labor, struggle.

nixus: strain, effort.

no: -are: being done, made.

no: (nare, navi) to swim, float, fly, sail.

nobis: (dat.) us /the world belongs to US.

nobis: (abl.) us /there'll be no one as happy as US.

nocens: bad, wicked, injurious, culpable, evil.

noceo: do harm, inflict injury.

noceo: (+ dat.) to do harm to, inflict injury, hurt.

noero: noro: to know.

nolens: unwilling.

nolo: nolle: nolui: to be unwilling, wish not to, refuse.

nolo: to to be unwilling.

nomen: name.

nomen Romanorum: Roman power.

nominatim: by name, expressly.

nomine tenus: nominally, in name.

nominor: to be renowned.

non: not.

non solum .. sed etiam: not only .. but also.

nondum: not yet.

nonnisi: not? not unless?.

nonnullus: some /pl. several.

nonnumquam: sometimes.

nonus: ninth.

norma: organization.

normalis: regular.

Northmanni: Normans.

nos: we /WE live and die by that creed.

nos: us /they tried to tell US we're too young.

nosco: to become acquainted with, get to know.

noster nostra nostrum: our, ours.

noster nostri: our ours /OUR hearts beat as one.

noster nostri: our ours /that old dream of OURS.

nota: mark, token, note, sign.

notabilis: -e, noteworthy, notable, notorious.

notarius: stenographer (class.), notary, legal scribe.

notitia: knowledge. information, data, notes, annotations.

noto-are: make note, mark down.

notos: south wind.

nous: intelligence.

novem: nine.

novercalis: malevolent.

novitas: newness, novelty, strangeness.

novo: to make anew, refresh, revive, change, alter, invent.

novus: novel, unusual, extraordinary /news, novelty, a new thing.

novus: new, fresh, young, inexperienced, revived, refreshed.

nox noctis: night.

noxa: offense, crime.

noxialis: noxious.

nullatenus: in no wise.

nullus: not any, no, none.

numen: divine will.

numerus: total, category, class, number.

numquam: at no time, never.

nunc: now, at the present time, soon, at this time.

nunc quidem: at one time..then.

nuncupo: to call, proclaim.

nundinae: trade.

nunquam: never.

nuntio: to announce, report, relate.

nuntium-i: n, messenger.

nuntius: messenger, message.

nuper: newly, recently, not long ago.

nuptiae: wedding.

nuptialis: wedding.

nusquam: nowhere, on no occasion / nusquam esse -- not exist.

nusquam: nowhere, in no place, nothing, for nothing, never.

nusquam esse: not to exist.

nuto: to falter in fidelity, give way to, waver in opinion, doubt.

nutrimens: food, nourishment.

nutrimentus: nourishment.

nutrio: to suckle, nourish, bring up, rear.

nutritor: toraise, feed.

nutus: a nod, command, will / gravitation, movement down.

nutus: a nodding, nod, command, will.

nutus: command.

obdormio: to fall asleep.

obduco: to draw over, cover/ lead against / pass, spend.

obductio: covering.

obduro: to be hard, persist, endure, last, hold out.

obedienter: obediently.

obedio: to yield obedience to.

obex: barrier.

obfirmo: to bolt, lock, fasten, bar.

obicio obieci obiectum: to offer, throw in someone's teeth.

objurgo: to fight, attack, oppose.

obligatus: bound, under an obligation.

obliquo: to turn sideways, turn aside.

obliquus: slanting.

oblittero: to cancel, blot out.

oblivio: forgetfulness, oblivion.

obnixe: with all one's strength, instantly.

obnoxius: harmful, hostile.

obnubilo: to overcloud.

obruo: to overwhelm, destroy.

obscoena: offensive, filthy.

obscurum: darkness.

obsequens: compliant.

obsequium: indulgence, pliancy, submission.

obsequium: obedience, indulgence.

obsequium funeris: funeral rites.

obses: (obsidis) hostage, security, pledge, surety.

obses: surety, hostage.

obsideo: to sit near /haunt, frequent /besiege, invest.

obsido: blockage, besiege, invest.

obstaculum: obstacle.

obstinatus: firm, resolved, staunch.

obstinatus: resolute.

obsto: to oppose, defend, stand against.

obsum: to hinder.

obtempero: to obey.

obtero: to bruise.

obtestor: to implore, entreat, beg, call as a witness.

obtestor: to assert.

obtineo: to hold, keep, possess, maintain /to continue.

obtineo: to gain.

obtutus: gaze.

obviam: (adverb) in the way, on the way, toward.

obviam: on the way, in the way /(+ dat.) towards, against.

obviam ire: (+ dat.) to go to meet, oppose /help, remedy.

obvio: to encounter, meet.

obvius: on the way, in the way / (in dat.) open, accessible.

obvolvo: to wrap up, cover,.

obvolvo: to muffle up.

occasio: favorable moment, opportunity.

occasio: opportunity.

occasus: setting (of the sun, etc)/ the west /fall, destruction.

occasus: sunset, west.

occatio: harrowing.

occidio: slaughter, massacre.

occido: occidi: occasum: to fall, fall down, (for the sun) to set.

occido: to kill.

occisor: murderer.

occludo: to close, shut up, close off.

occulco: to trample (down).

occulte: secretly, in secret, by stealth.

occulto: to hide, conceal, cover.

occultus: hidden, concealed /secretly.

occumbo: to fall, topple, drop /fall dead.

occumbo: to fall.

occupo: to take possession, grasp, seize, enjoy, get a start on.

occupo: to occupy, seize, appropriate, confiscate, commandeer.

occuro: to occur, come about, happen.

occurro: to occur / run to meet, attack /oppose, work against.

occurro: to go to meet, rush upon.

occursus: a meeting.

ocius: quick. fleet, sooner, faster.

oculus: eye.

odio: to hate, despite, hold in contempt, dislike strongly.

odium: hatred.

odorifera: fragrant.

odorus: keen scenter, sharp nosed.

oestrus: horse-fly, frenzy.

offa: lump, swelling /pellet, shot /mass of something.

offendo: to knock, hit, strike /shock, offend, displease.

offendo: stumble, lurch.

offendo: to displease.

offensio: striking, knocking, hitting against, blow.

offensio: cause of offense.

offensus: collision, shock /dislike, displeasure.

offensus: offense.

offero: to bring forward, place before, present, offer, expose.

officina: workshop, factor.

officiose: courteously, dutifully, solemnly, ceremoniously.

officiosus: respectful, attentive.

officium: duty, service, job, post, position, responsibility.

officium: office, obligation, duty.

olim: at that time, formerly, once, for a long time now.

olim: once, at a future time.

Olympus: heaven, home of the gods, height of eminence.

omitto: to let slip, lose, pardon.

omitto: to omit, leave out /let go.

omnifariam: in every way.

omnigenus: of all kinds.

omnimodus: universal.

omnino: altogether, entirely, wholly, certainly, completely.

omnipotens: all-powerful, almighty, omnipotent.

omnis: all, every.

oneratus: loaded.

onero: to load, burden, oppress, fil up.

onus: load, burden, weight, trouble / charge, public road tax.

onustus: burdened, laden.

opera: work, pains, labor.

operae pretium est: it is worthwhile.

operatio: work.

operor: to work, labor, toil, take pains.

operor: to be active, do.

opes: (pl.) means, wealth, abundance, riches, resources.

opimus: splendid.

opinio: opinion, report, rumor, conjecture, report.

opinio: rumor.

opinor: -atus, 1, dep. v, to be of the opinion of.

opisthotonos: A disease where the body is curved backward.

oporotheca: place for keeping fruit.

oportet: it is fitting, it is proper, reasonable, becoming.

oportet: imper v., to assume it shall be, reasonable, necessary.

oportet: it is proper, one should, one ought.

oportet: it is needful, it behooves.

oportunitas: convenience, fitness, advantage, opportunity.

oppidum: (fortified) town.

oppono opposui oppositum: to set against, oppose, be opposite.

opportune: (adv) opportunely, conveniently.

opportune: fitly.

opportunitas: fitness, suitability, convenience, advantage.

opportunitatus: Heriman, cap. 42.

opportunus: fit, suitable/ (time) favorable /(+dat.) liable to.

opportunus: opportune, fit, convenient, suitable.

opportunus: meet.

opprimo: to subdue, overpower, press against, take by surprise.

opprimo oppressi oppressum: to suppress, overwhelm, overpower, check.

opprobrium: reproach, disgrace.

oppugno: to fight against, attack, assault, assail.

oppugno: to war with, storm.

ops: singular: power, power to aid, power to help.

ops: assistance, treasure, wealth, fortune.

optatus: longed-for.

optimates: the aristocratic party.

optimates: magnates, great lords, the best people, the upper class.

optime: as best one can.

optimus: one of the best, aristocrat, noble.

opto: to desire, wish for, want.

opto: to wish for.

opulens: rich, wealthy / powerful, mighty / splendid, sumptuous.

opulente: opulenter: richly, wealthily.

opulentia: riches, wealth / power, might / opulence, splendor.

opulentia: wealth.

opulentus: wealthy, splendid.

opus: deed, labor.

opus operis: work, labor, work done, completed work, building.

opusculus: a little or small work, a small book.

ora: edge, rim, border, boundary / coast, coast-line.

ora: region, clime, district, country / residents of a district.

ora: sea-coast.

oraculum: a solemn statement, oracle, prophecy, words of a god.

oratio: speech, address, oration.

oratio: prayer.

orator: orator, speaker. spokesman, envoy, ambassador.

oratorie: oratorically.

oratorius: oratorical / oratory.

oratu: (abl.sing.m.) by request.

orbis: circle, orb, ring, disk, orbit, coil/ round / rotation.

orbis: world, circle.

orbis lacteus: the Milky Way.

orbis signifer: the Zodiac.

orbis terrarum: the world, the Earth.

orbita: a wheel rut.

orbitas: bereavement, loss of children, loss of parents.

orbus: deprived of children or parents, orphan / deprived, destitute.

orbus: destitute.

orca: a pot or jar.

orchas: orchadis: a type of olive.

orchestra: theater space reserved for the Senate / senators.

orcus: the Lower World, whale.

ordinarius: according to order, regular, ordinary.

ordinatim: regularly, ordinarily.

ordinatio: rule, government, order, arrangment, regulation.

ordinatus: arranged, orderly.

ordine, ordinem: regularly, appropriately, properly.

ordino: (-are) to set in order, regulate, arrange, appoint, govern.

ordior: ordiri: orsus: to begin, start (esp. of speaking).

ordo: rank, class, order.

orexis: appetite, desire.

organum: instrument, musical instrument.

orgia: a festival of mysteries, orgy.

orichalcum: copper ore / brass.

oriens: rising, the rising sun / east / morning.

Orientales: Easterners.

origo: originis: origin, start, source, beginning / ancestor.

orior: rise, become visible, appear.

orior: to be born / to be a consequence or result of something.

orior oriri ortus: rise, become visible, appear.

oriundus: arising from, springing from, coming from.

oriundus: born.

ornamentum: weapons / honor, distinction.

ornamentum: equipment, kit, trappings / furniture / decorations.

ornamentum: accoutrement.

ornata: adorned.

ornate: splendidly, ornately, elegantly.

ornatus: dress, attire, equipment, ornament, embellishment.

ornatus: to adornment.

orno: to equip, furnish, supply / decorate, adorn.

ornus: mountain ash.

oro: to speak, argue, plead, orate, beg, entreat.

orsa: orsorum: beginning, start, undertaking / first few words.

orsus: a beginning, undertaking, initiative.

ortus: -us, m, birth, origin, rising / origin, source.

oryx: origis: gazelle, wild goat.

oryza: rice.

os: ossis: (n) a bone.

os: oris: face, countenance, sight / expression.

os: oris: mouth, opening, source / a mask.

ostendo: -ere-di sum, to show, to exhibit.

ostium: entrance, door.

otium: free time, leisure, ease, peace, repose.

ovanter: exultingly.

ovis ovis: sheep.

pacifice: peaceably.

pacifico: to pacify, make peace, reconcile.

pacificus: peace-making.

paciscor: to make an agreement, covenant, pact.

paciscor: to make a bargain or agreement, covenant, deal.

paciscor: to barter [away].

pactum: treaty, pact, contract.

pactum: agreement, contract, covenant, pact.

pactus: agreed-upon, stipulated, betrothed.

paecipio: to warn, admonish /teach, instruct.

paene, pene: nearly, almost.

paeniteo: to rue, cause to grieve, be repentant, repent.

paganus: countryman, peasant, pagan.

pagatim: in vilages, in a village manner, in a rusticway.

pagenses: inhabitants of a district, country-folk, peasants.

pagus: district, countryside, rural portions of a civitas.

pala: spade, peel for putting bread in the oven.

palaestra: training, wrestling-place.

palam: openly, publicly, (+abl.) in the presence of.

palea: chaff.

palestra: gymnasium, wrestling school.

palificare: make evident.

paliurus: a plant, Christ's thorn.

pallens: pale, wan, pale yellow, pale green /weak, drooping.

palleo: be pale, be yellow.

pallesco: (+ acc.) grow pale at.

palliata: cloaked.

pallidus: pale, wan; causing paleness.

pallium: coverlet, mantle, cloak.

pallium: covering, monk's garb, nun's veil, mantle.

pallium: stole, any drapery.

pallor: paleness, fading.

palma: palm.

palma: glory, prize, award for victory, salvation.

palmarium: excellent, splendid, outstanding.

palmula: blade of an oar.

palor: (dep.) to wander, stray, err.

palpito: throb, tremble, shake.

palpo: carress, stroke /coax, cajole, flatter.

palpo: to feel one's way.

paludosus: swampy, marshy, boggy.

palus: pale, stake /swamp, bog, marsh.

palus: stay.

palus: paludis: marsh, reed.

paluster: marshy, swampy, boggy.

pando: to stretch out, spread out, extend.

pando: to make known, publicize, make patent.

pandus: curved, crooked, arched, bowed.

pango: to fix, hammer in, drive in, fasten.

pango: to pledge, agree upon.

panis: (-is) bread.

pannosa: tattered.

pannus: rag, patch, piece of cloth.

pannus: swaddling clothes.

panthera: leopard, panther.

panton: everything.

papas: tutor.

papaver: poppy.

papilla: teat, breast, nipple.

pappo: -are; to eat.

papula: a pimple.

par: equal, like.

paratus: prepared, ready, equipped; (of persons) skilled.

paratus: preparation, fitting out, equipment.

parce: moderately, economically.

parcius: scarcely.

parco: (with dative) to spare, refrain from injuring.

parco: (+inf.: to forebear to), avoid, spare, keep oneself from.

parco: to spare, refrain from.

parcus: sparing, thrifty, economical, moderate.

pardus: panther, leopard.

parens: parentis: parent.

parentela: kin.

parentes: relatives, parents.

pareo: (+ dat.) to be obedient to, obey.

pareo: to submit.

paries parietis: wall (of a house).

parilis: similar, like, equal.

parilitas: equality, level to make fit.

pario: to spawn.

pariter: alike, at the same time, together.

pariter: likewise, equally, in like manner, as well.

paro: to prepare, get ready/ set, put/ furnish, supply/ buy.

pars: partis: part, share /direction.

pars: side, region.

particeps: partaker, partner, sharer, comrade.

partim: partly /some.

parum: too little, too few, not enough.

parum minus minime: (adv.) little, too little, not enough.

parumper: for a short time, for a little while, for a bit.

parumper: for a moment.

parvulus: child, infant, young, little /very small, tiny.

parvus minor minimus: small, little.

pasco: to graze, forage, browse.

passer: sparrow.

passim: adv. far and wide, everywhere.

passim: scattered about /indiscriminately.

pastor: shepherd.

pastus: pasture.

patefacio: to disclose, expose, open, make open.

patella: dish, platter, plate.

pateo: to be open, be exposed.

pateo: to be revealed, to stand open, to be clear, plain.

pater: patris: father.

paterna: of a father, paternal, native.

paternus: of a father, paternal, native.

patesco: to be laid open, bare, exposed, to be revealed.

patibilis: endurable, bearable, sufferable.

patiens: patient /(+ gen.) capable of enduring.

patiens: long-suffering.

patienter: patiently.

patientia: patience, suffering, endurance.

patientia: forbearance.

patina: a dish.

patior: to suffer, endure, permit.

patior: to suffer, be afflicted with.

patria: fatherland, one's native country, homeland.

patria: fatherland.

patricius: a nobleman.

patrius: handed down from one's forefathers.

patrizo: to take after one's father.

patro: to effect, perform.

patrocinium: patronage.

patrocinor: to protect, defend, support, patronize.

patronus: patron, protector.

patruus: paternal uncle.

patulum: a space, court.

pauci: few, a few, some.

paulatim: gradually, litle by little.

paulisper: for a little while, for a short time.

paululum: very small, very little.

pauper: poor, with few means, poverty-stricken.

pauper: beggar, person without means.

paupertas: beggardry, poverty, humble circumstances.

paveo: to dread.

pavidus: dreadful as in producing fear, quaking as in feeling fear.

pavio: to tread down upon.

pavor: quaking, dread.

pax: harmony in musical context.

pax pacis: peace.

pax pacis: peace, truce, treaty.

peccamen: sin, fault, error.

peccatus: sin.

pecco: to do wrong, err, sin, go astray.

pecto: to comb, card, thrash (to card wool).

pectus: pectoris: heart, breast.

peculium: a bit of money, a small property.

pecunia: money.

pecuniosus: rich, wealthy \profitable, lucrative.

pecus: a single head of cattle, especially a sheep/ a herd.

pecus: pecudis: single beast, head (of cattle).

pecus, pecoris: herd of cattle.

pedes: going on foot, walking /foot-soldier, infantryman.

pedis: foot-soldier.

peior: worse (see malus).

pelagus: main, open sea.

pellax: seductive.

pellis: pelt .

pello pepulli pulsum: to hit, beat /exile, drive away, banish.

peloris: a clam.

pelvis: font.

pendeo: to hang, depend, be suspended /be uncertain, undecided.

pendo: to weigh, value, consider, judge, esteem.

penetrabilis: capable of being penetrated / penetrating, piercing.

penetralis: (noun) interior, inner rooms.

penetralis: passing through, penetrating / internal, inner /.

penetranter: deeply, penetratingly, searchingly.

penetro: to put into, pass through, penetrate.

penetro: to go against, attack, enter, penetrate .

penicullus: a painter's brush, pencil, stylus.

peniculus: a sponge, brush.

penintentiarius: confessor, penintentiary.

penis: tail.

penitens: (penitentis) a penitent.

penitentia: penance.

penitio: to do penance.

penitus: inward, inner, internal, interior.

penitus: (adv.) inside, widely, through and through, completely.

penitus: (adverb) accurately, thoroughly, wholly, entirely.

penna: feather, wing.

penna: feather.

pennae: wing.

pennatus: winged, with feathers.

penniger: winged, with feathers.

pennipes: wing-footed, swift, fleet.

pennipotens: capable of flight.

pennipotenti: birds.

pensator: distributor.

pensilis: hanging.

pensio: a weighing out / paying, payment, rent / day of payment.

pensito: to weigh carefully, weigh out / pay.

pensito: to ponder, consider, think over.

penso: to weigh out / estimate, ponder, consider / pay, purchase.

pensus: paid out, valued.

penuria: penurium: lack, want, penury.

penuriosus: penurious, poor, poverty-stricken.

penus, us: provisions, supplies, victuals.

peplum: robe of state.

per: (prefix to an adjective) very, excessively, quite.

per: (+ acc.) (of time) throughout, during, in the course of.

per: (+ acc.) (of space) through, along, over / in the presence of.

per: (+ acc.) (cause) because of, on account of.

per: (+ acc.) (means/instrument) through, with, by, by means of.

per antea: before, formerly.

per moenia urbis: inside the walls of the town.

per sic quod: on condition that, with the understanding that.

pera: wallet, purse, bag.

peractio: completion, finishing, end.

peracto: to carry through, complete, accomplish.

peraeque: quite equally.

peragito: (-are) to harass, push around.

perago: (legal) to prosecute to the end.

perago: (-ere) to harass, disturb / mention / complete, accomplish.

perago: to to go through with, accomplish, finish.

peragro: to wander through, travel through.

peragro: to search through, traverse.

percello: to smite, strike with consternation, excite.

percipio percepi perceptum: to gain, learn, perceive, understand.

percontor percunctor: inquire, interrogate, investigate.

perculsus: a shock.

percunctor: to interrogate.

percutio (percussum): to strike hard, pierce, transfix /shock.

percuto: to affect deeply.

perdignus: very worthy.

perditio: loss, destruction.

perditio: ruin.

perdo: to lose, destroy.

perdo: to destroy, ruin, waste, scatter, squander.

perdo: to ruin, lose.

perduco: to lead through, conduct, carry through.

perduco: to guide.

perduco: perduxi: perductum: bring through, spread over.

peregrinus: wanderer, foreigner, stranger / pilgrim, crusader.

perennis: everlasting, uninterrupted.

pereo: to pass away, be destroyed, perish.

pererro: to ramble over.

perfectus: complete, finished, done /perfect, without flaw.

perfero: to bear, suffer, endure.

perfero: pertulit: to endure, undergo.

perficio: to accomplish, perfect, complete, achieve, effect.

perficio: perfeci: perfectum: to do thoroughly, accomplish, bring.

perfidia: treachery, faithlessness.

perfidia: treachery.

perfidiosus: treacherous, faithless.

perfidus: treasonous.

perflo: to blow through or over.

perfringo: to break through, penetrate /shatter.

perfruor: to execute completely, enjoy to the full.

perfundo: to drench.

perfusus: steeped, soaked, drenched.

pergo: to continue, proceed, go on with.

pergo: to proceed, pursue.

periclitatus: put in peril, endangered.

periclitor: to test make a trial, put in peril, endanger.

periculosus: hazardous, dangerous.

periculum: danger, risk.

periculum: risk, danger, destruction.

perimo: to slay.

perimo peremi peremptum: to destroy.

peritus: skilled, expert.

peritus: skilful.

periurium: perjury, oath-breaking, foreswearing an oath.

perjuro: to break an oath.

perlabor: to slip through.

perlustro: to pass through, survey, look, examine.

permaneo: to stay to the end, last, endure.

permaximum: the very greatest.

permeo: to pass through.

permeo: to traverse.

permetior: to measure, traverse.

permitto: permissi: permissum: to allow, permit, let.

permitto: to suffer, allow.

permoveo: to excite, agitate, stir up, move.

perniciosus: pernicious, destructive.

perorno: to greatly adorn.

peroro: to speak from beginning to end.

perosus: hateful.

perpendo: to weigh carefully.

perperam: wrongly, falsely.

perpes: never-ending.

perpetior: to endure.

perpetro: to complete, accomplish, perform.

perpetuus: perpetual, lasting, continuous, uninterrupted.

perpetuus: unbroken.

perquiro: to make a diligent search for, examine.

perscitus: very clever, exceedingly sharp.

perscribo: to write out, write down, place on record.

perscrutor: to search through, examine.

perseco: to cut through, dissect, cut away.

persentio: to feel deeply.

persequor: to persecute, hunt down, track, trail.

persequor persequi persecutus: to follow, pursue, take revenge.

perseverantia: perseverence, persistence.

perseverantia: steadfastness.

persevero: to persist, persevere, continue.

persevero: to to abide by strictly, continue steadfastly, continue.

persisto: to persist, persevere.

persolvo: to unloose, explain, expound /pay off a debt, pay.

persolvo: to render, discharge.

persona: [medieval] one holding an honor, official, magnate.

persona: actor's mask, part, role /character, personality.

personam gero: to act a part.

perspicax: penetrating.

perspicuus: transparent, bright, clear, evident.

perspicuus: clear.

persto: to persist, remain firm.

perstruo: to construct.

persuadeo persuasi persuasum: (+ dat.) to persuade.

perterreo: to terrify.

pertimesco: to become very much afraid.

pertinacia: firmness, obstinacy, stubborness.

pertinaciter: stubbornly, obstinately.

pertinax: persistent, firm, mean, stubborn, obstinate.

pertineo: to pertain to, relate to, concern.

pertingo: to stretch out, extend.

pertorqueo: to twist, distort.

pertraho: to drag, forcibly conduct, entice, allure.

perturbatio: passion.

perturbo: to disturb, trouble, perturb, disrupt.

perturpis: very disgraceful.

peruro: to burn up.

peruro perussi perustum: to burn up, consume /inflame, gall, chafe.

pervalidus: very strong.

pervasor: invader.

pervenio: (+ acc.) to reach, attain, reach, be passed to.

pervenio: to come to.

perversa: corrupt, awry.

perverto: to turn upside down, overturn, overthrow.

pervicax: determined.

pervideo: to look over, survey, inspect, discern.

pervigil: ever-watchful.

pervium: thoroughfare.

pes pedis: foot.

pessimus: worst (see malus).

pessum: to the ground, to the bottom, downward.

pessum dare: to destroy, ruin, wreck.

pessum ire: to sink, be ruined, destroyed, be put to an end.

pestifer: pestilential, injurious, damaging, plaguey,.

pestifer: baleful, destructive, mischievous person.

pestifere: destructively, injurously.

pestilencia: pestilence, plague.

pestis: destruction, pestilence, curse.

pestis pestis: plague, epidemic, pestilence /destruction, curse.

petitus: inclining toward.

peto: to make for, go to, seek, strive after.

peto: to ask for, beg, request, demand / to sue for.

peto: to make for, seek out, relate to.

petrosus: rocky.

petulans: wanton.

phalangula: small host.

phalanx: host, band of warriors.

phalerae: trapping for foreheads and breasts of horses, ornaments.

phaleratus: bridled, harnessed, bearing arms.

pharetra: a quiver.

phasma phasmatis: ghost, spirit, specter.

philologus: scholar, learned man / adj. learned, literary.

phitonicum: Herimann p. 275.

Phoebus: sun.

phthisis: consumption, tuberculosus.

phylacterium: amulet.

physiologus: a natural science.

pia pium: honest, godly, holy, pious, dutiful, patriotic.

piaculum: a victim, sacrifice, atonement, punishment /a sin, crime.

piaculum: sin.

pica: jay, magpie.

picea: the spruce tree.

pictor: painter.

picturatus: painted / of cloth, embroidered.

picus: woodpecker.

pie: adv, piously, religiously, dutifully.

pietas: compassion, dutifulness, kindness.

pietas: dutifulness, dutiful conduct, piety, devotion, kindness.

piger pigra pigrum: lazy, slow, dull.

pignus: gage, collateral, surety, pawn.

pignus: pawn, pledge, token, (in pl.) persons in pledges of.

pilo: to shave, sut the hair.

pilosus: hairy, covered with hair.

pilum: heavy javelin.

pilus: a single hair /a trifle.

pinetum: pine wood.

pingo: pixi: pcitum: to paint, embroider, draw.

pingo: stain, dye /decorate.

pinguesco: to grow fat, sleek.

pinguis: fat, oily, rich, sleek, /fertile.

pinguitudo: fatness, rotundity.

pio: to purify with sacred rites.

piper, piperis: pepper.

pipio: to chirp, tweet, pipe.

pirum: pear.

pirus: pear tree.

piscator: fisherman.

piscis: fish.

pius: pious, dutiful, compassionate, respectful, gracious.

pius: dutiful, godly, holy, upright, kind, honest, affectionate.

placatus: appeased.

placeo: (+ dat.) to please, be agreeble to.

placet: it is agreed, it is resolved, it seems good.

placide: quitely, gently.

placidus: quiet, still, gentle.

placitum: judgment, case/ plea, litigation / defense.

placitum: conference, meeting, negotiation.

placitum: accord, agreement, pact /assembly for judgment.

placo: to placate, appease.

plaga: district, zone, region.

plaga: a blow, stroke, wound, buffet,.

plaga: blow, buffet, slap.

plaga: plague (Vulgate), affliction, scourge.

plagatus: wounded.

plagiarius: kidnapper, plagiarist.

planctus: wailing.

plane: plainly, clearly.

plango: to beat ones breast.

plango: planxi: planctum: to strike, beat /bewail, mourn.

planta: plant, shoot, sprout, twig, sprig.

plantarium: nursery, nursery garden/ sole of the foot.

planto: to set in place, make, form, shape/ plant, fix in place.

planum: level ground.

plasmator: maker.

plasmo: to mould.

platea: street, courtyard.

plaustrum: wagon, cart, Charles' Wain, the Big Dipper.

plebeius: common.

plebs: populace, lower classes, the mob.

plebs: the common people, the masses, the crowd.

plecto: to punish.

plecto aliquem capite: * suffer capital punishment, death.

plector: to be punished.

plectrum: lute.

plene: (adv.) completely, wholly, fully.

plenus: filled, laden.

plenus: full, complete, full, satisfied, rich, mature, plump.

plerumque: for the most part, generally, commonly, mostly.

plerusque: very many, a great number, a large part, the greater part.

plico: to fold.

plorabilis: deplorable.

ploratio: lamentation, mourning, weeping.

plorator: a lamenter.

ploratus: weeping, lamenting.

ploro: to lamen, weep, weep over.

pluit: pluvit: it is raining, a shower is falling.

pluma: feather /featherbed /pen.

plumbeus: leaden, made of lead /dull, stupid, heavy, opressive, bad.

plumbum: lead, a bullet, lead pipe.

plumbum album: tin.

pluo: to rain, shower, sprinkle.

plura: more numerous, several, many.

plures: more numerous, several, many.

pluries: often, frequently.

plurimi: at the highest price, of the highest worth.

plurimus: most, very many.

pluris: (gen.) at a higher price, of a great value.

plus: more.

plusculus: somewhat more, rather more.

pluvia: rain, shower.

pluvialis: pertaining to rain, of rain.

pneum: breath.

pocius: = potius.

pocius potius: rather, preferrably.

podagra: gout.

poema poematis: poem, verse, rhyme.

poena: pain, punishment, penalty /poena dare: to pay the penalty.

poeta: (masc.) poet.

polenta: pearl barley, barley groats.

pollen: fine flour, fine meal. (also pollis ).

pollens: strong, mighty.

polleo: to be rich in.

polleo: to be strong, powerful, able.

pollex: thumb, big toe.

polliceor: to promise, offer.

pollicitas: offering.

pollicitatio: promise.

pollicitus: promised, a promise.

polluo: to defile.

polus: pole, heavens.

pomum: fruit, apple.

pondera: balance, equilibrium.

pondero: to weigh, consider, reflect.

pondus: a pound's weight /weight, mass, load /heavy body.

pondus: weight, weight of character, firmness, constancy.

pono posui positum: to lay, place, put, set /(milit.) post, station.

pons: bridge, drawbridge.

pons pontis: bridge.

pontifex: bishop.

pontus: bridge.

poposco: see posco; Herimann, cap. 28, 69.

populatio: devastation, wasting /population.

populi: people.

populus: people, the people, nation, crowd, multitude, host.

populus: popular.

populus: populace, laity.

porro: forward, further, next, in turn, (of time) long ago.

porta: gate, entrance.

portus: harbor.

posco: to call upon, ask ernestly, request.

posco: to beg.

positus: position, place, arrangment.

positus: situated.

possessio: possession, property.

possessiones: holdings.

possideo: hold, abide.

possum: to be able, to be capable.

possum posse potum: to be able, avail, have influence.

post: (+ acc.) after, behind.

post modum: afterwards, presently, shortly.

post tergum: [left] behind.

postea: afterwards.

posteri: posterity.

posteritas: succeeding generations, offspring, posterity.

posterus, postremo: subsequent, following, next, future.

posthabeo: to put after, consider of less account, [posthabito].

postpono: to put after, consider secondary.

postquam: (conj.) after.

postquam: after/: [+ subj.] because.

postulatio: a demand, request, desire /complaint.

postulativus: plaintive.

postulator: plaintiff, complainant.

postulo: to complain /contain, measure /need, require.

postulo: to ask, demand, require /summon, prosecute, impeach, try.

potens: mighty, able, mighty, powerful, strong.

potentia: might, power, authority.

potentia: [political/diplomatic power] influence.

potestas: power, ability, authority /opportunity.

potestas: legal competence.

potior: (+ gen. or dat.) to possess, hold, get possession of.

potior: to [+ abl] obtain.

potissimum: (adv.) chiefly, most of all.

potissimus: best of all, chief, principal.

potius: comp. adj, in order that, rather.

potius: rather, preferably.

practicus: active.

prae: pre: (prep. with abl.) before, in front of.

prae dulcis: pre dulcis: exceedingly sweet.

prae pre: (adv.) before, in front.

prae quam: pre quam: in comparison with.

prae se ferre / pre se ferre: to show, exhibit, on account of.

praebalteata: girded.

praebeo: prebeo: (+ refl.) to show oneself, present oneself.

praebeo: to offer.

praebeo: prebeo: to offer, hold out, supply, provide, allow.

praecautus: on one's guard.

praecaveo: to take precautions.

praecedo: precedo: to precede, go before /surpass, excell.

praecedo: to precede.

praecedo: praecessi: praecessum: to go, result.

praecellens: distinguished, excellent.

praecello: to preside over, be distinguished.

praecelsus: very lofty.

praecelsus: precelsus: exceedingly high.

praecepio: precepio: precept, preconception.

praeceps: precipice.

praeceptum: preceptum: instruction, injunction, command, precept.

praecidentius: cautiously.

praecido: to cut short, lop, mutilate.

praecingo: to gird, encircle.

praecipio: precipio: to instruct, advise, warn, anticipate.

praecipitium: headlong fall.

praecipito: cast down headlong.

praecipo: to instruct.

praecipue: especially, chiefly.

praecipue: adv, especially.

praecipue: particularly.

praecipuus: extraordinary, subst: chief.

praeclarus: excellent, famous, beautiful, striking.

praeconium: laudation.

praeconor: preconor: to be a public crier, to herald, proclaim.

praecox: precox: ripe beforehand, premature.

praecursor: forerunner.

praeda: preda: plunder, booty, spoils of war, loot, gain, prey.

praeda: booty.

praedatio: taking of booty.

praedatus: taking of booty.

praedestino: to determine beforehand, predestine.

praedicare: to preach.

praedicatio: preaching (s), foretelling (s), condemning.

praedico: predico: to warn, admonish, instruct, foretell.

praedico: to fix in advance.

praeditus: well endowed.

praedium: estate.

praedor: to plunder.

praeduco: to put before.

praeeo: to lead the way.

praeeo: preeo: to go before, precede /to say in advance /to order.

praefatus-i: m, before mentioned.

praefero: prefero: to carry in front, display, prefer.

praefero: prefero: anticipate, carry by, ride by.

praeficio: preficio /prefeci prefectum: to put in charge of.

praefinio: prefinio: to appoint ahead of time.

praefoco: prefoco: to choke, suffocate.

praegravo: pregravo: to press heavily upon, weigh down, oppress.

praeire: to go before.

praejudicium: damage.

praejudico: to decide beforehand ie plan.

praelabor: to glide past, translated as transient.

praelibo: to taste beforehand.

praelior: to do battle.

praelium: battle.

praelium facio: to join battle.

praemitto: to send forward, dispatch, send in advance.

praemium: reward, exploit -.

praemium: premium: reward, prize/ booty /profit.

praemo: premo: to press down, strike down.

praemoneo: to forwarn.

praemunio: to secure.

praeniteo: to gleam especially.

praenuntio: prenuntio: to foretell, announce before hand.

praenuntius: prenuncius: foretelling, harbinger, omen, token.

praeoccupor morte: to fall prey to death.

praeopto: to desire more or much.

praeparo: preparo: to prepare, ready, make ready, arrange.

praepedio: to hinder.

praepes: nimble.

praepono: prepono: to set over, prefer.

praepositus: manorial agent, steward, bailiff, prior.

praepositus prepositus: (monastic) prior.

praeproperus: preproperus: over-hasty, precipitate.

praesagio: to prophesy.

praesagium: presentiment.

praesagus: prophetic.

praescio: to foreknow.

praesentia: presence, presence of mind, effect, power.

praeses: guard.

praesidium: garrison troops, assistance, aid.

praesidium: guard, garrison, detachment /protection.

praesieo: praesedi: praesedere: to sit before, preside, command.

praestans: prestans: excellent, distingished, imminent, superior.

praestantia: prestantia: superiority, excellence.

praestigiator: impostor.

praesto: [+ subj clause] to be better, preferable.

praesto: to furnish, offer.

praesto: to stand before, be outstanding, excell, surpass, show.

praesto presto: to answer for, be responsible for.

praesto presto: to do, perform, display, fulfill, offer, present.

praestolatio prestolatio: the waiting for, expectation.

praestolor: to wait for, stand ready.

praestringo: to bind fast.

praesul presul: dancer /presider, protector, director.

praesum: v, to be before.

praesum: to be set over, preside over have charge of.

praesum presum: to be at the head of, be in charge of.

praesumo: to trust, venture, dare.

praesumo presumo: to anticipate, take for granted.

praesumptio: audacity.

praeter: adv, beyond, after.

praeter: adj., except; prep. + acc., besides, beyond, more than.

praeterea: adv, besides, moreover, as indeed it is.

praeterea: preterea: besides, further, hereafter.

praetereo: pretereo: to pass over, pass by, omit.

praeteritus: preteritus: past.

praetermissio: pretermissio: neglect, passing over, omission.

praetorgredior: pretergredior: to pass betond, go beyond.

praevalens: very powerful.

praevaleo: to prevail, have power.

praevalesco: to grow very strong.

praevalida: very powerful.

praevaricor: to transgress.

praevenio: to come before, anticipate.

praevenio: to get the start of/ to forestall, prevent, hinder.

praevideo: to take precautions.

praevius: previous, former.

prandio: to eat lunch.

prandium: dinner, lunch.

pratum: meadow, hay-field.

pratus: meadow.

pravitas: crookedness, depravity, deformity, perversity.

pravus: depraved, wicked, evil, perverse.

precatus: prayer, beseeching.

precipio: to anticipate, instruct, advise, warn.

precipue: especially, particularly, chiefly.

precipue: chiefly, especially, particularly.

precipuus: excellent, distinguished, special, extraordinary.

precor: to beseech, pray, beg, entreat, invoke.

prehendo: to seize, snatch, grasp, detain, arrest.

premo: squeeze, press down, strike down.

premo: to weigh down, stifle, overwhelm.

premo pressi pressum: to squeeze, press down, strike down.

prenda: booty, loot, stolen goods.

preoccupo: to attack first, take, vex, occupy.

preoccupo: to block, prevent, frustrate.

prepositus: reeve, steward, provost, prior, abbot.

presertim praesertim: especially, chiefly.

presso: to conceal.

pretereo: to go by, pass by, escape.

pretium: price, vaue, reward.

prevenire: to come to, go before hand, attend.

prex: entreaty.

prex precis: request, entreaty, prayer.

pridem: in time past.

primaeva: youthful.

primitus: first, for the first time.

primo: first, at first, at the beginning, at the start.

primordia: atoms.

primordium: first beginning, origin.

primoris: first, foremost, at the top, uppermost.

primoris: first, foremost /most distinguished, first.

primum: quam primum: as soon as possible.

primum: at first, for the first time, in the first place.

primus: chief.

princeps: * leader, prince, preeminent person, magnate, prince.

principatus: rule, dominion, pre-eminence, first place.

principium: beginning.

principor: to rule.

prior: prius: former, prior.

priores: um: forefathers, ancestors.

priscus: ancient, antique, former, old days, venerable.

pristinus: former, venerable, ancient.

prius: before, formerely.

priusquam: (conj.) before.

privatus: private, unofficial, a private person.

privatus: deprived, released.

privigna: step-daughter.

privo: to rob, deliver, deprive.

privus: (with gen.) deprived of.

pro: (+ abl.) in front of, before /on behalf of, for.

pro: (+ abl.) in return for, instead of /for, as.

pro eo: because of the fact, because, for this reason.

proavus: great-grandfather.

probabilis: credible.

probabiliter: with credibility.

probatur: from probo-are, to judge, test, examine.

probatus: approved.

probitas: probity, uprightness, honesty.

probitas: liberality.

probo: to show, prove, demonstrate, approve, find good, judge.

probrum: reproach, abuse.

probus: upright, liberal, generous.

procax: brash.

procedo: to go ahead, proceed, advance, continue.

procedo: to go out, come out /result, prosper /turn out well.

procella: storm, tempest, gale; (milit) charge, onset, wave.

procella: tempest.

procellosus: tempestuous.

procer: chief noble, prince.

proceres: prelates, chiefs, magnates.

proceritas: height.

procerus: tall.

processus: procession, progress.

procido: to fall prostrate.

procinctu: prepared or ready for battle.

proclivia: slopes.

proclivus: inclined, ready.

procreo: to beget.

procul: far, at, to, from a distance.

procuratio: management, administration, diretion, supervision.

procurator: manager, bailiff, agent.

procuro: to take care of, manage.

prodeo: to advance, go forward, appear, go forth, sally forth.

prodico: to put off, delay.

prodigentia: profusion, prodigiality.

prodigialiter: amazingly, wonderfully.

prodigiosus: unnatural, wonderful, miraculous, amazing.

prodigium: prodigy, portent / monster, unnatural thing.

prodigo: drive forth, waste, spend, expend.

prodigus: rich, extravagant, abound in, profuse.

prodigus: lavish.

proditio: betrayal, treason.

proditio: treason, betrayal.

proditor: traitor, betrayer.

proditus: treachery.

prodo: deliver, transmit, hand over, disclose.

prodo: publish, bring forth, appoint /abandon, betray.

prodoceo: teach, inculcate, indoctrinate.

prodromus: forerunner.

produco: to bring into the world.

producto produxi productum: promote, divulge, bring to light.

producto produxi productum: produce, bring forward, bring out.

proeliator: warrior.

proeliator preliator: fighter, warrior, combatant.

proelium: battle.

profano: profane, desecrate.

profano: to violate.

profanus: not sacred, uninitiated, ordinary, common, impious.

profanus: wicked.

profectio: departure, source, origin.

profectio: departure.

profecto: truly, really, indeed.

profectus: advance.

profero: to enlarge, extend/ delay, postpone.

profero: to carry out, bring forth/ advance, impell/cite, mention.

profero: to reveal, proffer.

professio: monastic profession of vows/ oath of canonical obedience.

professio: monastic rule.

professio: declaration, profession/ trade, art, craft, profession.

professor: authority, expert.

professorius: authoritative.

professus: having professed monastic vows.

proficio: advance, assist, help, aid, be of use.

proficio: to make progress, advance.

proficio: to go on, be advantageous, accomplish.

proficiscor: to depart, set out, to start forward, to arise.

proficiscor: to travel, march.

proficuus: proficiscor: to start forward, set out, depart, arise.

profiteor: to confess (one's sins), to take a monastic oath.

profiteor: to declare publicly, profess.

profiteor: to make a public statement / to declare oneself.

profiteor: to acknowledge, confess / offer, promise.

profor: profari: profatus: to speak out.

profugus: fleeing, fugitive, banished, migratory.

profundo: profui: profusum: to pour forth, gush, stream.

profundum: a depth, abyss, chasm /the sea.

profundus: deep, profound, high, thick, dense, boundless.

profusius: profusely.

profuturus: beneficial.

progagus: offspring.

progener: husband of a grand-daughter.

progenero: to produce, engender.

progenierum: from generation to generation.

progenies: descent, lineage, progeny, offspring, descendants.

progenitor: founder of a family, ancestor.

progenitus: descended.

progigno: progenui: progenitum: to engender, bring forth.

prognatus: born, sprung from /son.

progredior: to go forth, advance, proceed, go out.

progredior: to march forward.

progressio: advance, progress, increase.

progressus: advance, going forward, increase, a royal circuit.

proh: ah!.

prohibeo: to prevent, hinder, restrain, prohibit, forbid.

prohibeo: to hold back, withhold, restrain.

prohibitio: prohibition, restrain, forbidding.

proicio: to throw forth, fling, abandon.

proinde: consequently, therefore, as a result.

proinde quasi: proinde ac si: just as if.

proinde ut: proinde quam: just as.

prolabor: to slide forward, slip forward, fall forward, fall down.

prolapsio: a slipping or sliding.

prolatio: a bringing forward, mentioning /extension /deferring.

prolato: to enlarge, lengthen, extend /put off, defer.

prolecto: to entice, allure.

proles: offspring, descendants, posterity, (plants: fruit).

proles: descendant, progeny.

proletarius: a citizen of the lowest rank.

prolicio prolixi: to lure forth, entice.

prolix: long, stretching.

prolixus: wide, broad, long / willing, obliging, favorable.

proloquium: assertion, utterance.

proloquor: to speak out, declare openly.

proluo prolu prolutum: to wash away, wash clean.

prolusio: preliminary exercise, prelude.

proluvier: innundation /scouring /discharge.

proluvies: overflowing.

promereo: promereor: to deserve, merit.

promereor: to earn.

promerita: deserving.

promeritum: desserts, merit, credit.promissio: a promise.

prominens: jutting out, standing out /a projection.

promineo: to stand out, jut, extend.

promisce: promiscue: indiscrimately.

promiscus promiscuus: mixed, indiscriminate /commonplace, usual.

promissio: a promise.

promissor: a promiser, suretor, guarantor.

promissum: promise, offer.

promitto: to let go forward, send forth, promise, undertake.

promitto: to let go, send forth, undertake, promise.

promitto: to put forth, make a promise, oath.

promitto: engage oneself, promise,.

promo prompsi promptum: to produce, disclose, bring forth.

promontorium: peak, mountain crest, ridge, promontory.

promoveo promovi promotum: push forward, move ahead, advance.

prompte: promptly, resolutely, readily.

promptu: in promptu esse: to be ready, to be easy, to be clear.

promptu: in promptu habere: to have read, display, have on show.

promptu: in promptu ponere: to make clear, reveal, disclose.

promptus: ready at hand, visible, apparent.

promptus: (persons) prepared, resolute, prompt.

promptus: ready, inclined to.

promulgatio: publication, promulgation (of a law).

promulgo: to publish.

promus: steward, butler.

promutuus: (cash) advanced, prepaid, arragned beforehand.

pronepos proneptos: great-grandson.

pronuntio: to proclaim, announce, declaim.

pronus: stooping.

propago: to extend.

propago-are: to spread, propagate.

propalata: made public, publicized.

propalo: to make public.

prope: near, nearly, not far from, just now, closely.

prope: near, near to, not far, not long from now.

propello: to drive before one, drive away.

propense: readily.

propero: to hasten, speed, move rapidly, come quickly.

propero: to hasten / accelerate, speed up.

propero: to hasten.

propino: to set before one.

propinquitas: intimacy, nearness, closeness.

propinquo: (intrans) to come near, draw near, approach.

propinquus: near, close, similar, nearly related.

propinquus: kinsman.

propitius: favorable, gracious.

propitius: gracious.

propono: display, publish, relate, tell, propose, promise.

propono: to design, point out.

propositio: proposal, proposition.

propositum: a design, purpose, scheme, theme of discourse.

propositum: intention, declaration.

proprie: exclusively, particularly, peculiarly. properly.

proprietas: ownership.

proprius: one's own, permanent, special, peculiar.

proprius: characteristic, particular.

propter: (+ acc.) near, close, on account of, because of.

propugnaculum: tower, fortification, rampart, defense.

prora: prow.

prorsus: forward, straight ahead, to sum up, utterly, wholly.

prorsus: utterly.

proruo: to tumble down.

prosapia: family, stock.

prosequor: to pursue.

prosequor (prosecutus): to attack, go with, pursue, attend.

prosilio: to spring up, burst forth.

prosper: favorable, fortunate, lucky, prosperous.

prosper: propitious.

prospera: good fortune.

prosperitas: propserity, good fortune.

prosperitas: success.

prospicio: to look into the distance, contemplate.

prospicio: to see from a distance, prosper, propitious.

prosterno: to knock down, cast down /destroy, ruin.

prosterno: to overthrow, prostrate.

prosum: (with dat.) to be useful, do good, benefit.

prosum: to benefit.

prosum (profuturus): to be useful, of benefit, do good.

protego: to protect.

protelo: to lead.

protendo: to stretch out.

protense: extensively. .

protero: to tread under foot, trample.

proterus: wanton.

protestor, protesto: to declare in public, affirm, bear witness.

prothonotario: protonotary.

prothoplastus: the first man.

protinus: forward, further on, continuously, immediately.

protraho (protractus): to draw out, rpotact, defer, make known.

prout: as, just as, according to.

provectus: aged, old, advanced in years.

provectus: advanced, advanced in age.

proveho: to carry on, carry forward, advance, promote,.

proventus: a growing up, increase, crop, yield, or issue.

provida: prudent.

providentia: providence, foresight, prudence.

provideo: to foresee, provide, make provision for.

providor: caretaker.

provisio: forethought.

provisor: one who provides for, or against.

provolvere se: to throw oneself down, abase oneself.

provolvo: to fall down at another's feet.

proximus: nearest, closest, next.

prudens: prudent, wise.

prudens: discreet, sensible, judicious.

prudenter: wisely, discreetly.

prudenter: discreetly.

prudentia: foresight, wisdom, discretion.

prudentia: practical judgment, discretion.

prurigo: to itch.

psallo: to sing Psalms of David, psalmodize, sing.

psallo: to play/sing to stringed instrument, esp. cithara.

pubertas: manhood.

pubes: young men, signs of manhood.

pubesco: to reach the age of puberty.

publicus: of the people, public, open to all.

puchre: beautifully, finely, handsomely.

pudendus: shameful, disgraceful.

pudeo: to be ashamed,.

pudet: it causes shame.

pudicus: modest. chaste.

pudor: modesty, bashfulness.

pudor: ignominy,.

puella: girl.

puer: boy.

puerilis: childish, boyish, folish, foolish.

pueriliter: boyishly, childishly, foolishly.

puga: pyga: buttocks.

pugna: fight, battle, conflict, set-to.

pugnacitas: the desire to fight, pugnacity.

pugnaculum: fortress.

pugnator: combatant.

pugnax: fond of fighting, combative, stubborn, contntious.

pugno: to fight.

pugnus: the fist.

pulchellus: pretty.

pulcher pulchra pulchrum: beautiful, handsome, fine, fair.

pulchritudo: beauty, fineness.

pulex: the flea.

pullulo: shoot up, sprout, burgeon.

pullulo: to increase, spread.

pullus: young animal /chicken, chick.

pullus: dark-clorored, blackish /sad, gloomy / a dark garment.

pullus: young.

pulmentum: anything eaten with bread, sauce or relish.

pulmo: the lung.

pulpa: flesh.

pulpitum: platform, stage.

pulsatus: touched, struck.

pulso: to strike (the hours).

pulso: to strike, touch.

pulsus: beating, blow, push, impulse, influence.

pulverulentus: full of dust.

pulvis: dust, powder /arena, scene of action.

pumilius pumilio: a dwarf.

punctum: a prick, little hole, puncture /a point, spot, place.

pungo: to sting.

pungo pupugi punctum: to penetrate /sting, annoy, harrass.

pungo pupugi punctum: to prick, puncture, stab /touch, move.

puniceus: purple, red.

puniceus: reddish.

punio: to punish, avenge, gave vengeance.

punitor: punisher, avenger.

pupa: doll /little girl.

pupillus: orphan, minor.

pupillus pupilla: orphan, ward.

puppis: stern of a ship, the poop.

pupula: pupil of the eye.

purgamentum: rubbish, trash, filth, sweepings.

purgatio: cleaning out, cleansing /excsuing, justification.

purgo: to clean, cleanse, purify/ clear away, wash off/ justify.

purpura: purple dye, purple cloth /high rank, emperorship.

purpureus: brilliant, purple-colored.

purus: pure, free from, spotless, without stain.

purus: spotless.

pusillus: tiny, puny /petty, mean.

pusillus: insignificant, very small.

pusio: lad.

putator: pruner.

puteo: to stink, be redolent, smell bad.

puter: rotten, decayed, putrid /loose, crumbling /flabby.

putesco: to putrefy, day, rot.

puteulanus: blue.

puteus: well, pit.

puto: to clear, settle up, consider, think, believe, suppose, judge.

putus: pure, unmixed, unadulterated.

pyropus: bronze.

pyus pyxidis: a little box, casket.

qua: (fem. sing. abl.) (the abbess) BY WHOM she was advised.

qua: (adv.) by which route, where.

quadra: dining table.

quadraginta: forty (Indecl.).

quadratus: square, a square.

quadrigae: four-horse team.

quadrivium: second stage of the medieval curriculum.

quadrivium: crossroads, place where four roads meet.

quadrum: a square.

quadruplator: an exaggerator, informer.

quadruplor: to be an informant.

quae: (neut. plur. nom.) WHAT cannot be avoided must be endured.

quae: (neut. pl. acc.) those things WHICH we must have.

quae: (fem. pl. nom.) Let THOSE (women) WHO have ears to hear .

quae que: (fem. sing. nom.) (the milkmaid), WHO loved a prince.

quaerito: to seek/look earnestly for.

quaero: quero: to seek, search for / ask, enquire, search for.

quaero: quero: to miss, want / seek to know / obtain, get.

quaero: to plan, search, procure.

quaero: to seek, search for, get, obtain.

quaesitio: quesitio: investigation, interrogation.

quaeso: queso: to seek for, ask for, beseech.

quaestio: questio: seeking, searching /inquiry, investigation.

quaestio: judicial investigation.

quaestuosus questuosus: profitable, fond of gain, rich.

quaestus questus: profit, a source of profit, gainiing, getting.

qualis: of what kind? of the kind that.

qualiscumque: of any kind whatever, any whatever.

qualislibet: of what sort you will.

qualitas: quality, property, nature.

qualiter: just as, in whatever manner/way.

quam: (fem. sing. acc.) (the church), WHICH the Lord loved.

quam: (adv. and conj.) how, than, as .. as possible.

quam plures: as many as possible.

quamdiu: such a long time.

quamobrem: for which reason, on which account, why.

quamobrem, quam ob rem: wherefore? why? for which reason.

quamquam: though, although.

quamquam: nevertheless, and yet (beginning a sentence)/ though.

quamtotius: ? completely, all.

quamvis: adv/conj, ever so much.

quamvis: (conj) however much, although/ as much as you like.

quando: (interr.) when si quando: if ever.

quandoque: adv, of one time or another.

quandoquidem: since, because.

quanti: for how much, at what price.

quanto: by how much (+ comp. adj. or adv.).

quantocius: quantotius: the sooner the better.

quantocius: quantotius: as quickly as possible.

quantum: how much?, how much!, as much as.

quantum: adv, regard to, as much as, the more, the greater.

quantum: (+ gen.) as much of .. as.

quantum in me est: as much as in me lies.

quantus: how great?, how great!, how much, as great as.

quantus: how great, as great as.

quantus .. quantus: as great as, as much as.

quantuscumque: quantacumque: quantumcumque: however great.

quantuslibet: as much as you will, as great as you will.

quantuvis: as great as you please, however great.

quapropter: wherefore.

quare: wherefore, why, because of which thing.

quartus: fourth.

quarum: (fem. pl. gen.) their envy and jealousy, OF WHICH we know.

quas: (fem. pl. acc.) the fates, against whom he struggled.

quasi: as if, just as, just as if, as it were /a sort of.

quassatio: a shaking.

quasso: to shake violently, shake to pieces, break, shatter.

quasso: to batter.

quatenus: in order that.

quatenus: quatinus: how far, to what extent, where, seeing that.

quatenus/quatinus: since, as, in order that, that.

quater: four times /again and again.

quattuor: four (indecl.).

quem: (masc. sing. acc.) (the man), WHOM the king struck.

quemadmodum: how? /just as, lust like.

quemadmodum: how, in what manner.

quendam: a certain (one, thing, someone).

queo: to be able.

quercetum: an oak grove, and oak forest.

quercus: oak tree.

querela: querella: complaint, complaining, accusation.

queribundus: complaining, plaintive, whining.

querimonia: complaint, accusation, a charge in court.

queritor: to complain excessively, whine, gripe.

quernus: oaken.

queror: to complain, lament, bewail (dogs) whine, whimper.

querulus: complaining, whining, lamenting.

questus: complaint, lament.

qui: quae: que: quod: which, what, that.

qui: (masc. pl. nom.) Let THOSE (men) WHO have eyes to see..

qui: (masc. neut. nom.) (the prince) WHO loved a milkmaid.

qui: (question) how? in what way? / somehow / wherewith.

quia: because.

quianam: why?.

quiane: why?.

quibus: (neut. pl. abl.) the arms WITH WHICH he won Rome.

quibus: (neut. pl. dat.) the crimes FOR WHICH he was executed.

quibus: (masc. pl. dat.) the monastery IN WHICH he was intered.

quibus: (masc. pl. abl.) his sons, BY WHOM he was attacked when old.

quibus: (fem. pl. abl.) the beards, BY WHICH the pirates were known.

quibus: (fem. pl. dat.) the good fortune, TO WHICH he owed his crown.

quicquid: whoever, whatever, whatsoever, anything at all.

quicum: with whom, with which.

quicumque: quaecumque: quodcumque: whatsoever, anything that.

quicumque: etc.: all that.

quicumque: etc,: any (one, thing, etc.) available.

quid: (question) what (thing)?.

quid: (+ genitive) how much? how many?.

quid ita: why so?.

quidam quaedam quedam quidam: a certain person or thing / a kind of.

quidem: indeed, certainly, at least/ ne .. quidem: not .. even.

quidem: adv, in truth, certainly, at least, indeed.

quidne: (question) why not?.

quies: quiet, rest, peace / a resting place / sleep / a dream.

quies: repose.

quiesco: to rest, sleep, be at ease / stop (doing something).

quiete: quietly, calmly.

quiete: calmly, undisputably.

quieto: to become calm.

quietus: resting, sleeping, undisturbed / neutral / quiet, calm.

quilibet: anyone, anything, whatever (or whomever) you like.

quin: but come now, rather, indeed,.

quin: (with verbs of hindering, etc.) "without + participle".

quin: [+ subj.] rather, let, verily.

quin etiam: why even, in fact, moreover.

quin etiam: yea, indeed.

quinam quaenam quenam quodnam: which? what?.

quindeciens: fifteen times.

quingenti: five hundred.

quinquagesimus: fiftieth, a fiftieth part.

quinque: five.

quinquennis: five years old.

quinquiplico: (-are) to multiply by five.

quinymo quinimmo: no, rather.

quippe: certainly, to be sure, indeed, of course.

quiris: curis: a spear.

quiritatio: a scream, cry, shriek.

quirito: (-are) to scream, cry out.

quis: (question) who?, what?, which?.

quis: anyone, anybody, anything.

quislibet: anybody, whom you will, all, any.

quisnam, quidnam: who, what.

quispiam: anyone, anything / someone, something.

quisquam: anyone, anything.

quisque: each one, each person.

quisquiliae: quisquiliarum: rubbish, trash, garbage, refuse.

quisquis: whoever, whatever, whatsoever, anything at all.

quo: to which place, to what place, whither, where.

quo: (neut. sing. abl.) (the eagerness) THROUGH WHICH he died.

quo: (masc. sing. abl.) (the money) BY means of WHICH he lived.

quod: (neut. sing. acc.) (the sea), WHICH you cannot drink dry.

quod: (+ comparative) the x the better (quod celior = the faster the.

quod: (beginning sentence) and, but, now.

quod: (neut. sing. nom.) (the war), WHICH killed so many.

quod: (with time) since, as far as, to the extent that.

quod: because, whereas, the point that, the fact that.

quod sui juris est: what is one's by right.

quodammodo: in a certain way, in a certain measure.

quomodo: in what manner, how/ in whatever way, somehow.

quondam: formerly, once, at one time, ertswhile.

quondam: former, one-time, deceased, late.

quoniam: since, whereas, because.

quoque: also, too.

quorum: (masc. pl. gen.) the army, half OF WHICH was ill.

quorum: (neut. pl. gen.) dangers, OF WHICH there were not a few.

quos: (masc. pl. acc.) those WHOM he accused of treachery.

quot: how many, as many (indecl.).

quotiens: often.

quotienscumque: however often.

quovis: to whatever place you will.

rabidus: raging, crazy.

rabies: madness, fury, frenzy.

rabies: frenzy.

rabiose: savagely, furiously.

radicitus: by the roots, utterly.

radio: beam.

radix: source, root, foundation.

rapina: ravishment, rapine, robbery.

rapio: rapui: ratum: to seize, snatch, carry away.

rapio: to ravish, steal, rob.

raptor: ravisher, thief.

rare: thinly, rarely, uncommonly.

rarus: rare, uncommon /far apart /thin, scanty.

ratio: system, manner, method, procedure, manner.

ratio: reckoning, account /reason, judgment, consideration.

ratio: procedure, theory.

rationabiliter: reasonably.

ratis: vessel.

re vera: in truth.

rebellis: rebellious, rebels.

rebello: to wage war against, rebel.

reboare: to resound like celestial thunder.

recedentia: retreat, ebbing, disappearance / distant, far.

recedo: retire, withdraw.

recedo: to go back, retreat, retire, disappear.

recedo: to fall back, pass away, depart.

recenseo: to recount, review.

recessus: a going back, retreat /place of retreat, quiet place.

recidivus: returning, restored, rebuilt.

recipero: to receive, accept, withdraw, take back.

recipero: to regain, revive, restore.

recipio: recepi: receptum: to go back, retire, recede, retreat.

reciproca: reverberating.

recito: to read aloud, recite.

recognosco: to recognize, recollect, recall.

recolitus: venerable, honorable, worshipful.

recolligo: gather, regather, flock together.

recolo: to recall, reflect upon, rework, resume, rehabilitate.

recolo: to cultivate, work again, resume, rehabilitate.

recolo: to consider, recall, comtemplate.

reconcilio: to restore, repair / (of persons) unite, reconcile.

recondo: lay up, store, hoard.

recoquo: recast.

recordatio: recollection, memory, recall.

recordo: to be mindful of, recollect .

recordor: to remember, think of, recollect, ponder over.

recreo: to revive.

recro: to recreate, restore, revive.

rector: guider, leader, director, ruler, master.

rectum: virtue, right.

rectus: right, correct, proper, upright, natural, plain.

rectus: straight, appropriate.

recubo: to recline, lie.

recuperatio: recovery, recuperation.

recupero: to regain, recoup, recover.

recuso: to refuse, decline, reject, be unwilling.

recuso: to refuse.

redarguo: disprove, refute. with gen. prove guilty, convict.

redarguo: to confute.

reddo: to give back, restore, return /answer, translate, render.

reddo: to repeat, recite, represent, imitate, pay up, deliver.

reddo: to impart, render, return, hand over, surrender.

redemptio: ransoming, redemption, buying back, farming taxes.

redemptor: redeemer (Christ).

redeo: to go back, come back, return /(revenue) to come in.

redeo: to be reduced to, fall back upon.

redeo: to fall back upon, be reduced to, be brought to.

redigo: (redactum) to bring or reduce to a condition, lessen.

redigo: to bring back, make, reduce.

redimio: to crown, bind around, encircle, surround.

redimo: to redeem, ransom, buy back /hire, buy, procure.

redintegro: to repair, fix, restore.

reditus: return /income, revenue /reward.

redivivus: rennovated, reconstructed, rebuilt /recycled.

redomo: to break, tame [again].

redono: to give back, give up.

reduco: to lead back, bring back, return.

redundantia: overflowing, redundancy.

redundo: to overflow, stream over, overflow, excess, flood.

redux: one brought back from imprisonment.

refectorium: refectory, monastic mess hall.

refer: to recount, recite, announce, allege, report, reply.

refercio: to stuff, cram.

refero: to bring as expected, pay up, deliver.

refero: to say back, reply, answer.

refero: to carry back, bring back, return.

refero: retuli: relatum: to bring back a message, refer.

refero: to put down, enter (in a register) /assign to a cause.

refero: to bring again, restore, repeat, echo, reproduce, recall.

refert: (impersonal) it concerns, it makes a difference.

refertus: stuffed, crammed.

reficio: to repair, fill.

reformo: to form again, re-establish, mould anew.

refoveo: to cherish again, refresh, warm.

refragatio: resistance.

refreno: to check, rein in.

refrigerium: consolation.

refugium: refuge.

refulgo: to shine brightly.

refundo: to infuse.

refuto: to repel, repress, oppose.

regalis: of a king, royal, regal.

regenero: to be born again.

regimen: rule, guidance.

regina: queen.

regio: region.

regius: royal, regal.

regno: to reign, rule, predominate.

regnum: rule, authority, kingdom, realm.

rego: rexi: rectum: to guide, govern, direct, to rule.

regredior: to march back, retreat, return.

regressus: retreat.

regula: rule / monastic rule.

relatio: to report.

relatus: recital, report.

relaxo: to loosen, enlarge, relax, ease, lighten.

relego: relegi: relectum: to read again, re-read.

relevo: to lift again, lighten, alleviate, relieve.

relictus: someone having inherited, been bequeathed.

relictus: left behind.

religio: fear of God, way of life, esp of monks/nuns.

religiosus: god-fearing.

relinquo: to leave behind, bequeath/abandon, forsake.

reliquum: remainder, what is left, leavings.

relucesco: to become bright again.

reluctor: to struggle against, resist.

remandatum: reply.

remando: to notify in return, send back word, respond.

remaneo: to remain behind, stay, continue.

rememdium: cure, remedy, nostrum, medicine.

remeo: to return home, return.

remigium: oar, rowing.

reminiscor: to recall.

remitto: to forgive, send back.

removeo: to draw back, set aside, take away.

remuneror: to repay, reward.

remuneror: to repay.

remunio: to refortify.

reniteo: to flash.

renovatio: renewal, renovation, restoration.

renovo: to revive, renew, restore, repair, repeat.

renuntio: to declare, announce, report, give notice.

renuo: to deny, refuse, reject.

reor: to think, suppose, decide.

reparo: to restore, renew, make good /buy, purchase, obtain in trade.

repecto: to comb back.

repedo: to go back.

repello: to drive back, repel.

rependo: to ransom, pay back, requite.

repens: sudden, unexpected, fresh, recent.

repente: suddenly, unexpectedly.

repentina: sudden, unexpected.

repere: to crawl.

reperio: to get again, find, ascertain, invent, find again.

reperio: to meet with, devise, hit upon, discover, find.

repetitio: repetition.

repeto: to fall upon again, repeat, demand repeatedly, return.

repeto: to seek again, ask back, recommence.

repeto: to return to, begin again, deduce, recall, recollect.

repleo: to replenish, fill up, fill up again, fill, satisfy.

repletus: filled, full.

replico: to reflect upon, withdraw.

repo: repsi: reptum: to creep, crawl.

repono: to deposit, lay up, store / requite.

repraesento: to display, hurry on.

reprehendo: to blame, reprove, refute, hold back, check, catch.

reproba: -ae, false.

reprobabilis: comtemptible.

reprobo: reject, disaprove, condemn.

repromitto: to promise in return, promise again.

repugno: to make resistance.

repungo: to prick, goad.

repuo: to reject.

reputo: to reckon, reflect upon, impute, think, judge.

reputo: to believe, suppose.

requies: repose.

requietum: repose, rest.

requiro: to ask for, look for, demand, desire, miss.

requiro: to seek, hunt for.

res: thing, object, being, matter, affair, event, fact, circumstance.

res: occurrence, deed, condition, case.

res publica: commonwealth, state, republic, public business.

res rei: thing, matter, busines, affair.

resarcio: to repair, mend, patch.

reseco: to cut back, cut short, diminish.

reseco: to cut loose, intransitive: to depart.

resero: to reveal.

reservo: keep back, hold back, reserve /keep, preserve.

resideo: to abide, be left behind, sit up.

resipisco: to recover one's senses, become reasonable.

resisto: to resist, halt, withstand, make a stand, oppose.

resisto: to resist, halt, withstand.

resolvo: to enfeeble.

resono: to resound, [+ acc] make resound with,.

resonus: resounding.

respectus: regard.

respergo: [resperi, respersum] to sprinkle, splash.

respicio: to look back, provide for, respect, have regard for.

respicio: to turn attention to.

respiratio: respiration, exhalation.

respiro: to breathe /breathe again /recover /decline, diminish, ebb.

respondeo: respondi: responsum: to answer, reply, respond.

responsal: deputy, representative.

responsiva: a written reply, answering letter.

respublica: state.

respuo: to refuse, cast off, reject.

restauro: to restore.

restio: rope-maker.

restituo: restore, put back, replace, reinstate, repair.

restruo: to restore.

resumo: to recover, renew, repeat, resume.

resupinus: lying on one's back.

resurrectio: f, resurection, awakening, renewal.

retardo: to impede, slow down, obstruct.

retendo: to slacken, unbend, become flexible.

retineo: to hold back, restrain, detain, keep, maintain.

retineo: to remember, not let go, keep, affirm.

retracto: to reconsider, undertake again.

retraho: retraxi: retractum: to draw back, pull back.

retribuo: to give again, give as due.

retrogradior: to go backwards.

retrudo: to thrust back.

retundo: to check.

reus: defendant, accused, answerable, bound.

reus: culprit.

revello: to violate, pluck away.

revenio: to come back, return.

revera: in reality.

reverbero: to repel.

reverens: reverent.

reverenter: with awe, respectfully.

reverentia: awe, reverence.

revereor: to stand in awe.

reverto: to go back, return, revert.

revertor: reverti: reversus: to return, come back.

revoco: to call back, recover, refer, revoke.

revolvo: to unroll a book, go over again, repeat.

revolvo: to reflect upon, brood.

rex regis: king.

rhetor: rhetorician, teacher of rhetoric.

rhetor: orator.

rhetoricus: rhetorical.

rideo risi risum: to laugh at, laugh.

ridiculum: n, ridiculous.

ridiculus: facetious, laughable.

riginta: (indecl.) thirty.

rigor: stiffness, hardness, sterness.

rimor: to examine, explore, investigate, root up.

risus: laughter.

rite: duly.

ritus: ritual, usage, ceremony, rite.

rixa, rixatio: quarrel.

rixor: to wrangle.

robur: strength.

robustus: hardy, robust.

rogo: to ask, ask for.

rogo eum ut +subjunctive: to ask someone to do something.

ros: moisture.

rostrum: bill of a bird, beak.

rota: wheel.

rotensus: extensive.

roto: to turn round like a wheel, rotate, turn, go around.

Rotomagense: Rouen.

rotundus: wheel-shaped, round.

rubor: redeness, blush, modesty, shame, disgrace.

rudimentum: trial, attempt, essay.

rudis: clumsy, rude, raw, rough, uncultivated.

rudo: to bellow, roar.

rufus: red, ruddy.

ruga: a wrinkle.

rugio: rumble.

ruina: downfall, destruction.

ruinosus: falling down, going to ruin.

rumex: sorrel.

rumino: to chew the cud, ruminate.

ruminor: to ruminate upon.

rumor: hearsay, rumor, gossip.

rumpo: rumpi: rumpus: to break, shatter, interrupt.

rumpo: to rupture, annull, violate.

runa: a dart.

runco: to thin out, weed, cull.

ruo: rui: rutum: to rush, fall, be ruined.

ruo: to rush, tumble down.

rursus: on the other hand, in return, back, again.

rus: ruris: the country, countryside, rural area.

rustice: (adv) boorishly, in a peasant manner.

rusticus: rustic, rural /peasant.

ruta: bitterness, unpleasantness, the herb rue.

rutila: a spade, shovel.

rutilus: red, golden, auburn.

rutilus: shining.

sabbatum: sabbath.

sacculus: purse, little bag, little sack.

sacer: sacred, accursed.

sacramentum: oath, sacraments, sacred rites.

sacrificum: sacrifice.

sacrilegus: sacrilegious, impious.

saecula saeculorum: to all eternity, without end, lifetime, age.

saepe: sepe: hedge, fence, enclosure, haye.

saepe: sepe: often, frequently, repeatedly.

saepenumero: repeated, again and again.

saepio: to hedge in.

saepius sepius: often, frequently, repeatedly.

saeptum: enclosure.

saeta: hair.

saeta equina: horse-hair.

saevio: to rage, be furious, take violent action.

saevio: to vent one's rage, rage.

saevus: furious.

sagaciter: wisely, accurately, sagaciously.

sagino: to fatten.

sal: salis: salt, wit.

salsus: salty, witty.

saltem: at least, at all events.

saltem: adv, at least.

salubris: advantageous.

salubriter: advantageously.

salus: health, safety, well-being, salvation /salutation.

salus: safety, help or assistance/ health, wellness, wholeness.

salutifer: salvation-giving.

saluto: to wish well, greet, visit, reverence, pay respect to.

salutor: visitor, caller.

salveo: to be well, be in good health.

salveo: to be well.

salvifico: salvo: save, except for.

salvus: unhurt, safe, sound.

sanctifico: to sanctify, make holy.

sanctimonia: purity, charity, virtue, sanctity, sacredness.

sanctimonia: moral purity.

sanctimonialis: nun, sister.

sanctio: ratification, saction, ordinance.

sanctio: to ratify, hallow, render inviolable or irrevocable.

sanctus: holy, sacred, /saint.

Sanctus Egidius: St. Gilles.

Sanctus Eleutherius: St. Eligius.

Sanctus Rodoenus: St. Ouen.

sane: (adverb) rationally, soberly /really, indeed.

sane: rationally, sensibly, really, indeed, to be sure.

sanitas: health, soundness of mend, sanity.

sanna: mocking grimace, mockery.

sano: to heal.

Santiago: st. james.

sanus: sound, healthy, sane.

sapiens: wise, judicious.

sapiens: (subs.) a wise man, philosopher.

sapienter: wisely, judiciously.

sapientia: wisdom.

sapio: to discern, know.

sapor: taste, elegance.

Sarcalogos: Christ, the word incarnate.

sarcina: bundle, pack, burden, load.

satago: to pay a creditor, satisfy a creditor.

satago: have one's hands full, have enough to do.

satago: to bustle about.

satellites: armed retainers, retinue.

satio: to satisfy, sate.

satis: enough, sufficient /sufficiently.

sato: to sow, plant.

sator: planter, father, creator.

satraps: viceroy, governor, ruler.

satura: satire.

saturo: to fill, satisfy.

satus: origin, start, beginning /planting, sowing.

saxum: large stone.

scaber: scabby, rough.

scabies: the itch, mange, a rash.

scabrosus: scabrous, rough.

scaccarium: chessboard, game of chess. .

scaena, scena: stage or tent, even foliage.

Scaldus: Scheldt.

scamnum: bench, stool.

scandalum: stumbling-block, quarrel.

scando: to ascend, board.

scaphium (sciphus: Herimann, cap. 24) pot, bowl, drinking vessel.

scapulare: sword-belt.

scapulus: the shoulder.

scelerata: accursed, miscreant.

sceleratus: scelero: to pollute with guilt, with blood, etc.

scelestus: wicked, accursed, infamous, criminal.

scelus: crime, sin, evil deed, wickedness.

scelus: accursed deed, wickedness, calamity.

sceptrum: rule, authority, royal staff.

schema: rhetorical figure, shape.

schola: school /elite troop of soldiers.

scholasticus: scholar, learned one, schoolboy.

scientia: knowledge, science, skill.

scientia: knowledge.

scilicet: rightly, it is just.

scilicet: evidently, certainly, of course, no doubt, assuredly.

scilicet: namely, that is to say.

scindo: to cut, rend, split/divide, separate.

scio: to know, understand.

sciscitor: to ask.

scisco: investigate, ask, inquire/ vote, ordain, resolve.

scisco: to ascertain.

scitus: ordinance.

scius: discerning.

scopae: broom.

scribo, scripsi scriptum: to write, compose.

scrinium: bookcase, case for papers.

scrinium: chest.

scriptor: writer, author, scribe.

scrupulosa: intricate, thorny.

scrupulositas: rough spot, jagged edge.

sculpta: engraved.

scutulatus: diamond-shaped, shield-bearing.

scutum: oblong shield.

se astringo: to commit oneself to.

se gero: to conduct oneself, conduct, carry on.

se habere: to keep oneself.

se teneo: stay.

secedo: to go apart, withdraw.

secedo: to withdraw.

secerno secrevi secretum: to separate.

secessus: solitary retreat.

secludo: to shut out.

seco: to settle (as to settle an argument).

seco: secui: sectum: to cut, hurt, wound, amputate, divide, part.

seco: to fly or cut through.

secretarius: privy counsellor.

secretum: secret, solitary, private, retired, secret conversation.

sectator: sector: pursuer, hunter, suiter.

secundum: accordingly, in an accordance with.

secundum: (adv.) after, behind.

secundum: (+ inf.), following, after, during, according to.

secundus: second.

securis: axe, hatchet, battle-axe.

securitas: * guarantee of safety, surety, guarantor.

securus: safe, secure, free from care, unworried, unconcerned.

securus: [+ gen] untroubled by, easy, at ease.

securus: [+ abl.] free from, alone, safe.

secus: wrongly, badly, not as one would wish.

secus: otherwise, not so.

secus: non secus, haud secus: just so.

secus + atque or quam: differently from, otherwise than.

secuutus: follower, pursuer.

sed: but/ and indeed, what is more.

sedatus: calmed, settled, checked.

sedeo: to sit.

sedeo: to settle down, reside.

sedes: residence, throne, temple.

seditio: dissension, quarrel, insurrection, mutiny, rising.

seditio: sedition.

sedo: to settle, smooth, calm, allay.

seductor: seducer.

sedulo: zealously.

sedulus: zealous.

seges: wheatfield, wheat crop, field of wheat.

segnis: sluggish.

sem: prefix meaning half-.

semel: a single time, for the first time, even once, once, ever.

semen: seed, kin.

semestris: six months.

seminarium: warm-frame, seed-bed.

semino: to plant, breed, produce, give rise to.

semita: by-way, path, foot-path, track.

semotus: distant, isolated, removed.

semoveo: to remove, set apart, isolate, separate, set aside.

semper: always, ever.

sempiterna: eternal.

senectus: old age, dotage.

seneo: to be old, aged.

senesco: to grow old, to grow aged, to mature, wear out.

senex: senis: old, aged, old man.

senilis: an old man, aged man.

senior: lord, elder.

senipes: steed.

senium: old age, dotage/ decay, decline, deterioration.

senium: gloom, melancholy.

sensa: thoughts, teachings.

sensilis: sensitive.

sensim: slowly, bit by bit, gradually, by degrees.

sensus: feeling, sense, understanding.

sententia: sentiment, opinion, decision, saying.

sententia: opinion, thought, way of thinking, meaning, purpose.

sententiosus: sententious.

sentina: dregs, rabble.

sentio: to feel, judge, suppose, vote.

sentio: to perceive, experience, hold an opinion,.

sentus: neglected, dilapidated.

seorsum: apart, separately.

sepelio: to ruin, destroy/ inter, bury.

sepes: fence.

sepono: sequester, banish.

seposita: distant.

septem: seven.

septiformus: sevenfold.

sepulchrum: grave, tomb, sepulcher.

sepulcrum: tomb.

sepultura: burial.

seputus: buried, sunk, immersed.

sequax: following, attending, attendant, pursuing.

sequor: to follow, trail.

sereno: to make clear, serene, make calm.

serenus: serene.

series: sequence.

serio: seriously.

serius: serious, grave, solemn.

sermo: discussion, speech.

sermo: talk, common talk, conversation, rumor.

sermocinare: to talk to oneself.

sermocinatio: disputation.

sero: to sow, plant.

sero: at a late hour, late.

sero: to beget.

servile villicus: estate steward.

servio: (+ dat.) to be a slave to, serve.

servitium: payment of dues, military service, service.

servitus: servitude, slavery.

servo: to watch over, keep, protect, observe, save, reserve.

servo: to preserve, serve, guard.

servus: servant, slave, serf.

servus scandali: quarrelsome servant.

sese: himself, herself, itself, =se.

sesqui: one and a half times.

sesquialter: once and a half.

sesquimellesimus: 1500th.

sesquioctavus: containing nine eighths.

sesquitertia: one and a third.

sessio: sitting down, loitering, hanging around /chair, seat.

seu: conj: or if..,.

severitas: severity, rigor, sternness, strictness.

severiter: harshly.

severus: stern, harsh.

sexaginta: sixty.

si: if.

sibimet: to them themselves.

sic: so, thus /yes, that is so, that is right.

sicco: -are, to dry up, out.

siccus: dry, thirsty/ sober, temperate.

Siclinium: Seclin.

sicut: as, just as, as it were, (+verb in subj.) just as if.

sidereus: heavenly, starry.

sidus: constellation, star.

sigillum: seal, sign.

signum: signal, miraculous works.

signum: seal, indication, sign/ mark /token.

silens: silent, still.

silenti etc: the dead.

silentio: to [+ acc.] to keep silent , to silence.

silentium: silence, stillness, quiet, repose, obscurity.

sileo: to be still, silent/ (+ acc.) be silent about / rest.

silex: silicis (med. cilicis): hard stone, sharp, rock, flint.

siligo: siliginis: wheat, wheat flour.

silva: woods, forest, grove.

similis: like, similar, resembling.

similis: similar, like, resembling.

similitudo: likeness, resemblance/ uniformity.

simplex: simple, unaffected.

simul: at once, at the same time, together.

simul: together.

simul atque: as soon as.

simulatio: shamming.

simulatio: pretense,.

simulator: hypocrite.

simulatus: counterfeit.

simulo: to pretend, sham.

simultas: sham, artifice.

sincerus: genuine.

sine: (+ abl.) without.

singularis: alone of its kind, solitary /machless, unique. .

singularis: alone. .

singulariter: adv, one by one, exceedingly, especialy.

singuli: one each, one apiece, single, separate.

singultim: stammeringly.

singulto: to sob.

singultus: sobbing.

singultus: sobbing, gasping, death rattle.

singulus: single, separate, one at a time, one each.

sino: allow, suffer, permit, let.

sino: to allow, leave undone.

sinus: curve, fold, bend /pocket, lap /bay, gulf.

sinus: inner feeling, secret heart.

siquidem: since, indeed.

sis: (=si vis) if you wish, are willing, want, prefer.

sis: (2nd person present subjunctive of sum) you may be.

sisto: to check.

sitiens: thirsting for.

sitio: to be thirsty.

sitis: thirst, dryness, drought, eager desire.

situs: region, idleness, inactivity.

sive: conj, on the one hand, but if, if..or if.

sive seu: or if.

socer: father in law.

societas: fellowship.

socius: sharing, associated, allied.

socius: partner, comrade, associate, ally, fellow.

socius-i: m, companion.

socors: slothful.

socus: plowshare.

sodalitas: fellowship, companionship, secret society.

sodes: prithee.

sol solis: sun.

solacium: help, support, military aid.

solamen: relief.

solator: supporter, solacer.

solemnis: festive.

solemnitas: festival.

soleo: to to be wont.

soleo: to be accustomed, be used to.

solers: ingenious, adroit, skilled, ready, well-disposed.

solidus: whole, safe.

solio: ? Herimann, cap. 28.

solitas: lonliness, solitude, being alone.

solito: [+ comp. adj.] more than usually

solito: to be accustomed to, have the habit of, make a practice of.

solitudo: desert, isolation,loneliness, solitude.

solitus: accustomed, usual, habitual, ordinary, customary.

solium: chair of state, throne / bath-tub.

sollers: clever, skillful.

sollertia: ingenuity.

sollicite: anxiously, worriedly.

sollicito: to concern oneself about the future or about others.

sollicito: to stir up, incite, arouse.

sollicitudo: concern, solicitude, worry.

sollicitudo: uneasiness, anxiety, disquiet, apprehension.

sollicitus: uneasy, worried, anxious, restless, agitated.

sollicitus: troubled, anxious, concerned, worried.

solor: solace, support.

solum: land, country, soil, ground/ bottom, floor, foundation.

solum: (adv) alone, only.

solum: non solum .. sed etiam: not only .. but also.

solus: alone, only, the only.

solutio: loosening /payment /solution /explanation.

solvo: to loosen, untie, release, free, dissolve, break up.

somes: body, remains, corpse, book, treatise.

somniculose: sleepily, drowsily.

somniculosus: sleepy, drowsy.

somnio: to dream /+ imagine foolishly.

somnio: to dream /(+ acc.) to dream of, imagine foolishly.

somnium: a dream, fancy /foolish nonesense.

somnium: dream, fancy, day-dream /foolishness, nonsense.

somnus: sleep.

sonitus: noise, sound.

sono: to make a noise /sing /celebrate/ (of words) to mean.

sono: to cry out, utter.

sophisma: sophism.

sophismata: falso conclusions, logical fallacies.

sopor: deep sleep.

soporo: to still.

sordeo: to be dirty, appear vile.

sordes: filth, meanness, stinginess.

sordesco: to become dirty.

sors: lot, allotment, share, fortune.

sortilegus: soothsayer.

sortitus: casting lots, deciding by lot.

sospes: unharmed, safe and sound.

sospitas: health.

spargo: to [crines] to cut hair.

spargo: sparsi: sparsum: scatter, strew, spread.

spargo: to scatter, hurl.

spatior: to stoll, walk around, take a walk, amble.

spatiosus: ample.

spatium: interval.

specialis: secret, confidential /initimate or special friend.

specialissimus: very strange, peculiar, individual.

specialitas: special friendship /peculiarity.

specialitas: special quality /speciality.

species: mien, splendor, quality.

specimen: ideal.

speciosus: beautiful, handsome, imposing / specious plausible.

spectaculum: spectacle, show.

specto: to look at, watch, see/aim at, tend towards.

specto: to behold, regard, await, expect.

speculatio: observation.

speculum: mirror.

specus: cave, cavern, grotto, den.

spensa: storehouse.

spera: ( hopes.

sperma: seed, semen, sperm.

sperno: to scorn.

sperno sprevi spretum: to scorn, despise, spurn.

spero: to hope.

spero: to hope for, hope.

spes: hope.

spiculum: arrow.

spiculum: sharp point, sting, spear, dart.

spiritus: breath, breathing /life /spirit.

spiro: to blow.

splendens: brilliant.

splendeo: to gleam.

splendidus: splendid, magnificent.

spoliatio: plundering, looting, stripping, robbing.

spolio: to strip, plunder, despoil, rob, loot.

spolium: spoils, plunder, booty.

spondeo: to betroth, promise, pledge.

sponsalia: betrothal gift.

sponte: willingly, of one's own accord, unaided.

spurcamen: filth.

spurcus: filthy.

squalor: foulness.

St. Richarius: St. Riquier.

stabilis: firm, stable, steadfast.

stabilitas: steadfastness, firmness, stability, durability.

Stabulaus: Stavelot.

statim: instantly, immediately.

statim: firmly, steadfastly, on the spot, at once.

statio: assembly.

statua: statue, image.

statuo: to hold, to establish.

statuo: to give a ruling, make an arrangment, decide.

statuo: to cause to stand, establish, place, set up.

status: stage.

statutum tempus: * appointed, established.

stella: star.

stelliger: starry.

stemma: garland, pedigree.

sterilis: barren, useless, unproductive, vain/ + gen., deprived of.

sterno: to throw to the ground.

stilla: a drop (of liquid).

stillicidium: dripping moisture, rainwater from the eaves.

stilus: a pike, pale /a stylus for writing /writing.

stimulo: goad.

stimulus: incentive.

stipatio: a crowd of attendants, a following.

stipator: an attendant of a nobleman.

stipatores: following, retinue, attendants, bodguard.

stipes: log, stump, tree trunk, branch, post, club.

stipo: to compress /to press around, gather around /attend (a person).

stips: stipis: small coin, gift.

sto: steti: statum: to stand, stand still, stand firm.

sto: to stand one's ground, stand upright.

stolide: stupidly.

stolidus: slow of mind, stolid.

stolidus: dull, obtuse, dull-witted, dumb.

stomachata: vexed at, irritated with, fume.

strages: massacre, bloodbath, carnage /debris.

strenue: actively.

strenuus: brisk, active, vigorous/ turbulent, restive.

strepitus: din.

stringo: to reduce, inhibit, diminish, narrow.

strues: piles, heaps, masses.

struo: to devise, fit out.

studeo: to be diligent, strive after.

studio: (+ dat.) to study, pursue eagerly, be eager for.

studiose: eagerly.

studiosus: zealous.

studium: eagerness, zeal.

stulte: foolishly.

stultus: foolish /a fool.

stupefactus: stunned.

stupendum: astounding.

stupeo: to be astounded.

stupidus: struck senseless.

stupor: astonishment.

stupro: to ravish.

stuprum: debauchery.

suadeo: to recommend, advise (a person).

suadeo: [+ dat] to speak in favor of.

suasoria: persuasive discourse.

suavis: agreeable.

sub: (+ acc. or dat.) under, up under, close to, beneath, below.

subactus: subjected.

subaudio: hear a little.

subcribo: to write beneath, sign /prosecute,.

subcriptio: subscription, signature / register.

subdido: to subject.

subditus: subject.

subdo: subjugate, subject.

subdo: subdidi: subditum: to subject to.

subdolus: sly.

subduco: to take away by stealth.

subeo: to [stealthily] approach, submit to.

subicio: to subordinate.

subiecto: to put down, to put under.

subigo: to [-egi, -actus] put down, conquer, compel.

subinfero: to add.

subito: adv. suddenly, unexpectedly.

subitus: sudden, unexpected.

subiungo: to yoke beneath, join, attach, subdue, subjugate.

subjectio: forgery, falsehood.

subjungo: to join, yoke.

subligo: to bind below, bind on.

sublime: on high, aloft.

sublimis: lofty, raised, elevated, sublime.

sublimitas: loftiness, height, elevation, sublimity.

sublimiter: loftily.

sublimo: to exalt.

subluceo: to gleam faintly, glimmer, glow.

subluo: to wash beneath /(rivers) flow beneath.

sublustris: faintly glimmering, faintly gleaming.

subnascor: to grow out of.

subnecto: to bind on beneath, to tie.

subnecto: to bind.

subnego: faintly deny, partially refuse.

subnixus: relying on, supported by.

subnixus subnisus: propped up, supported.

subnoto: to mark beneath, notice secretly, write underneath.

subnuba: a rival.

subnubilus: partly cloudy, somewhat cloudy.

subo: to be in heat.

subobscenus: risque, faintly obscene.

subobscurus: somewhat obscure.

subodiosus: rather unpleasant.

suboleo: (3 persons only) to give off a smell/ to make onself noticed.

suboles: shoot, sprout, offspring, progeny.

suboles: offspring, offshoot.

subolesco: to grow up, mature.

suborior: to arise in succession.

suborno: to furnish, equip, provide /instigate secretly, suborn.

subrepo surrepo: to creep up or crawl up from below.

subrideo subrisi subrisum: to smile.

subrigo, subrexi subrectum: to raise up, elevate.

subringor: to make a face.

subruo subruti subrutum: to undermine, overhtrow, destroy.

subsannatio: mockery.

subsanno: to mock.

subscalpo: to needle.

subseco: to cut away, pare.

subsentio: to notice secretly.

subsequens: P.P. of sequor, ensuing, following.

subsequor: to follow after.

subservio: to be subject to, comply with.

subsidarius: in reserve.

subsidium: reserve troops, auxiliary troops.

subsidium: support, help, assistance.

subsido: to crouch down, settle, sink, subside.

subsido: stay remain /lie in ambush.

subsilio: toleap up, spring up.

subsisto: to stand, withstand /stop, halt, cease /stay, remain.

subsisto: to be there.

substantia: substance, essence, means of subsistence, property.

substerno: to spread out beneath, lay under, set out, provide.

substo: to stand form.

substrictus: narrow, contracted, small.

substringo: to draw together, bind up.

substructio: base, foundation.

substruo: to build beneath, lay a foundation.

subsulto: to spring up, leap up.

subsum subesse: to be near, close at hand, be under, be subject.

subter supter: below, beneath, underneath.

subterfugio: to escape.

subterlabor: to glide away, flow under, slip away, escape.

subtilis: precise.

subtilitas: precision.

subtraho: to carry off by stealth.

subveho: to carry, esp carry upstream.

subvenio: to come up to aid, relieve.

subvenio: to come to the aid, succor, relieve, help, assist.

subvenio: to come to [in adiutorium] to ones assistance, succor.

subversio: to overthrow.

subvertio: to destroy, overthrow.

subverto: to overturn, destroy. .

succedo: to approach, submit, etc. etc.

succendo: to kindle, set afire from below.

succenseo: to be irritated.

successio: succeeding, succession, descent, descendant.

successio: succession.

succresco: to grow up after.

succumbo: to surrender.

succurro: to run up under /aid, assist, help.

succurro: to assist.

sudo: to toil. labor, sweat.

suetus: [+ inf] accustomed to.

sufficiens: adequate, affluent, availing.

sufficienter: affluently, adequately.

sufficientia: affluence, sufficiency.

sufficio: to be sufficient, suffice, be enough.

sufficio: to be affluent, avail for, to afford, supply, furnish with.

suffoco: to strangle, choke, suffocate.

suffoco: to choke, stifle.

suffragium: vote, franchise /approval support, aid, assistance.

suffragium: succor, support aid, incitement, maintenance, resource,.

suffragium: intercession by saint with god, church province.

suffrago: to support.

suffulcio: to prop up, bolstered.

suffusus: imbued.

suggero: to bring up, supply, provide, add, attach. place next.

suggero: to excite, prompt, suggest, assign, bring to mind, offer.

suggestus: platform, raised place.

sui: himself, herself, itself.

sui juris: one's own master.

sulum: each, every.

sum fui futurus: to be, exist.

summa: the highest part /whole, sum.

summisse: humbly, softly, calmly, modestly.

summissus (from summitto): let down, lowered, gentle, mild.

summittere: to lower.

summitto: to let down, lower /subject, subordinate.

summitto: to send as help /to send secretly.

summitto: (se) to condescend, submit /raise, rear, make grow.

summoneo: to give a hint.

summopere: very much, exceedingly.

summopere: very much.

sumo: to take, choose, obtain, buy./ take for granted, assume.

sumo: to choose, take up, apply, employ.

sumptus: expense, cost.

sumptus: expenses.

suo: to stitch, join.

supellectilis: household furniture, goods.

supellex: supellectilis: furniture, apparatus, gear.

super: (prep.) (+ abl.) over, above /concerning, about, besides.

super: (adv.) over, above, besides, beyond, moreover, remaining.

superabundo-avi: to be very abundant.

superbia: pride, arrogance.

superbiens: arrogant, domineering.

superbus: overbearing, arrogant, haughty, proud.

supercilium: haughtiness.

superficies: surface, top.

superfluo: flow over, overflow, be superfluous.

supergredior: to step over.

supermitto: to pour upon.

superna: northeast by north wind.

superna: supernal.

superne: from above, above.

supernus: above, superior.

supero: to be above, have the upper hand, surpass, conquer, overcome.

supero: to vanquish, outstrip.

supersilium: haughtiness.

superstes: survivor of another's death.

superstes: surviving, present, standing.

supersto: to survive.

supersum: to be superfluous, to remain.

superus: higher.

superus superior supremus or summus: above, upper, high.

supervacuus: superfluous, unnecessary, extra.

supervenio: to arrive, come up, arrive unexpectedly.

supervenio: to overtake, arrive.

supparum: garment.

suppedito: to give in abundance.

suppellex: suppellectilus: household articles, furniture, goods.

suppellex: suppellectilus: ornaments.

supplanto: to trip up.

supplex: kneeling, entreating, suppliant.

supplex: [a] suppliant.

suppliciter: supplicatingly.

supplicium: punishment.

supplicium: torment.

suppono subpono: to put in place of, substitute, forge.

suppono subpono: to put under, subject /put next to, add.

supra: (+ acc.) above.

surculus: shoot, sprout.

surgo: to arise.

surgo surrexi surrectum: to get up , arise.

surrideo: to smile.

surripio: to pilfer.

surrogo: to to put in another's place.

sursum: upwards.

sursum deorsum: up and down.

sus: swine, pig, hog.

susceptor: guardian.

suscipere: to undergo, receive, take up, sponsorship at baptism.

suscipio: take up, support, raise /accept /undertake, begin.

suscipio: to raise up, maintain, support, accept, receive, undertake.

suscitatio: -onis: f, rekindling, awakening.

suscito: to stir up, arouse, excite.

suscriptor: the signer of a document.

susicivus: left over, to spare, extra, superfluous.

suspectus: suspected.

suspendo: to suspend, hang.

suspendo: to vault.

suspicio: to look upward at, esteem, respect /to suspect.

suspicor: to suppose.

suspiro: to sigh, draw a deep breath /long for, yearn after.

sustento: to maintain, sustain.

sustineo: to hold up, sustain, endure.

sustituo: to put next, put under, put in place of.

susurro: to whisper, buzz.

suus: sua: suum: (refl. poss. adj.) his, her, its, their own.

synagoga: synagogue.

syrma: sirma: sealed charter, train, skirt-tails, garment-tails.

tabella: writing tablet.

tabellae: letter, document.

tabernus: booth, hut, cottage, hove, small shop, inn, tavern.

tabesco: to melt, waste away, pine, be spoiled.

tabgo tetigi tactum: to touch.

tabidus: melted away/ melting away.

tabula: board, plank, gaming board, painted panel.

taceo: to be silent, say nothing, pass over.

taceo tacuitacitum: to be silent, leave unmentioned.

tactus: sense of feeling, touch.

taeda: pitch-pine torch.

taedet se: to be disgusted at.

taedium, tedium: disgust, weariness, boredom.

taeter: loathsome.

talarius: having to do with dice or dice-playing.

talea: rod, stick, stake, bar /cutting, slip.

talentum: pound, talent, endowment, aptitude.

talio: retribution.

talio: retaliation in kind.

talio reddo: to return like for like, retaliate.

talis: of such a kind, such.

talus: the ankle, ankle bone.

tam: to such a degree, so, so far.

tam: adv, so, to such a degree.

tam .. quam: as .. as possible.

tamdiu: for such a long time.

tamen: nothwithstanding, nevertheless, yet, still, for all that.

tamen: however, but.

tametsi: even if, although.

tamisium: sieve, sifter (Herman, p. 308).

tamquam tanquam: as, just as, like as, just as if.

tandem: at last, finally.

tandem: at length.

tango: to touch, besprinkle.

tango-tetigi-tactum: 3, to touch, touch upon, to speak of.

tanquam: adv, just as, as if, like as.

tantillum: such a trifle.

tantillus: so little, so small.

tantum: only.

tantummodo: only just, just so long as.

tantundem: adv, just so much, just as far as.

tantus: so large, so great, of such a size.

tardo: to impede.

tardus: slow, late, tardy.

tardus: sluggish.

Taruennam: Therouanne.

te: (acc.) you /i got YOU, babe.

te: (abl.) you /no one's sweeter than YOU.

tectum: shelter.

tegmen: covering.

tego: texi: tectum: to cover, bury, conceal, hide, protect, shield.

tego: to conceal.

tela: a web, that which is woven, cloth, tissue.

tellus: region, country, land.

telum: javelin, spear, arrow, bolt, dart.

telum: armament, arms, weapon, spear.

temerarius: * imprudent, bold.

temerarus: temerarius: bold, rash, imprudent, heedless.

temeritas: rashness, temerity, boldness.

temeritas: rashness, boldness.

temero: to profane, desecrate.

temperantia: moderation, self-control, temprance.

tempero: (+abl. or with ab) to keep from, refrain from.

tempero: (+ dat.) to control, use with moderation, spare,.

tempero: to mix properly, temper, regulate, mitigate.

tempero: be moderate, control oneself.

tempestas: storm, weather.

tempestuosus: stormy.

Templovium: Templeuve, villa near Cisoing.

templum: sacred precinct, temple, sometimes church, sanctuary.

temporalis-e: transitory.

temptatio: trial, temptation.

tempus temporis: time, stage, epoch, era.

tenax: grasping, stingy, cligning, frugal, obstinate.

tendo: to direct, try, attempt, stretch, extend, present, give.

tendo: to strive, go, heighten, aggravate.

teneo: to keep on, persist, persevere, endure.

teneo: to hold, keep, possess, maintain.

teneo: to grasp, know, understand.

teneo: to occupy, keep, hold.

teneo iter: to hold one's course, conceive.

tener: tender.

tener tenera tenerum: tender, delicate, soft, young.

tenor: sense, contents, uninterrupted course, a holding fast.

tentatio: trial, attack, duration, temptation, judgement.

tento: to try, test.

tentorium: tent.

tenuis: thin, slight, feeble, slim, slender.

tenura: holding, tenure, feudal holding, by feudal tenure.

tenus: (prep. with abl) as far as, up to, to, down to.

tenus: (after a name in abl. or gen.) up to, down to as far as.

tepesco: to cool, grow lukewarm, decrease.

tepidus: warm, luke-warm, tepid.

tepidus: lukewarm.

ter: three times, thrice.

terebro: to bore through, perforate.

teres: rounded, polished, smooth, fine, elegant.

terga dare: to flee, retreat, run awar.

tergeo tergo tersi tersum: to wipe, scour, clean.

tergiversatio: backwardness, reulctance, evasion.

tergo (a tergo ): in the rear, fom behind.

tergum: skin, hide/back, rear.

tergus: the back /skin, hide, leather.

termes: a tree branch (especially olive).

terminatio: termination, determination, setting of boundaries.

termino: restrict, define, close, set a limit to.

terminus: a boundary mark, limit, end, border.

tero: trivi: tritum: to rub, wear out.

terra: earth, ground, land, country, soil.

terrenus: earthly, temporal.

terreo: to frighten, terrify, scare away, deter.

terribilis: dreadful.

terrigenus: indigenous, born from the earth, human being.

territo: to affright.

territo: to fighten, terrify, intimidate.

territo: to scare, frighten, intimidate.

terror: friight, fear, terror.

tersus: clean, neat, correct.

tertius: third.

testificor: to call to witness.

testimonium: proof, evidence, witness, indication.

testis: one who gives evidence, witness, spectator / testicle.

testis: martyr.

texo: to weave, twine together, plait, construct, build.

texo: the main verb for weaving of cloth.

textilis: woven fabric, piece of cloth.

textor textrix: weaver.

textus: woven cloth, web.

thalassinus: sea-green.

theatrum: theater.

theca: case, envelope, covering.

thema: subject, topic, theme.

thema thematis: theme.

theologus: theologian.

theorice: philosophic speculation.

theoricus: meditative, speculative, contemplative.

thermae: warm springs, warm baths.

thesaurus: treasure, horde /store-room, treasury.

thesis: proposition, thesis.

thorax: corselet, breastplate.

thymbra: the herb savory.

thymum: the herb thyme.

tibi: (dat.) you /i can't give YOU anything but love, baby.

timeo: to fear, be afraid, dread.

timidus: faint-hearted, fearful, timid.

timor: fear, dread/ alarm, object causing fear.

tinnio: to ring.

tiro: new recruit, young recruit.

titubo: to waver.

titulo: to call.

titulus: label, title, placard.

titulus: token.

tolero: to tolerate, bear, endure, sustain.

tollo: to lift .

tollo: to lift up, take away.

tollo sustuli sublatum: to lift up, raise, elevate, carry away. .

tondeo totonsi tonsum: shave, shear, clip, mow, reap, browse.

tonsor: barber.

tormen: tormina: torture.

Tornacense: Tournai.

torpeo: to be sluggish, inert, numb, inactive, immoveable.

torqueo: to twist, curl, rack, torture, torment, distort, test.

torqueo: to turn, turn awry, brandish.

torreo: to roast.

tortitudo: wickedness, insincerity, .

torva: savage, wild.

tot: so many.

tot: (indecl.) so many.

totidem: just as many.

toties: totiens: so many times, so often.

toto: all togther, completely towards.

totus: whole, entire, complete, all.

toxicum: poison.

traba: a beam of wood, a timber /tree-trunk, ship, table.

tractare: to handle, manage, perform.

tracto: to drag, handle /treat, discuss, deal with.

tracto: to ponder, compass + gen.

tractus: course, progress, movement.

tractus: space, time, lapse /extension, length.

tractus: a dragging, drawing, pulling /territory, tract.

traditio: betrayal.

trado: tradidi: traditum: surrender /hand over /transmit, teach.

trado: to bequeath, deliver, surrender, commit.

traduco in passive: to be borne.

traho: traxi: tractum: to drag, pull /derive, get.

Traiectensium: Utrecht.

Traiectum: Maastricht.

trans: (+ acc.) across.

transcendo: to surpass.

transcurro: to treat briefly.

transeo: to go over, pass over, cross over, go past.

transeo: to pass through, go across.

transfero: transtuli: translatum: carry across, transfer, convey.

transfreto: to cross a strait, to be taken across a strait.

transgredior: to pass beyond.

transigo: transactum: to pass.

transilio: to leap over.

transitus: crossing, passing over, transit /changing, alteration.

translatio: transfer of the body of a saint, celebration of transfer.

translato: to transfer.

transmaritanus: beyond the seas, overseas, outre-mer.

transmeo: to go across.

transmitto: to send, carry, or convey across.

transporto: send, carry, or convey across.

transveho: to convey.

transverbero: to pierce through.

trebuchettum: a trebuchet, a siege engine.

tredecim: (indecl.) thirteen.

Trellum: Trelon, castle in Hannonia.

tremo: to tremble, shake, shudder.

tremor: trembling.

tremulus: quivering, quaking.

trepide: with trepidation, in confusion,.

trepido: to tremble.

trepidus: alarmed.

tres tria: three.

Treverim: Triers.

tribulatio: tribulation.

tribuo: to give out, divide, allot, assign, grant, give, allow.

tribuo: to bestow.

tributarius: subject to tribute.

tributum: payment, tribute.

tricesimus: triduana: lasting three days.

triduana: lasting three days.

triduanus: three days' duration, lasting three days.

triduum: a period of three days.

trilustralis: lasting for fifteen years.

trimodus: trimodal.

trinus: triple.

tripudio: to leap, jump, dance (as in a religious procession).

tripudio: to celebrate.

tripudium: joy, rejoicing.

tripudium: transport of joy.

triste: sorrowfully, dolefully.

tristifico: to make sad, cause sadness, sadden.

tristis: sad, mournful, sowerful.

tristis: disconsolate, sad.

tristor: to be sad, be grieved.

triticeus: sown in wheat.

tritico: thresh.

triticus: wheat.

Trium Fontium: Trois-Fontaines, Marne, Vitry-le-Francois.

triumphalis: triumphal.

triumphus: triumphal procession, triumph.

trucido: to kill cruelly, slay, butcher, massacre, slaughter.

truculenter: (adv.) wildly, savagely, fiercely, cruelly, roughly.

trudo: to thrust.

trunco: maim, mutilate, mangle /imperfect, not whole, missing a part.

trutino: to balance, weigh.

trux: ferocious.

tu: you.

tuba: war-trumpet.

tubineus: cone shaped.

tueor: to uphold, guard, protect.

tui: your, yours /I read YOUR letter that said, dear john.

tum: at that time, then /thereupon, in the next place.

tumbarius: keeper of a tomb.

tumbus: tumba: tomb.

tumeo: to puff up, swell /to be pompous.

tumesco: to swell up with anger /swell, swell up.

tumidus: elated, arrogant, swollen.

tumor: commotion, swelling.

tumulo: to bury, inter.

tumulosus: hilly.

tumultuarius: raised hastily.

tumultuor: to be in an uproar, raise a tumult, [make a] bustle.

tumultuosa: full of bustle, turbulent.

tumultus: bustle, uproar.

tumultus: uprising, disturbance, riot, tumult.

tumulus: mound, grave, heap of earth.

tunc: then, at that time, next, and then.

Tungris: Tongres.

turba: uproar, disturbance /mob, crowd, multitude.

turba: mob.

turbatio: disturbance, confusion.

turbatus: angered, exasperated/ disturbed, restless, troubled.

turbo: hurricane. tornado, that which spins.

turbo: to disturb, upset, throw into disorder, confuse, unsettle.

turbo: to agitate, disorder.

turbo: whirling motion, whirlwind, whirlpool.

turgida: swollen.

turma: throng.

turpe: a disgrace.

turpis: foul, ugly, disgraceful, morally corrupt.

turpis: unseemly, dishonorable.

turpiter: in an unseemly manner.

turpitudo: baseness.

tussio: to cough.

tussis: a cough.

tutamen: tutaminis: defense, protection.

tutela: protection, guard, charge /guardianship, tutelage.

tutela: care, safeguard[ing].

tutis: protected, safe, secure.

tutor: defender.

tutus: safe, salutary, wholesome, expedient, serviceable.

typicus: symbolic.

typus: type.

tyrannus: tyrant, absolute ruler.

ualeo: to be able to, to succeed in (doing something).

uber: productive, fertile, abundant, rich.

uber: fruitful.

uberrime: most luxuriantly, most abundantly, most fruitfully.

ubertas: bounty, plenty, abundance.

ubertas: plenteousness, richness, fertility.

uberte: abundantly.

ubi: when, as soon as / wherein, whereby, whereas.

ueraciter: more veracious, more truly.

ueratius: more true.

ulciscor: to take vengeance for, avenge / take vengeance on.

ulciscor: to take revenge on, get back at.

ullatenus: in any respect whatever.

ullus: any.

ulterius: farther, more advanced, more remote.

ultio ultionis: avenging, punishment, revenge.

ultor: avenger.

ultra: (+ acc.): farther (than), more (than).

ultra: (+ acc.) beyond, on the far side of.

ultrix: avenging.

ultroneus: of one's own accord.

ululatus: howling.

umbra: shade, shadow.

umerus humerus: shoulder, upper arm.

umquam: ever, at any time.

una: (adv.) in one, together.

unanimis: of one mind.

uncia: a twelfth, an ounce.

unciatim: little by little.

unda: billow, water.

unde: whence, from where /how, from whom.

undique: from all sides, everywhere, on all sides, altogether.

undique secus: from every quarter, in every part of the world.

undisonus: resounding, loud with waves.

undo: to surge, wave, undulate /to flood.

unguentum: salve, balm, ointment.

universa: entire, complete.

universe: generally, in general.

universi: all together.

universitas: the whole, total, universe, world /university.

universum: universe, the world.

universus: combined in one, whole, entire.

unus: one, only one, at the same time/ single, alone /unparalleled.

upilio opilio: shepherd.

uranicus: heavenly.

urbanus: urban, urbane, pertaining to the city.

urbs: city, town.

urbs urbis: city.

uredo: blight of plants.

uredo: a plant blight.

urgeo: to drive, beset, urge.

urino: to dive.

urinor: a diver.

usitas: customary, usual.

usitor: to be in the habit of using.

usquam: anywhere.

usque: all the way, up to), even (to).

usquequaque: always.

ustilo ustulo: to burn, scorch, singe. (Hermann, p. 308).

usura: using, enjoying, profiting /using money lent /interest.

usurpo: to obtain, acquire, get possession of.

usurpo: to take for oneself, use, employ, enjoy /perceive, observe.

usurpo: to appropriate unlawfully.

usus: use, experience, skill, advantage, profit.

ususfructus: profit, the use of something.

ut: (+ subj.) (result) so that, that.

ut: (+ subj.) (purpose) in order that, to, that.

ut: (+ indic.) when, as.

ut: (+ subj.) (command) to, that.

uter: utrius: either of the two.

utercumque: whichever of the two.

uterlibet: whichever of the two you wish.

uterque: (gen. utriusque) both, each side, each party.

uterus: womb, belly, lower stomach.

Uticensium: Evroul.

utilis: useful, advantageous, helpful.

utilis: beneficial.

utilitas: utility, usefulness.

utilitas: utility.

utinam: If only that were true! Would that it were the case!.

utique: at any rate, certainly, at least.

utor: uti: usus: to use, employ, possess, enjoy.

utor: to associate with, find.

utor: to take advantage of, benefit or profit from, use.

utor: with traits of character, yield to

utpote: seeing that, inasmuch as, inasmuch as, since, namely.

utrimque: from both sides, on both sides.

utroque: to both sides, in both directions / at each point.

utrum: whether. whether .. or.

uxor: wife, spouse.

vacillo: to fall into confusion.

vaco: to be free from work, of a master, of property.

vacuus: empty, devoid of, free from.

vacuus: without, useless.

vado: go, hasten, rush.

vadum: ford, shallows.

vae: (interj.), woe, alas, woe to.

vafra: crafty.

vagitus: squalling.

vagus: vagrant, wandering.

valde: strongly, powerfully /very, exceedingly.

valde: intensely, very much, extremely, greatly.

valde: adj, great, exceedingly.

valde: intensely.

valedico: bid farewell.

valens: stong, powerful, healthy /able, worthwhile.

valentia: vigor.

valeo: valui: valiturus: to be strong, have power, be well.

valeo: to have strength, have power, be effective.

valesco: to grow strong.

valetudo: health, good health, bad health.

valetudo: condition, good health.

validus: strong, robust, able.

validus: mighty, powerful, exceeding.

validus: vigorous.

vallo: to surround, defend.

vallum: palisade, earthen wall, entrenchment, rampart.

vallum: palisaded rampart, ditch, moat.

vapulus: flogged, beaten, knocked about.

varietas: variety, differences, diversity.

varietas: changeableness.

varius: various, varied.

varius: changing, changeable.

vas: vessel, glass, cup.

vasallus: servant.

vastata: ravaged.

vastatio: devastation, ravaging.

vastatio: ravaging.

vates: bard, prophet.

vectigal: revenue.

vectigalis: tributary.

vegetabilis: invigorating.

vegetabiliter: vigorously.

vegeto: to invigorate.

vegetus: lively, fresh, vigorous.

vegrandis: diminutive, small, tiny.

vehemens: violent, furious, impetuous.

vehemens: vehement.

vehementer: violently, forcefully, strongly, exceedingly.

vehementer: impetuously.

vehiculum: conveyance, vehicle.

veho: (in the passive) to sail, ride, drive, etc.

veho: to sail, convey, carry.

veho vexi vectum: to carry, convey.

vel: vel .. vel either .. or.

vel: or, (adv.) even, actually, for example.

velamen: covering, garment.

veles: light-armed troops.

velico: to pluck, twitch /criticize, taunt.

velitatio: skirmish, bickering, dispute, wrangling.

velius: velieris: hide, fleece, skin.

velivola: winged with sails.

vello: velli: vulsum: to pull, pluck out.

velociter: quickly, rapidly, swiftly.

velox: fleet, quick, rapid, swift, fast.

velum: sail, covering, awning, curtain.

velut: adv. just as, like, even as.

vena: vein /stream /vein of ore /streak.

venalia: venial sins /supplies.

venalicium: market.

venalis: to be sold, up for sale /a slave.

venaliter: by bribery, corruption.

venatio: hunting, game, the chase.

venator: hunter, huntsman.

venatus: game.

venditio: sale /closing of a bargain.

vendo: to sell, offer for sale, advertise /betray.

Vendolius: Vendeuil.

veneficus: poisonous, magical /witch, wizard, caster of spells.

venenifer: poisonous.

venenum: drug, poison, potion.

veneratio: respect, reverence, honor, veneration.

venia: grace, indulgence, favor, pardon, forgiveness.

venio: to get into a certain state, to fall into.

venio: to come /happen, come about, come to pass /arise.

venire contra: to come to.

veno: [dative] for sale.

venor: to hunt,.

ventagium: winnowing.

venter: ventris: the stomach, belly, abdomen.

ventilo: to fan /to wave something.

ventilo: to toss in the air.

ventio: a coming.

ventito: to come often, to visit frequently.

ventorium: winnowing fan. .

ventosa: conceited.

ventosus: full of wind, windy, breezy.

ventulus: breeze, soft wind.

ventus: wind, rumor, favor.

venum: [acc] for sale.

venustas: loveliness, charm, attractiveness, beauty.

venustas: loveliness.

venustus: lovely, charming.

vepres: thorn-bush, briar.

ver: spring.

ver: veris: spring, the production of spring.

verber: lashing.

verbera: (in pl.) blows, a beating, thrashing.

verberantia: a flogging.

verbero: to lash, beat, whip, flog.

Verbigena: he who was born of the word (Christ).

verbis suis, meis, etc: in his own name.

verbum: word.

vercundus: bashful, modest.

vere: truly, really, actually, rightly.

vere: in fact, real, true.

verecundia: feeling of shame, shame, bashfulness.

verecundor: to feel diffident, ashamed.

verecundus: shamefaced.

verendus: reverend.

vereor: to respect, fear, be in dread of, to be afraid.

vereor: to fear.

vergo: to bend, incline, verge, to draw to an end.

veridicus: truth-telling.

veritas: truth.

veritas: truthfulness.

vermis: worm.

Vernandense: Vermandois.

verno: to bloom.

vernula: servant.

vero: in truth, indeed, to be sure /however.

verso: to whirl.

versor: to remain, be engaged in.

versus: line, verse.

versutia: ingenuity.

verto: to turn, turn around, turn up / to put to flight, rout.

verto: to flee/ interpret, understand/ upset, overthrow.

verto: to turn into, tranform.

verto: [+ yerga, tergam] turn, retreat/ exchange.

verto in prosperum: to turn out well, ascribe, refer.

verum-i: truth, truly, in fact.

verumtamen verumptamen: notwithstanding, nevertheless.

verus: true, real, proper, right.

vesco, vescor: to feed, to eat.

vesica: bladder, bladder-like tumor.

vesper: evening star, evening.

vespera: evening prayer, vespers.

vespillo: undertaker.

vester: vestra: vestrum: (plu.) your, yours.

vestigium: footstep, trace, mark. soles of the feet.

vestimentum: garment.

vestio: to clothe, garb, dress.

vestis: clothing, garment, covering, blanket, carpet, tapestry.

vestitus: clothing.

vestrum vestri: your yours/ you may sing about YOUR pretty gals.

veter: of a former time.

vetus: old.

vexamen: shake-up, upheaval. .

vexillum: flag, banner, standard /troop, company, small unit.

vexo: to vex, annoy, irritate /shake, toss/ harrass.

via: road, way, street.

viaticus: pertaining to a journey , a journey /money, prize-money.

viator: traveller /messenger.

vicarius: vicar.

vices: per vices -- by turns, successively.

vicina: neighbor.

vicinus: neighbor/ (med.) resident.

vicis: time, occasion, opportunity, event.

vicis concor: reciprocal service.

vicissim: in turn, on the other hand.

vicissitudo: alternation.

vicissitudo: change, alteration.

victor: victor, winner.

victoria: victory.

victualia: supplies, foodstuffs, provisions.

victus: living, manner of life / nourishment, food.

victus: victuals, sustenance.

vicus: village, neigborhood, quarter (or a city), street.

videlicet: it is clear/ (adv.) clearly, plainly, namely.

videlicet: (adv.) (ironically) of course, to be sure.

video vidi visum: to see, observe, understand, comprehend.

videor: to be seen, seem, appear.

viduata: deprived, widowed, bereft.

viduatus: widowhood.

viduitas: celibacy.

viduo: to deprive.

vieo: to weave together, stitch, plait.

vietus: shriveled, withered, shrunken.

vigens: vigorous.

vigeo: to flourish, bloom.

vigerius: verger, provost.

vigesco: to become vigorous.

vigilo: to be awake, watch, be vigilant /to keep vigil.

vigor: vigor, liveliness.

vigoratus: stout, heale, hearty.

vigoro: to animate.

vilicus, villicus: pertaining to an estate, overseer, steward.

vilis: cheap, worth little.

vilis: mean, cheap.

vilitas: cheapness, low-price, worthlessness.

villa: country house, country estate /(med.) manor, village.

villa: villa, village, hamlet, court, hof.

villanus: villager, inhabitant of vill or farm, customary tenant.

vinco: to vanquish, overmatch, excel.

vinco vici victum: conquer, overcome, master, win, surpass, excel.

vinculum: bond, fetter, tie.

vinculum: tie, chain.

vindex: avenger.

vindicat se de: to revenge oneself on.

vindico: to liberate, deliver/ punish, avenge/ claim, assume.

vindico: to avenge, punish, liberate, deliver, protect.

vindico: to claim.

vindico (vindicatum): claim, arrogate, assume, appropriate.

vinea: f, vineyard.

vinitor: vine-dresser (a man who prunes grape vines).

vinum: wine.

violenter: violently, by force.

violentus: boisterous.

violo: to injure.

vipereus: viper-like.

vir: man, hero, man of courage.

virga: a green twig, rod, stick, wand, broom, streak, stripe.

virgo: maiden, virgin, young girl.

virgo: maiden.

viridis: green.

viriliter: manfully.

virtus: manliness, excellence, character, worth, courage.

virtus: valor, prowess, moral virtue, virtuousness,manhood, power.

virus: virus, slime, poison.

vis: (sing.) violence /a large number, quantity, a force /nature.

vis: force.

vis vires (pl.): force, power, strength, might, influence.

viscus: flesh, internal organs, bowels, entrails, heart.

viscus: viscera: flesh, bowels.

visio: likeness, face, visage.

vispilio: a thief by night, robber.

visum: vision, view, sight.

vita: life, way of life.

vitiosus: vicious, full of vice, corrupt.

vitium: fault, vice, crime.

vito: to avoid, shun.

vitricus: step-father.

vitualamen: sacrifice, offering.

vitualis: manliness, virtues.

vituperabilis: blameworthy.

vituperium: insult.

vitupero: to disparage.

viva voce: aloud.

viva vox: an oral statement.

vivax: lively.

vivifico: to quicken.

vivificus: live-giving, life-restoring.

vivo: to live, to sustain, support life.

vivo vixi victum: to live, be alive.

vix: scarcely, hardly, with difficulty, barely.

vobis: (dat.) you /i'm talkin' to YOU, yeah, talkin' 'bout Cindy.

vobis: (abl.) you /who knows more than YOU? i do!.

vociferatio: outcry.

vociferor: to cry aloud, shout.

voco: to call, summon, name invite.

voco: to summon.

voco in dubium: to call into question.

volaticus: winged, flying /inconstant, unreliable/ flighty.

volatilis: wuged, flying /swift, rapid /fleeting, transitory.

volator: fowler, hunter of birds.

volatus: velocity.

volens: wishing, willing, favorable.

volito: to rush back and forth, flutter, flit about / hurry, hasten.

volo: to fly, speed, move rapidly.

volo: to wish, want, will, ordain, suppose, maintain that, be willing.

volo (sibi velle): to mean, signify, denote.

volubilis: rolling, revolving, turning around /changeable, inconstant.

volubilis: (of speech) rapid, fluent, voluble.

volubiliter: fluently.

volucris: flying creature, winged, winged creature.

voluntarius: voluntary.

voluntarius: willing.

voluntas: wish, will, inclination / good will.

voluntas: last will, testament / meaning, sense.

voluntas: will, purpose.

volup: agreeably, pleasantly.

voluptarius: pleasant, one devoted to pleasure.

voluptas: pleasure.

voluptas: sensual delight.

voluptuosus: delightful, pleasurable.

voluptuosus: luxurious, pleasure-seeking.

volutabrum: pigsty, slough.

volutarie: willingly.

volva: vulva: womb (particularly that of a sow).

volvo: to meditate upon, roll on or onwards.

vomer: plowshare.

vomer: ploughshare.

vomica: ulcer, sore, boil /plague, curse.

vomito: to vomit, vomit forth, throw up.

vorago: chasm, pit, abyss.

vorax: gluttonous, voracious.

voro: to eat greedily, swallow up, consume, gorge oneself.

vos: you (pl) /YOU can't catch me, i'm the gingerbread man.

vos: (acc.) you (pl) /I'll fight YOU all, then; bring me giants!.

vota: vows, wishes.

votum: prayer, wish, desire /vow, promise to God.

voveo: vovi: votum: to promise to God, vow, pray for.

voveo: to vow.

vox: vocis: voice, word /(med.) power, right, authority.

vox: cry, voice/ jurisdiction, authority.

Vulcanus: fire-god.

vulgaris: common, ordinary, usual.

vulgariter: in the common way, ordinary manner.

vulgivagus: wandering, vagrant, intinerant.

vulgo: to spread, publish, impart, make accessible.

vulgus: the common people, mob, rabble, mass, multitude.

vulnero: to wound, injure, hurt, harm.

vulnus: wound.

vulpes: volpes: fox.

vulticulus: look, aspect, appearance.

vultuosus: grimacing, affected.

vultur: voltur: vulturius: volturius: vulture.

vultus: expression of the face, countenance, look, aspect.

vultus: a face, appearance, shape, form.

xiphias: sword-fish.

ymber: rain shower, rain storm, pelting rain.

ymo (immo): on the contrary, by no means/ by all means.

zelus: jealousy.

zephyr: west wind.